Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

A live streamer allegedly named Ronnie McNutt (not sure I mcnutt his name) of New Albany, Mississippi, who went by a nick “hinderless“, committed suicide on Facebook Live on August 31st, 2020 via 12 gauge shotgun blast to the head.

The reason why he killed himself, according to the backinfo I got, was that he apparently lost his job and his girlfriend. His mother allegedly was watching the stream when it happened.

The worst part of killing yourself over a ho is that she is getting dicked by Chad and Tyrone while you kill yourself over her. Never kill yourself over a ho. As far as the lost job goes – it’s already a well known and documented fact that the COVID-19 scamdemic lockdown caused more deaths and suffering than the virus could have caused. But that’s by design.

Props to Best Gore members @iamthelorax, @georodri12 and @mattharbut for the video:

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466 thoughts on “Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head”

          1. When i DO go, i would love to know that my corpse had been put to good use instead of wasted.
            Im not to fussy as long as no waste. Even if it was some WAG’s genetically modified micro goat or pig that got a good, warm-ish meal off of my remains – then that would do for me.
            Each to their own, but TBH we are “burners” in our family. Carbons straight back to enrich the soils or oceans… and therefore future life.
            Poor worms, earwigs, beetles, devils coachhorses etc having to chew through a wooden coffin… just to find that the nourishment had dried and lost its taste seems awful sly and selfish to me.
            If it was up to me, and if it was practical, affordable, and do-able by my remaining family – i would opt for a “sky burial” [as many Tibetans do] Im no buddhist, Just a realist.
            My fresh -as possible – corpse, dismembered on a gorgeous mountainside… and eaten and recycled completely by the predatory birds of said mountain.
            We are nourished by the plants and animals of the land as we live…. how DARE i deny that nourishment to the land and its creatures when MY life expires?
            We are here.
            We are gone.
            We are nourishment for the building of the foundations of the next.
            And it all keeps spinning guys…
            Suits me.

      1. So I saw the extended video. I would feel like s*** if I was the person that kind of pushed his buttons last and made him pull the trigger. If you see the full video he basically talk to someone on the phone that says oh you want to talk to me now, and their response was something shity and then he goes okay guys that’s it and then blows his head off. And the worst part about it is his own mom was watching. He had communicated with her in the video. Very very sad that his mother had to see that

    1. YES. YES. YES. More Videos Like This PORFAVOR. I Love This I Fucking Enjoyed This I Wish I Was There IRL To Get Brain Mater On Me Best Gore If You’re Reading This Please More Videos Like This I Have Seen Them All But This This Takes The Cake.

      1. Yo it’d be even more cool if you do this for us. Do what he did bro so you can give us entertainment

        Wanted to edit this to say I’m joking but honestly your edginess was a bit cringey and use a slug if you do it not buckshot like this poor fella.

      1. I agree,did the weak cunt want us to cry over him?fuck it made me laugh,such a weak ending,seen better horror movies,this is a fucking comedy, watching an animal being killed is more heartbreaking, I have no aspirations of being a weak cunt like him,good riddance cunt,you did the world a favour,survival of the fittest,Game of lifes too hard,ctrl alt del you fucking pussy,toodles..Rest in piss cunt

    1. Seriously, I feel like doing that every time I have to GO to work. From the look on his face, his job and likely the bitch had both already swallowed up his soul. I make decent money, but I think if I lost my job I’d probably do cart wheels just knowing I wouldn’t have to deal with the horseshit anymore. Maybe Nigel could have downgraded to a smaller flat.

        1. That’s true, but things change if you know you’re going to die anyways. In that case, you should probably just make a hit list. But then you don’t want it to effect your existing family members so sometimes it’s best just to off yourself. Or hang in there until you die a retarded death on a hospital bed. You never know what life’s gonna throw at you.

        1. Ha, do what? I just feel that people facing certain things would be okay with suicide. Or getting back at those who caused them the suffering. It’s kinda like when you reach the end of your rope. I can understand what people are going through sometimes.

          1. Oh, yeah for sure. I cant understand why. They just want to hurt every one around them. selfish. I believe in hell, I also believe in Heaven and that’s the quickest way to go to hell.

    1. I say fuck ‘em too. He’s such a looser that he had to live stream it to people he was trying to get back at instead of dealing with them directly. It’s like he’s saying “I’ll show you” like an angry five year old breaking something after being spanked.
      The only good thing, I suppose, is the shot gun blast got rid of a total loser and that shit under his chin.

