Success with Suicide Halts, Slitting Wrist Changes Mind

Success with Suicide Halts, Slitting Wrist Changes Mind

Heat of the Moment Suicide Attempt, Changes Mind After Slitting Wrist

Tonight’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @breezybree339, who changes her mind for completing a spur of the moment suicide:

I’ve been meaning to submit these pics for almost two years.

I have been self harming since I was 11 (2004 ). I’ve tried and tried to quit, but I just can’t. I got completely wasted and decided in the heat of the moment that suicide was a great idea!

I remember opening the medicine cabinet, getting a fresh razor blade, and putting it to my wrist. I don’t remember the actual cutting but I know it was quick and painless. I looked down at my arm and in that moment, I decided I didn’t want to go out like this. I wrapped my arm in a towel and got my husband to drive me to the ER, which was about 40 minutes away. We made it there in 20.

While in the emergency room, they gave me a breathalyzer. I blew a .386, which according to the hospital was the equivalent of surgical grade aesthesia; which is why I didn’t feel a thing. I got 18 stitches and a night in the looney bin. They didn’t hold me longer because I clearly didn’t want to die at this point, so they didn’t see me as a threat to myself.

I’d love to say this is my recovery story, but it’s absolutely not. I still drink and I still cut. I introduced my mom to this website and even though I blurred out my tattoo, I know that if she sees this, she’ll know it’s me. So if you’re reading this mom, I love you and I’m sorry.

Thanks for sharing your story and pics:

You have the biggest and longest gash I have ever seen. Wow!

Brief Nonsense by Editor:

Ever notice how Human skin mimics the layers of Earth?

01) The Crust/ Epidermis
02) The Mantle/ Dermis
03) Outer Core/ Hypodermis
04) Inner Core/ Subcutaneous Layer

To receive an A+ with Suicide, one must Ace the pop quiz first go around.

After cutting through the outermost layer of skin, you must travel beneath the epidermis. The next destination right before hitting point of no return, you will see hypodermis staring back at you. Arriving at the final frontier, stranded in the deep Subcutaneous sphere, you notice the microscopic elements of life regurgitating itself. In order to finish with top honors of your class, find the dead center of the center within the inner core and pierce it.

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          1. Enjoy work… I’ll drink a beer in your honor while you work your socks off 😀 and we all know nems makes his own content that shady bastard 😉 jokes jokes

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            Don’t you live with ass eating spiders, crocodiles and kangaroos and shit? They’re always chasing those short little black OG’s all over the outback. Take the time to record that shit and I’ll get some footage of a shootout in Dodge City.
            We’ll get SS back in business.

    1. I have made a pillar facing the city gate, and have flayed all the rebel leaders; I have clad the pillar in the flayed skins. I let the leaders of the conquered cities be flayed, and clad the city walls with their skins. The captives I have killed by the sword and flung on the dung heap, the little boys and girls were burnt.

      The Hongwu Emperor flayed many servants, officials and rebels. In 1396 he ordered the flaying of 5000 women how I do miss the old times

      1. After I called down the wrathOfGod upon a city in my country… I watched unedited footage of the chaos.
        There was a lot of shocking gore.
        One person carried a teenager who was covered in White’ish-grey dust from head to toe. The only other colour on him was his split red head as the other half dangled only hanging on by skin.
        Panic, rush, screams & yells.
        People with head injuries & still bodies stuck under things & in rubble.
        Everything happened exactly as I said it would just before it happened…
        •the amount of people that would die
        •that nobody would die in the Cathedral
        •the Cathedrals tower I flicked off
        •& when it would all happen.

        1. To prove it, here’s the unedited version of my rant:

          ….Subcutaneous sphere, you notice microscopic elements of life regurgitated force feeding terminal continuance.
          Dead center (pun intended) in the inner core of the inner core, lies the spectacle of Life itself. It is only protected visibly within (analogically speaking) a thinly stacked “house of cards”. The delicate foundation, with unwavering joint efforts by individual units posing as one, overcomes the weight-bearing burden. The absolute unit accomplishes a winning feat. The natural faulty structure resists the sway and falter as a whole, for the time being. Working one for all and all for one is fine until the inevitable sum of the parts are replaced to strengthen it, weakens it, until the completed part no long sustains the weight formed by each individual portion. A Yin Yang backbone structure implemented by individual parts to use as ??? only obstacle standing between accomplishing Life’s true desire.

