Suicidal Man Jumps from Building in Turkey, Air Cushion in Wrong Spot

Suicidal Man Jumps from Building in Turkey, Air Cushion in Wrong Spot

Suicidal Man Jumps from Building in Turkey, Air Cushion in Wrong Spot

Best Gore member @brainmarmalade explains:

This video is from Turkey, Balikesir. I don’t know much about the event. It happened recently so I haven’t seen it on the news. Also as you can see firemen badly failed about catching the falling man.

It indeed seems as though the firefighters placed the air cushion in the wrong spot. The suicidal man does not move about the roof, jet when he jumps, he lands next to the cushion. Total fail.

Thanks a lot for the video, @brainmarmalade:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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162 thoughts on “Suicidal Man Jumps from Building in Turkey, Air Cushion in Wrong Spot”

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    1. There was a vid, or maybe just aftermath, of a chick who jumped from a building and her retarded ass cheek implants popped out.
      Maybe she was depressed, maybe she was pushing the boundaries of the warrantee. We’ll never know.

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    1. Right? This is what I’ve always thought.
      If you actually wanted to kill yourself, you would just jump. As soon as possible. Get it over with.
      Even if you’re having second thoughts on whether to jump or not, why would you just stand at the edge of the roof like that – where everyone can see you? Sit down and try to not be seen whilst you’re thinking it over.
      Just standing there, deliberately making yourself seen – you’re just begging for attention. But maybe that’s all some of these people ever wanted, their whole lives. The attention of onlookers and emergency services might be what provides the last bit of strength the jumper needs, to actually do the jump.

      1. Once they’re up there they might be thinking, “oh fuck, not sure if I want to do this, I might NOT die and be paralyzed for life”.
        Just before they chicken out, the suicide gods push them off.
        I dunno, just a theory.

        1. It wasn’t the suicide gods, it was me (“it was I” is grammatically correct, but sounds pretentious).
          I was there in the crowd and saw that he was losing his nerve, so I shouted,”Jump! Go on, jump! What are you waiting for, loser? Just do it. You don’t have the guts to jump, do you? Coward!”
          What fun it was! Happy days.

  2. I’m not sure the firemen are the failures here – ie. the guy’s whole intention was to land smack bang on hard concrete. The Turks merely offered him an exit strategy, and he refused it. To the contrary, I think this event went down (literally) as per the plan……….

  3. Thank you cameraman for not letting shit get in the way of the impact, for not moving the camera. For getting that always priceless sound of the impact.
    These jumper videos wouldn’t be half as good without the audio.

  4. Lucky the emergency services were there with an absolutely massive air bag or that couldve ended badly…

    Reference to someones comment above; not a hope in hell you survive that fall. Spine will be shattered and organs mince, just cos you dont see them on the pavement dont mean they arent totally fucked

  5. Obviously the firemen were having a great time. I know Turkey so I’ll translate.
    The fire guys are saying hurry up. Hurry up.
    And the guy on building is saying “” a little more to the left”” so they moved it a little to the left and he jumped.

    Moral of the story…. Never trust a suicidal man. Yep.

  6. Firefighters shouting up to suicidal Irishman on top of a building in UK : Jump into the Blanket Paddy!

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  7. Can somebody explain to me Da-Fuck these fucking Turkish-Turkey’s were doing moving that air bag out to the road??? Like the guy was standing right at the edge of the building. Also,, there is no fucking way that this dude could have leaped 30 ft. out without First Backing-Up & Then Taking A Run For it.

      1. @HambergerBob
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          1. @HamburgerBob
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    Thunberg is, in her own right, a spoiled brat.

    Despite her youth and reported autism diagnosis, the demand for hands-off treatment of Greta and — let’s call it what it is — the outright, downright rudeness and insolence she displayed in New York is yet another highly public exhibit in the downward spiral of manners and protocol that plagues society today.

    There was a darn good reason your parents told you when you were growing up to “respect your elders.”

    To give deference to people in authority. And to honor the office even if you didn’t care for or agree with the man or woman who held it.

    Those lessons were not only questions of proper comportment.

    They reflected basic common sense.