    1. that’s what i was thinking,it was a moment of shock since his whole face blew up and then we saw a little puppy full of life :/shouldve atleast done it somewhere outside..i dont even know,without the stream,without the stupid based music..,
      his poor mother.

    1. I see it this way…

      Live cuts you every day just a little bit… Things you like and people who care bandage that scratch… You stay scared but you grow from it and move on… Maybe it stays like this until you die as an old man.

      Buuuut !

      Now live chops into you with a machete right into the neck … thats when something realy bad is happening… So you need your first aid realy realy fast but sadly you lack things you like and people who care because you never took care of this things because you thought live could never go wrong for YOU and as long as you have enough money everthing is just FIIIIINE … You bleed… And bleed… But you don’t die you just suffer… So what now ?
      Searching for help while you are crazy and full of blood ??.. Nobody will help you because you are a man and a man takes care of business, a MAN is always strong and fights through the pain and is no little bitch who asks anyone for help but hey don’t be sad even if you ask who realy gives a shit about some depressed stranger neckbeard hobo caveman !… In the end you have to decide, you fight a long war or you do it like he did.

      BANG !!!

      … Or you are a cute female then everything is easymode “poooor girl, i take care of you because you cry and i wanna be the next Hero who lents you a helping hand and maybe just maybe the hero gets a nice BJ right ???”


      1. I can agree with a lot of what you said, Men in this society is really in a bad shape, and for this dude’s decision to leave like that, well we don’t know what else he was dealing with. at least he left this world in a quick painless death I’d be quite sure to assume. rip.

      2. There are so many more factors than boiling this down to human relationships or employment. That being said, You’re right. Being human is hard without the right kind of support. Even with support it’s a long hard trek to die of natural causes. Maybe too long for some. Pain is the only thing that is real. Some people can’t continue the fight and They give up. Death is the only thing that is guaranteed in this life. But There are some things worse than death. A broken heart that can’t be mended and injury or pain without the hope of healing.

      1. Lol that is my same ring tone. I wondered who was calling me. Isn’t it annoying? It never rings or I would figure out how to change it. He is lazy piece of shit as it is melody that came with phone and he obviously gets calls.

          1. Done! That ringtone was called “over the horizon” 😆

            Not too many great choices but I picked something far less screechy . Thanks!

          2. @desp
            Ya, you can’t risk being awakened by that thing at 3am.

            You’re right, the selections aren’t that good anymore.
            I just kept the standard T-Mobile ring because most of the others sound like songs that you’d hear from one of those keyboards straight out of the 80’s .

      2. I didn’t realize it was his ringtone!! I also thought it was edited in because it was PERFECT and PERFECT timing!!! This was definitely the most epic video in the history of gore, mainly b.c of the music, and the dripping. But this shit was so impulsive, he was obviously looking for help/comfort by the call he made. I know he regretted it the instant he entered the afterlife. #ThatMusicThough

  1. Never exchange a ho in the bed for a hole in the head.

    Also. Losing your job during the scam Corona lockdown is nothing to be depressed about. Its something to be angry about but not to be depressed about because it was out of your hands and millions of others have shared the same fate recently.

    In countries with mass uncontrolled immigration I can see this current huge unemployment issue turning into a hostile anti-immigrant environment as the competition for jobs becomes fierce.

    1. The bastard cops will try to crush any descent coming from local unemployed, like they helped in crushing workers unions long ago. MSM is already pushing the ‘we need extra (visa) workers and people (migrants) to stimulate the economy’. It’s coming.

      1. Yep. They do that all the time in my country too.

        Starbucks recently said that the British government must allow them to recruit shop floor staff from Romania after Brexit because they cannot find the right “talent” in Britain.

        So in the entirety of Britain they can’t find anyone who knows how to make coffee, lol. Nothing to do with them wanting slaves on low pay. Nope. Not at all. Move along now.

        Premier Inn hotel chain did the same. They said that they have to recruit from overseas because English people are not fluent in Romanian, lol. Yeah. Sure. Good one. There are not that many Romanians in England for it to be considered a needed second language. Yep. They just want slave workers again.

        The list goes on and MSM goes on along with it as always.

  2. “Ronald “Ronnie” Merle McNutt, 33, passed away Monday, August 31, 2020 at his home in New Albany, MS. He was born on May 23, 1987, to Mr. Cecil Ronald McNutt and Elaine McNutt. Mr. McNutt is a member of the Celebration Church in Tupelo, MS. He enjoyed and performed theater plays. He was a member of the Comicons club. He was employed at the Toyota plant in Blue Springs, MS. Mr. McNutt is a Veteran of the United States Army Reserve where he served in the Iraq War.”