          1. Relates a little to me atm since I never finished what I started & left myself dangling to cope in terminal continuance.
            But not long now before my cocoons ready which I’ve gathered & observed a small lot of world-reality for to take along with me.
            Some of that I found here on BG

  1. Anything goes in life never quit it what I believe, people die unfortunate death without fulfilling thier dreams or the dreams they promised to their loved ones, and I believe you definately will have someone who loves you who cares for you and if there is no one then there is you who matters at last so never quit

        1. I feel sorry for her mom, can you imagine the worry and pain she must feel because her daughter drinks and cuts, always wondering when she’ll do “it” right. Sad and unfortunate…..if she was truly sorry, she wouldn’t do this to her poor suffering mom. I don’t get it.

          1. I feel sorry for my mom too. Ever had an addiction? Not that easy to fucking quit. Would you rather me go around and take my shit out on an innocent person? If I’m hurting myself vs the people who I’m really upset with.

          2. Exactly what you have just said illegal. My daughter is 13 and she once cut herself it was really superficial and she had a few friends who where doing it. But I freaked out and took her to the doctors and referred to mental health clinic. Everytime she was in the bathroom I was worried, she once came out with her arm wrapped in a towel and I thought she had cut again but she hadn’t but the feeling of dread made me sick to my stomach. She hasn’t done it again as far as I know. So I can’t imagine how it must feel if your child is a serious cutter like this

          3. @curiouspussy
            Good for you! kids play follow the leader, their brains aren’t fully developed to make the right choices. have to be vigilant with them…and unfortunately that means making choices that won’t be easy. Dummy here needs to spend some time in the looney bin. I only half believe anything these cutters say anyway…

      1. “Would you rather me go around and take my shit out on an innocent person?” Nice deflection, by the way. Excuses.
        No, and you know damn well that’s not what I’m talking about. Get yourself a punching bag to take out your teen ridden angst. Or are you “powerless”?
        You saying you would never cut your tits because “they’re too nice to cut” says a lot about you…but you’ll cut your arm because that makes your mom sad. Nice fucking logic. Duh.


      1. Really?? Try massaging it everyday it will help break up some of the scar tissue over time anyway.. unfortunately there is little known about getting rid of scars but massaging is supposed to help. Best of luck. I really hope you find that piece of your soul thats missing so you can stop creating chaos for yourself and grow to become someone who will never forget where they came from, but will always keep moving forward.

  2. Let’s get all the self harming counts in a C130 Spectre and air drop them into the heart of what’s left of ISIS head chopper/throat slicer land !

    Their ego and attention cunt personality display will convince the bearded snackbarians that the West loves and embraces and fears not all the flying carpet music theme head lopping

    The war will be over as they throw down their scimitars and bow before the EMO nation we collectively have become!

    * dripping Sarcasm *

    Zetas ? Favelas ? Boko Haram
    WTF are you guys….on strike


    1. lol. Those who self-harm are only a danger to themselves really. I would much rather them than a “Allah Akbar boom boy”.

      I would much rather someone chooses to harm themselves than everyone else around them like our traitorous sell-out politicians so often do.

      I would rather a person self-flagellates than those who virtue signal and flagellate others in place of themselves like the snowflake libtard bastards do.

      Those who self-harm are therefore OK in my book. I would prefer to see them helped and recovered of course but they are the least problematic in our societies due to their harmful behaviour being directed inwards rather than outwards.

    1. Those cartel spics were cutting off dicks the other day on here before lopping off their rivals domes with rusty box cutters. Maybe keeping the dicks as snacks for later or to stuff up their own asses, who knows… dicks are for chicks, not the male ass.. apparently no one ever told them.