    As dazzlingly smart and well-read and charismatically articulate as you might be at 16, until you’ve lived a bit you don’t know what you don’t know.

    Even if you have consorted with the world’s high and mighty, are celebrated as a savant, and have been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

    Having graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and/or been “mugged by reality” does a lot to soften perspectives.

    And also helps the literal “adults in the room,” if not to fully separate fact from fiction, at least to apply a healthy dose of cynicism to the utter certainties of straight-up Kool-Aid gulpers.

    Moreover, complete disdain for authority and for the ordered institutions of society is a recipe for chaos and breakdown.

    It’s 100% appropriate to call leaders’ actions or behavior into question when their actions are wrongheaded or corrupt.

    And even to write biting and satirical opinion about them, as it is rumored that some are wont to do.

    Unquestioned abuse? Not so much.

    There’s a line. And this cunt Greta hurdled over it.

    The adolescent’s substance, of course, was laughable, especially coming from a high schooler who admitted she should be back in school in her homeland

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    (If not introduced to the business end of a paddle or, in personal experience, wooden spoon.)

    The Swedish teen’s behavior surely wouldn’t have been indulged, much less celebrated.

    And even though she is being exploited as a tool of the global green monster, it shouldn’t be excused either.

    She’s a child, and yes, said to be on the autism spectrum — but still old enough, and clearly functional enough, to know better and be held responsible for her own actions.

    She should hardly be lifted upon a pedestal, green or otherwise.
    More like taken over someone’s knee.

    (PS .. Jonny says: Fuck that little Nazi Cunt)
    (Hope her boat snuggles next to the Titanic)

    1. I saw snippets of her speech and could tell she is Asperger’s but I also believe certain groups went too hard on her. Self -indulgent Millenial ? Yes! Do I agree with all she says ? No.

      Yet, why didn’t we-meaning Mass Media- castigate Powell with his Iraq WMD, Bush re the Iraqis will hug us and Obama’s “they are moderate Headchoppers”, as badly as we did her? Food for thought.

      1. Yes, excellent point Nem!
        They didn’t attack the REAL dickheads, did they?

        You know, so many Left dickheads were so happy when Barack Osama came to power, knowing that :

        1. He wouldn’t cheat the poor/working class (He did in Flint over toxic H2O)
        2. He would ‘stop’ the wars (He increased troops & spending)
        3. He would ‘pay off the national debt’ (He didn’t, he borrowed more than 1 Trillion dollars, plus interest – So high that it can NEVER b paid back – The interest alone to Rothschild Bank is more than most countries ENTIRE GDP)

        1. Nailed! I admit I also had high hopes for him but he was just a controlled-opposition guy anyway. The writing was on the wall when I read how he was hand-picked at an early age for certain roles and then visited the Bilderberg meeting one year.

          I believe there will be no change unless we have a populist leader or highly unlikely ,a guy is deep undercover ,gets in via traditional parties and then shakes off their shackles to reveal populist and popular policies. She/he would have to be very charismatic ,very clever and very strong ie would need to be smart enough and strong enough to coopt the military in some shape or form . Otherwise ,the Establishment will kill them off within days.

          1. Yes, Nem spot on.
            You only have to watch ‘Skulls’ and “Eyes Wide Shut” to get a pretty good glimpse of how it all works.
            The people get all hard (or wet) because they think that ‘they’ chose this person to represent them.
            Now the hoodwinked voters can beat their chests in democratic Triumph!..
            When .. in fact .. the sly cunt (like Obama) or Trump, had in fact been picked years ago .. The rest was just a well-oiled machine from that point.
            Trump was in the Simpsons 2o years ago as USA Prez, every body laughed their democratic-beleiving heads off.
            No one is laughing now, impeachment or not.
            In fact, Impeachment is just Imp-Leach-Scent :
            ie : it is just a little Punch n Judy puppet show so all the democratic-beleiving voters can beat their chests once again beleiving that they have “got democratic justice”

  10. It very clear he intentionally tried to miss the bag as in the beginning you can see the man is on the very corner of the building, but after he hits the ground he is somewhat 4 or 5 metres from the corner if you make his body perpendicular to the building.

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