  3. another snow flake that believes in love and need kisses on his lips to feel good about himself. and when reality sinks in that love is fake and woman are full of shit the snow flakes can’t deal with it. The alphas were right and he can’t admit he was wrong. So they go out like a faggot. Only good thing is the mom got to see what happens when you raise your son like a weak cunt. As soon as you believe what a woman says you are just another idiot dude whos gonna fork over money and be used like a slave until they monkey branch over to the next woman. I am sure we will see 100s of more of these vids of men killing themselves over some dumb skank that vag smells like rotten fish.

          1. I heard the same report. Deadbeats were Triggering a Firestorm about multiple suicides in that area. No doubt, this is coming from Scatterbrained people, whose only interest is Staining the reputation of Wall abiding citizens. They’ll Spill Their Guts Over Everything to seek attention. Wait until Their Eyes Pop Out, when the Shit Hits The Fan.

        1. I’ve been through it more than once. Because of how things were being set up both times I knew it was coming as well. I had health issues that they didn’t know about during one of the times. They don’t care anyways, so no reason to put it out and make yourself even more vulnerable. I never gave them an inch or any sign of weakness while they were doing it to me. I moved on and I’m better off now than all of them. And I can laugh in their stupid faces if I ever see them. I think most of them would turn and run if they saw me. Cowards.

          1. Off yourself you twink no one would EVER miss you lol… less loser on the planet. It’s really really easy to off yourself……stop being a little bitch and do it.

          2. @Baby_sid

            Bitch boy what’s with the man crush .

            Stop man crushing on people bitch boy.

            You wrote

            “Off yourself you twink no one would EVER miss you lol… less loser on the planet. It’s really really easy to off yourself……stop being a little bitch and do it”.

            Let me ask you something

            Who the fuck are you?

            No one gives 2 shits about you you worthless piece of shit .

            You should take your own advice and off yourself bitch boy.

            Believe me no one will care

            You are just one random loser bitch

            Believe me not even BLM will give a shit about you when you die

            That’s right no one , nobody , nada bitch

            Move your ass along bitch.

            I’m not asking you I’m telling you bitch boy

  4. Women leave and divorce men 80% of the time so women are leaving men constantly no need to kill yourself.

    Matter of fact there unprecedented numbers of older women 65+ living lonely lives because they divorced their husbands and can’t get back in the dating game because men their own age date younger women lol.

    Poor BTCHS

      1. I would say Nutt won with the final score being 17-10. He got an extra 5 points for doing it without a live audience whereas Budd had 30 reporters he wanted to show off to. Plus, Nutt actually took his head off where Buddy seemed to only get a bloody nose from his. Nutt WINS IN OVERTIME!

  5. The dog looks like a little pygmy goat. Cute 🙂
    Overall, best self-inflicted blast to the face I’ve ever seen and he didn’t even hesitate nor annoyingly mumble nonsense for like nearly half the video. Straight the point! 10000/10000 for you Mr. Mcnutt.

    1. In the longer version he does. It shows the beforehand where he’s talking to the live audience, whining about not being given the “time of day” regarding a job opportunity and how he’s the “Best manager in Tupelo” () and telling them “oh now you want to hit me up, treating me like I have value”& “I don’t even know half you people trying to call me” he kept it , but what a tantrum.

  6. I have lost many more things in a short period of time but atleast let your little doggo out before you want to be Mr Badass..All I care about is the dog and the fact that little guy still checked on him and probably laid at his legs for hours until people arrived.

  7. If you have access to firearms it wouldn’t take long to gain the courage to kill yourself if circumstances allowed the thought process to commence: poor no money > no pussy > not handsome > little penis > depression = 12 gauge. Its quick too as opposed to diving under a truck or train. His blown up face reminds of so many horror movies, pretty accurate.

  8. I saw the unedited version of this. I think it was the girlfriend/ex who had called him. He put it on loudspeaker for a second and you could hear her saying ” You were always antagonizing me.” He turned off loudspeaker put it to his ear for a few seconds and that is when he said ” Is that how you gonna be?” BOOM. I think he wanted her to plead with him, to be apologetic to say please don’t do it. She didn’t.
    Before she called loads of people called him he didn’t pick up was mumbling on about not being appreciated at his job blah blah blah so there were a few more thing going on with this guy.

