Suicidal Man Jumps to His Death from 15th Floor

Suicidal Man Jumps to His Death from 15th Floor

I don’t know all too much about these photos, other than the man committed suicide by jumping off of 15th storey window. It was a long fall with hard landing on a concrete which smashed his skull, shattered his limbs and sprayed his internal organs all over the place. It’s incredible how much damage a 15th floor fall can do to a fleshy virus.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Suicidal Man Jumps to His Death from 15th Floor”

    1. This is going to sound absolutely horrible since the guy I am about to talk about was just a teenager, but a 19 year old name Thomas Ousby fell from a fire escape at the hotel I was at. I watched him pass my 8th floor window and when I looked down, Thomas looked similar to this guy in the photo. Poor kid. His body was slightly moving too for a minute or so, so it is likely he was still alive so he felt the pain.

      1. I wish I could reassure you 100% that he didn’t feel that pain but I can’t. I can tell you though that it is possible for a person to have reflexive movement after death. So if he died on impact and what you saw was just reflexive movement that means he did NOT feel the pain. It is possible but highly improbable that an 8 story fall is survivable (I checked). However…he would have been knocked unconscious on impact and therefore he wouldn’t have felt it then either. So rest assured…your friend did NOT suffer. I have been a paramedic for 24 years and double checked all the info I just gave you. Hopefully this helps you… ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I know, I think I would have stuck it out till I couldn’t take the smoke/heat anymore and then I would have jumped. There is always that ‘what if’ for the future.

          2. Ghostkitten, with those nice airgbagsof yours maybe jumping wouldnt be that painfull xD. Mm there is one picture where it says he instinctively tried to use his hands for protection. That makes me wonder if someone pushed him and made it look like a suicide.

          3. I have had dreams, or should l call them nightmares, where lm on top of a really high pyramid,then suddenly l start falling really fast, and as soon as l am about to hit the ground my body completely stops . While that happensl feel how the gravity affects me , for a moment l feel super heavy and my stomachfeels really weird, like when l am close to a woman l really like, that sensation of having butterflies in your stomachand the heart beating increases. That same thing happensto me whe l dream about being able to fly and suddenly that skills starts failing and makes u fall, but again l never hit the ground, l stop inches from theconcrete. But it feels really awful, l have never done skydiving or anyng alike, l am amazed how human brain can reproduce such conditions without the need of having previously gone through them in real life.

    1. But the higher it is the quicker you die because you will hit the ground at greater speed and force. I think that they should be able invent a way of rescuing people in these kids of situations by helicopter.

        1. There is no pain when they hit the ground because it’s instant death. The brain is damaged at impact. No functional brain-no pain. Or put it this way: instant death at impact-dead people don’t feel pain.

    1. yeah, fuck a bunch of jumping. the higher it is the worse it would be. more time to think about how bad of a decision it was. i bet 99% of suicide jumpers regret it after about half a second of falling but by then it’s too late.

      1. i assume that he would have figured that out by the equation that we accelerate at a rate of 9.8 meters per/second, per/second im pretty sure thats the equation i cant remember and i only left school a month ago -_- but if any one was wondering its probably close to 110 km/h

      1. Brokeback, I am curious, how exactly did you brake your back. Are you confined to a chair or do you have full movement and have you ever thought about sitting on top of a mountain instead of a balcony, that way you could extend your alias by another word should you want to.

        1. @Empty soul, I broke my back about 10 months ago when a truck transmission I was replacing fell off the jack from above my head and took me down with it. There was a crunch and I could’nt feel my legs anymore. Now 10 months later I’m pretty much fully recovered except I have three titanium rods screwed to my spine which limits my movement but all in all I’m back to being my normal un-normal self. The only thing that I have’nt done yet is get back on a motorcycle and this spring I’m planning on it…then I can ride over mountains.

          1. Your a brave man Brokeback, if that had happened to me I would probably never engage in any activity that could hurt my already woe bygone spine and that includes violently thrusting my prime meat into a women’s lunch box.

          2. The thing that fucked me up most was getting addicted to pain meds. The doctors never warned me about addiction and had me on high doses of Oxycontin (now Oxyneo) and now I go through withdrawl about once a month.
            Doctors should be more careful with these kind of meds. I was already on antidepressants and because of some really fucked up things I’ve gone through in my life, these times of withdrawal are when I’m vulnerable to suicide. Needless to say, my life is a mess.

