Subway Suicide Aftermath Commentary by Cameraman – Manhattan, New York

Subway Aftermath Suicide Commentary - Manhattan, New York

Subway Aftermath Suicide Commentary - Manhattan, New York

on 155th Street–Eighth Avenue subway station in New York, a man records aftermath of a suicide jumper.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

75 thoughts on “Subway Suicide Aftermath Commentary by Cameraman – Manhattan, New York”

        1. – daaaamn maaaaan.. wat’s rong with yu ?
          – here on “one filthy thief”
          – look at iz inside man !
          – its all foked up man !
          – look a’the inside this shit is rip’ed open ! oh my godness !

          pretty nice commentator i’d say. way better than brazilian or muslim XD

          1. #hollyeat For the life of me, I could not figure out where you heard, “one filthy thief” from in the video. Listened a few times, then got it. “155th”. Thought I heard a dog yelp a bit. Figured it was the cameraman pulling on its chain or something. Did you hear that as others claim they heard victim cry/breathing?

          1. He was waiting for an answer. How rude of the liver pate laying beneath him not to even answer. This is why I don’t believe in Santa Clause anymore, or something…. hmmmm

      1. evacuated.

        that recording guy is probably the driver of the metro. he say himself “he jumped on the train, i didnt see it” at 0:52-0:55.

        everybody is evacuated and now they wait for some technician of someshit to move the body and restart the metro.

          1. no way. they evacuated everybody and just let that dude ?
            they are no way XD. its probably the driver.
            i dont speak english well, but its the police/emergency radio we hear in background. soo clearly they locked the place after evacuated. (i dont know wtf the radio say, i m not good enougth in english to understand that)

        1. It’s typically FDNY rescue companies and/or NYPD ESU units with the tools and equipment to clean up these messes.

          There was one video I had seen from NYC of a man who was either pushed into the pit or fell in I forget, but the train came into the station and he was standing. He was pinned between the platform and the train and was completely conscious and alert. Pretty sad, I believe they had his wife or someone come down because soon as they moved the train he was going to die instantly.

      2. It’s probably borderline very late at night/very early in the morning. That line (the B/D) in that area of Manhattan doesn’t really carry party-goers or “hip” kids. Bad ‘hood and the next stop north is the South Bronx. Best stay off those trains late at night.

    1. its maybe only me.

      but that dude is still alive.

      if you hear good (put sound up) at the beginning when he say “wtf is wrong with you man” , you can hear the victim crying.
      its very small and low, but you can clearly hear him if you turn sound up.
      more precisly at 0:26.. listen carefully.

          1. its not cameraman breathing, (its clearly crying) and apparently they are not a single person around the station except that dude (and some emergency somewhere far behind talking in radio).

            the sound is very low and its clearly also can be hear pretty good when the dude didnt talk and hand his phone close to the body.

            i dont think i have great speakers, but i put the sound volume rpetty high just to hear that.
            and yes, its clearly coming from the body….. soo if the guy is dead (as peoples say), then its extremly fucking weird.

      1. I don’t know what you think you’re hearing but he is stone cold dead. It’s not like the train crushed him in that spot, it pushes a body and grinds it up in the wheels. It was the camera man grunting and background noise, I heard no such “crying” and I listened repeatedly.

        1. how many time have we seen body cut in half, ripped apart from train suicide , but still alive ?
          they dont get just “cut in half” on the spot. the train litteraly push them away on the ground and all.
          it wont be a surprise that this guy is still alive. and that accident is not filmed hours later, clearly not, it seems filmed like immediatly after the train get stopped. (wich thats hy i think that black dude can be the driver of that metro)

          you didnt listened carefullly or not loud enougth. at the perfect time i mentionned, we can clearly hear a crying sound. and like i’d say, they are nobody in the station except that black dude (we saw that clearly when he show the station around). some emergency dudes are away talking in radio, and its not that black dude breathing for sure.

          but whatever, anyway that dude is probably dead a few minutes laters anyway…. not like they can save him at this state.

  1. #hollyeat For the life of me, I could not figure out where you heard, “one filthy thief” from in the video. Listened a few times, then got it. “155th”. Thought I heard a dog yelp a bit. Figured it was the cameraman pulling on its chain or something. Did you hear that as others claim they heard victim cry/breathing?

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  4. You all crack me up how you perceive our accent.

    I’m from NYC. Born, raised, and still residing here, 49 years later. I actually live near “one filthy thief” and I can tell you that this dude’s accent is what REAL New Yorkers sound like.

    Sounds like shit but it’s what it is.

  5. Subways Should Have Strong Plexiglass Walls on The Edge of The Platform Where The People Stand, With Sliding Doors That Open When The Train Comes to a Complete Stop & Lines Up With The Sliding Doors.
    That Would At Least Stop Subway Suicides & Subway “Slip n Falls”.

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