    Was actually surprised I didn’t see it here first. What a shot though. That is the way to go out. Not even a single little finger twitch after that. He is out, gone. No snorting nothing. The dripping was quite entertaining though. It’s defo in my top 3 live suicides. This guy was committed. Respect, job done.

          1. Yeah they go flying off and over to his right by the sofa. You cannot see where they land but you can hear it. You need to put it into 0.5x.
            I made it my mission to find them. You ca’t physically see them on the ground but you can see them flying off.

    1. It says that ‘visitation’ is scheduled for 2 hours before his funeral. I’m not really sure what that means. Does it mean you can go look at him in his coffin? Surely not. There wouldn’t be much to see? If that is what visitation is I’m envious. we don’t do open coffins and you never get to see the dead person where I’m from…….So unfair man…..

      1. No, the coffin will be there and people gather to reminisce. There will be photos, slide show, and other shit like that.
        We do open coffins here if the cadaver can be made presentable and not throwing stink.
        I say direct viewing of him would have been nice also. He didn’t have any problem showing his death and directly afterwards, so why not?

          1. I think funeral usually means the whole process, the burial and visitation, but I guess that paper or funeral home wanted to soften how burial sounds.

      1. when listing survivors in obituaries, if a survivor is married, the first name of the spouse follows in parenthesis.

        so he is survived by his mother Elaine, his brother Joey McNutt, and his sister-in-law Susan McNutt, and then others.

  9. Pretty fucking brutal way to go out. Worst thing on this story though is if it’s true his mother watched the Livestream of that….. All the memories of your baby growing up…. Just to see them end in that way….. I cannot imagine a more painful heartbreak than that…..

    If you’re all alone in the world and at that low point where you want to end it, maybe have cancer or something else on top of whatever else is going on… I get it…. But as long as there is anyone out there with love for you suicide is the worst fucking thing you could do to them (ecspecially Livestream of a shotgun blast to the face). Those who are left behind to feel the loss are the true victims of suicide.

    1. You’d need to be a proper narcissist to want people you know to see you blow your brains out with a shotgun and have them deal with that trauma. I can’t imagine the level of narcissism that causes a person to do this to their own mother.

      Then again, perhaps they weren’t close.

      1. He was crazy for many years. It was military bs that had him fucked up. Maybe the gf thing was the last straw but PTSD was the real problem. He lived in public housing so they get to clean it up. He’s from where I lived years ago. They’re all talking nonstop about it. Oh yeah, long time, no talk. Plaster here. Just checking to see if BG featured the redneck suicide. Mark never lets us down. And yes, McNutt was very legitimately dead dude’s name.

    2. Maybe his mother was one of the reasons why he did what he did.
      Some mothers aren’t as sweet and loving as they should with some of their children and what makes some cases super fucked up is that some of these mothers are sweet and caring for some of their children but are not the same with some other of their children. I think its favoritism the word I’m looking for…

      This Mcnut guy you can’t really blame him anybody in his shoes under the same circumstances would prolly do the same.
      And if he knew his mother and girlfriend were watching and decided to carry on that just lets you know maybe his mom and his gf are some callous bitches and probably may have even told him to go ahead and do it cause maybe he had threatened them before with suicide and maybe they may have grown tired of him saying and saying and not doing nothing, kinda like “boy cries wolf”

      1. At 1o seconds just after he blasts the shotgun you can actually hear the clatters 1 is the shotgun and i think the light one is the glasses on the floor. Basically they go straight up and behind him landing roughly by the tv in the background.
        I think anyway… Lemme know if you see it. Will need to be in slow mo tough.

  10. Seems like a chapter ending on Dynasty….
    What a stuped unshaven cunt ass. Faggot…
    Killing yourself is bad idea..
    But a good benefit for us all in earth..
    So dumb like him wont waist our oxygen ….

        1. You are acting like a tuff gye. I feel like you are overdoing it with the “I’m a hardass” act. So I’m making fun of you. I know ppl say cruel things on this kind of site. Goes with the territory. I think it goes to ridiculous lengths sometimes. Now is one of those times. Why are you so angry?

          1. I m not belong to the kind of people who speak to much , and i never played the tuff, its is just my opinion on that foolish guy and with that music combination in background…i see people here encouraging much more nasty stuff that have been done by much more evill busterds…
            So you make funny cause i said that committing suicide its a stupid thing to do ???
            Your problem mey be that you don’t see from the right point of view…

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