          3. I’m with you on that one Brokeback, sadly I have a few addictions of my own. I go through at least four to five bottles of wine a week and god knows how many cannabis joints, before that I used to be addicted to cocaine and smoking heroin. I have no doubt that my lifestyle will eventually kill me but my god does it make me happy and I would much rather die young and happy rather than old and craggy.

          4. @Brokeback-What’s this “Oxyneo” that you speak of?? I’m a long time pill head, and was devastated when Oxycontin was made tamper proof, no more snorting, smoking, or shooting up OCs. Are Oxyneos tamperproof? And in what country or area of the U.S. are you in to be prescribed something that I’ve never heard of??

    1. Masturbation update: I can barely wipe myself now when i go to the potty. I think i have taken some skin off with all the rubing and pulling. Not to mention the use of the back massager now. The man in the boat is hiding from the storm, and i won’t let my bf touch him, which has lead to some confusion and odd questions.

      1. I get what you saying 1girl1cup, excessive pleasure, both psychologically and physically can lead to doubt of reality. your boyfriend can only guess to what brings you joy because he himself only sees his own pleasure, selfishness denies him of equality and therefore reality, your pleasure therefore is your own and as such you do not trust your boyfriend which of course means that you cannot truly be yourself around him.

        1. Just imagine being on top of a cold mountain top listening to your favorite music and then just leaning back and falling off. There’s this guy in the movie about Golden Gate Bridge jumpers who does exactly what I’d want to do, Just hops on the ledge and falls backwards erasing his brain from this existence. He seems totally content with his choice and I really envy that.

  1. At least he died with his pants on. Hopefully he had a fun flight, 15th stories high that should be enough time to think about something or do some aerial stunts.

    I always thought if I ever jump from somewhere to kill my self I would do some weird shit in the air. Some back flips front flips all of that weird stuff to help me forget I am actually gonna hit the ground soon.

    1. Its great idea though. Weed out the sheep or the other way around who knows anymore……my brother hung himself. He looked bad afterwards. I wish it was quicker for him if that makes any sense. Maybe I can get the pictures the cops took at the scene and send them to be store.wonder how I would get the photos.

  2. Every twisted limb and broken bone tells a story…this man did not have a direct flight to the ground. He must have had a few brief stop overs on some neighboring balconies. His flight ended with a direct landing on his forehead which broke his neck and left him with a face only identifiable with dental records (assuming he did’nt knock all his teeth out).
    The fact that he must have flipped and twirled with every hit on the way down and still managed a perfect face plant is beyond conception.

    1. Okay, so fuck me…I’m in a talking mood.

      Do you remember in physics class how you were taught that two objects regardless of their weight or mass will hit the ground at the same time? Well I do and I remember bringing up a suicide jumper and a cigarette butt. I said that the suicide jumper would hit the ground first but the teach said that they will always hit the ground at the same time…he also told me that I had a morbid mind but that’s another story.
      Anyhoo, I still find this theory fascinating and we did experiments to prove the fact (not with a real body though). To this day I still think that the body would fall at a faster rate than a cigarette butt given no other variables such as wind and obstacles.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with being in a talking mood, personally I’m out off my mind at the moment. You are right however, a heavier individual whether it be through fat or personal belonging such as a cigarette will effect the fall speed.

        1. @Empty soul, that’s what I thought too but in every experiment with different objects they always hit the ground at the same time. We were limited to two stories in height though so I can’t conclude what would happen at say…15 stories?

          1. It as been proven that E=MC2, any physics teacher that tries to argue that mass plays no part in energy, kinetic or otherwise is a teacher of no substance, if he disagrees he should at least provide a argument for it with supporting evidence.

          2. Apparently, in a vacuum,2 objects regardless their weight if dropped from the exact same height, will hit the ground at the same time. It would be fun to look at an air bus 380 and an ant hitting at the same time xD, the aircraft would explode, but it isnt fair the aint would not xD

          3. asinya, even in a vacuum gravity is still prevalent, two different masses will always descend with differing speeds unless in space in which case it depends upon their trajectory.

  3. Jumping sucks. In order from most effective:
    1. Large amount of benzodiazepine at +X:00, large amount of heroin/opiate 1 hour afterwards, go to bed and fall asleep. you will die in your sleep
    2. put a live grenade in your mouth
    BUT if you can;t find heroin or grenade, simply strap a tube to your cars exhaust pipe, this tube must be connected to an air proof bag, put the bag over your head and inhale the monoxide.
    No car?
    Dip your fist in poison and swallow it whole.

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