Suicidal Getaway on Motorcycle Ends in Fiery Death – Brazil

Suicidal Getaway on Motorcycle Ends in Fiery Death

Suicidal Getaway on Motorcycle Ends in Fiery Death

What better place than Brazil to see a camera-woman cut filming when the going gets good and make an “Ow, my gawd!” remark.

On a farm in Brazil, a small hut or barn of sorts is nearly disintegrated by flames. On-lookers watch as the fire demolishes the dwelling. A shirtless and shoeless man on a motorcycle warns the people to move out the way, with a friendly honk.

Apparent suicidal man makes no last-ditch effort to wheelie or jump over door entrance and tongue kisses the hot embers. Soon after the rider epically face plants, a police officer runs towards the man. The ill-conceived getaway on bike is none other than Darwin at its finest. Or, perhaps it was moronic man choosing to burn alive with his motorcycle.

Special thanks to Best Gore member @masterplan for his undying loyalty and support!

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  1. Well, you’ve gone & done the impossible BestGore…
    You’ve finally, after many years & countless posts, you’ve shown me a video which has left me utterly speechless & bewildered.!
    You see BestGore..
    I’m a proud Geordie.!..
    And as such, a lot of my Geordie pride comes from the ability to form an instant, concrete opinion & having an unswerving, inate belief that my opinions are ALWAYS FUCKING RIGHT regarding any & every subject presented to me.
    I’m then, as a proud Geordie, duty bound to take that opinion & proclaim it to everyone in earshot, whether they want to hear it or not.!
    This delicate art of opinion sharing usually has best results after imbibing copious amounts of the strongest alcoholic beverage at hand.. Vodka seems to work best.. Though a few bottles of Brown Dog certainly can’t go amiss.
    Indeed.. Herein lies my dilemma..
    You see BestGore, I have indeed partaken.?.partook.?..err I’ve had a fucking skinfull tonight…
    Oh.. It’s still evening…
    Well nevermind.. That doesn’t change my problem….
    I’ve had myself a few drinks, then I’ve started watching & as usual, greatly enjoying your awesome videos of stupid cunts doing stupid cunt things, as is my want of an evening…
    Each one generating a more or less instant & correct opinion, as per..
    Then I watch this video, expecting nothing out of the ordinary… Opinion momentarily forthcoming………..
    Fuckity fucking fuck me sidey-ways if I’m not left utterly fucking gobsmacked, speachless & worst of all.. OPINION LESS.!!!
    This has never fucking happened before BestGore.. I swear.!! Never.!!
    Help BestGore… I’m scared.!!
    What’s just happened.???
    Have you just broken my head.???

  2. Not a great loss. I doubt we would have obtained any SCINTILLATING conversation out of him and it was probably the only time in his life he was a BRIGHT SPARK.

    Did the retard think he was GHOSTRIDER? Or was he going out in a BLAZE of Glory?

  3. How nice that he beeped the horn…he wanted to kill himself without harming anyone else….how dumb are these cunts commiting suicide in the nost dumb painful way….they would be safer just going nuts and go on a killing spree….if your life is worthless then so is everyone elses….dumb cunts

  4. I had to go back and re-watch this with the sound on, I honestly thought at first the guy was already dead (Shot? Heart attack?) and his ‘trusty steed’ was just ghost-biking into the nearest funeral pyre, having lost the will to go on without him. (I generally ‘skim’ the write-ups and misread that someone else beeped to warn everyone.)

    P.S. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s a good video of a ‘ghost bike’…

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