  3. Now I understand they might be really looking for attention. It looks like game who cuts deeper wins…real cutters prefer spots where are easy to hide. And they always try to hide their scars due to the big shame they always feel. So people won’t think like “oh look at this nast scars” or “oh damn here we go he has a new cut”. Real cutters die in silence, they don’t look for help

    1. I wasn’t looking for attention, I was looking for death. But as soon as I saw all the blood it’s like a wave of sobriety washed over me and made me realize how fucking stupid I was being. And I usually try to hide my cuts, but I didn’t think I’d have to deal with people seeing the scar since I thought I’d be dead.

  4. Aww.
    Well, I once took over, around 200 sleeping pills many many years ago. I dunno, I think I watched too many movies. The pills didn’t make me sleepy. I wanted to end my life then – I had been drinking a little and unfortunately, the weed I was smoking was laced with PCP which I didn’t know at the time. I don’t cut. I don’t think about killing myself. I don’t smoke cig’s anymore but I figure I’ll probably die before my time by a disease, cancer or I’ll get murdered by a jealous bitch with big boobs and praying she uploads the video on here.

  5. Our geography teachers in school used to compare the Earth to a Scotch Egg (probably won’t know what this is if you’re not from the UK) so I guess our human layers are kinda like one too lol.

  6. I’m sorry you’re in such pain. Thank you for sharing your story.. I really hope you get the help you need. <3 Also I'm sorry about all the retards on here who are just closed minded and obviously didn't read your whole story. People can do pretty dumb shit when they're drunk. Intoxication mixed with chronic depression can have some nasty results. But don't beat yourself up over it. There's people here who talk shit about cutters and then fap to people being ripped in half alive and then probably go fuck their dogs, so. You keep being you. <3

  7. Yeah I was a cutter as a teen and I know for a fact it’s for attention. I watched my dad cut his arm to the bone when he was drunk (which he always was) and that was for attention too because he made sure we were all watching. That was the moment when I realized how stupid it was.

    I’d have divorced you before you ever got out of the hospital.

    Hope you get past this stupid phase of your life and realize how it only drives people away.

  8. Am i the only one that just got a random fries craving whilst looking at this and willing to dip the fries into the blood like its ketchup? no? just me? okay…

    seriously i am not joking i am hungry.

  9. dude fuck these comments. Most of you sound so childish. “Real cutters” lol there’s many reasons why people hurt themselves. Y’all just sound immature and trying soooo hard to be edgy. And sometimes it is for attention because they’ve been through trauma and need that. Take a fucking psychology class before you go making assumptions about self harm and mental illness. I fucking love this website but most of you are fucking straight up psychopaths. To the poster of this- I’m really proud of you rethinking your decision. Keep on fighting it dude you’ll make it. 🙂

  10. I live to get fucked up and I’ve been where ur head was that night a few times. Youre lucky you had a man that loves you enough to drive you to the ER for real. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to escape our demons. I hope you know that you dont have to struggle alone, that others are out here like yourself, and you are blessed with a family that loves you every day. Don’t forget that ever and one day at a time will lead you to conquer the world!

  11. I don’t know what you have suffered through but I hope you heal. I’m sure this causes a strain in many aspects of your life. I’m no professional and I can’t even begin to understand your state of mind but I hope you are more gentle with yourself. Take it slow and easy. Life can be really hard sometimes but clearly you love yourself enough to keep living.

  12. Wow that is a very beautifully long, deep, clean cut, hesitation is common during such things usually makes them very rough and ugly.

    But i thank you for your story, i hope you; if not get better, atleast hold out, because hurting yourself maybe of no concern to you, but it is hurting the ones you love, but you obviously have a very strong will im positive for your future.

  13. Im very glad that you are still with us today..even though i am a complete stranger to you. My dad attempted suicide and his attempt was successful…i know a lot of people instantly regret their decision but by that time, its usually too late and theres nothing they can do to save themselves from deaths door. I really hope that you are no longer cuting yourself and you are putting those feelings into something productive and positive. You know whats sad? Im telling you that im proud of you and here i am in quite a bad state mentally and im having suicidal thoughts. Sorry i didnt mean for this comment to get dark…but thats just reality right? I really truly hope you are feelimg better and please know that you are not alone xx

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