Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head

A live streamer allegedly named Ronnie McNutt (not sure I mcnutt his name) of New Albany, Mississippi, who went by a nick “hinderless“, committed suicide on Facebook Live on August 31st, 2020 via 12 gauge shotgun blast to the head.

The reason why he killed himself, according to the backinfo I got, was that he apparently lost his job and his girlfriend. His mother allegedly was watching the stream when it happened.

The worst part of killing yourself over a ho is that she is getting dicked by Chad and Tyrone while you kill yourself over her. Never kill yourself over a ho. As far as the lost job goes – it’s already a well known and documented fact that the COVID-19 scamdemic lockdown caused more deaths and suffering than the virus could have caused. But that’s by design.

Props to Best Gore members @iamthelorax, @georodri12 and @mattharbut for the video:

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489 thoughts on “Streamer Commits Suicide on Facebook Live via Shotgun Blast to Head”

  1. he’s ok, it’s just a scratch, that shit’s going to heal really quick and then he will rethink his actions, wait, actually no, he just fucked himself so bad up the ass, all over a worthless hoe bag, she’s probably sucking on chad thunder cock while watching the stream and laughing about it

  2. stupid son of a bitch. fucking fag.
    An idiot whore is not worth killing yourself for.
    What bothered me about the video is that absurd music that begins to play after this individual shoots himself in the fucking head, it does not let me listen, appreciate the sound of blood falling to the ground, dripping.
    The only thing that gave me sadness that poor dog that looks there alone .. at least he would have left it to his mother or his girlfriend. fucking idiot.

  3. Wow man. I don’t think he had to kill himself. But he didn’t seem sad. Depressed yeah. But what I saw most was anger. Like he just got tired of taking everybody attitudes and negative perceptions of him. I’ve felt that way before, but never to the point where I seriously thought about killing myself. He did it quick too. No tears or anything. Dang man.

      1. Unfortunately, I have a lifetime weapons ban.
        But seriously, I thought the cut in half Phillipines traffic cop who spent 5 minutes searching for his mangled cock was the best I’d seen…
        This guy really stepped up the game, it’ll be a hard act to follow.

        1. The weapons ban might be a blessing in disguise. Just like this guy, looks like what he did was really impulsive, because he did it right away based on what someone on the phone said to him. Can’t take that back. If he had been delayed, eventually his mood would have changed to a different state and he may have calmed down. If he didn’t have that gun, maybe he would have just punched a hole in the wall or something.

    1. Yeah he may be alive if he’d thought a little harder but I suspect this nutter would eventually pose a serious risk to his community. Thankfully he decided to just take himself.
      But fucking seriously now…..if my bloody LTE doesn’t stop switching to 4g I’m going to jump out my window.

    2. very impulsive indeed,who sits down and blows their head off without giving it thought,after all its not the usual thing to do…the gun just made death more easy to find..brave to pull that trigger thou..poor man.maybe if the gun was not there he would be around i agree on that..instant anger ,action with out reason.

      1. This video was literally the first time I ever actually witnessed a suicide video.
        Last year I thought the video on you tube of the Asian rooftopper falling to his death was the most graphic thing I’d seen online.. …then this video….really sets the bar high….I’d still take this over maggots in my gums…Jesus I’ll never recover from that one..

        1. its not good for a young mind to view certain material,only having experienced death does one go looking for a answer..the truth is not life and times of crisis its good to have a strong real human to rely real…sheep or wolf.

      1. My life has pretty much sucked, and when I look at my options, the most cowardly and selfish one I can think of would be to put my .38 up to my temple, pull the trigger, leave a mess for someone else to clean up, and hurt the maybe 2 people on earth that give a rat’s ass about me.

  4. Watching the full clip, It seems like he came on the live stream ready to blow his top off. That phone call was just the final straw as you can see lmao. Hopefully he nutted one last time to really live up to the family name.

  5. F*** it all Mac !!!! D: … waow …. 0.0 ….. bruh ….. I kinnda felt bad for the poor little fella that come over in the end like “huh master wha? !.. “ dang how tragic seriously … I even forgot what I was going to comment mate .. stay safe everyone <3 xoxo one love. ‘ yeah

  6. Poor little Pooch Man. 🙁 I hope that the Bitch can find Him/Her a good home with less drama, and stress.
    But That’s only after she cleans him out of any valuables left inside his apartment first,, of course. 🙁

  7. Don’t know why, but this video made me laugh. Though I’m not really a fan of suicide this one did it for me. Maybe it was the guy, the music, short send off, the gore or the sound of that blood pouring out onto the floor. I don’t know maybe all of it.

  8. Jeez!! Lol …his head just turned 5times bigger. What a asshole and a bitch though! Why do that when you got people looking at you and your moms is watching???? I mean if i ever decided to take that drive far into the woods somewhere or behind a empty warehouse and just take myself out that way n leave a note in my pocket….i wouldn’t do that for the world to see especially my moms..god no! I love them or at least care for thier feelings too much and have some kind of dignity not to do something like that for them to find me or let alone see me doing it..this guy had issues..i mean yeah ive had my heart broken hard n fell on hard times i know the crushing bottomless feeling..had thoughts of suicide too..but damm thank lord i raised above that madness and became a better man ….this guy looks like he had family n friends…(from the video at the funeral service i saw).id understand if maybe he was alone in this world but he wasnt…was she that much worth it to do this or maybe he was upset cause he was going bald and had to use long side hairs to go over the top of his head to cover it up i understand .

  9. In addition to his girlfriend and job, he was also about to lose his home.
    Shortly before shooting himself in the head, he calls his girlfriend who refuses to talk to him.
    happy yellow september to everyone 🙂

  10. Somehow, I found this more disturbing than that video where a son watched his father who was sitting right next to him get beheaded and then the kid was soon after flayed alive. (which I think is the one of the most brutal and heinous shit ever documented. but definitely on par with that clip where kids douse a puppy in something flammable, and is burned alive… recording all the way to the puppies last breath… somehow, I find myself rewatching that clip every so often. But this suicide really got to me, and I don’t understand why. I’ve seen it all, even those infamous ‘Squish’ videos…

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