Suicidal Man Sets Self On Fire Outside Police Station in India

Suicidal Man Sets Self On Fire Outside Police Station in India

Suicidal Man Sets Self On Fire Outside Police Station in India

CCTV captures a man outside a police station in India, setting himself on fire to commit suicide.

A motorcyclist rides on by the man standing up while on fire. Motorcyclist gets off bike, takes off helmet and waves at the burning man; that will never extinguish the intense flames.

Eye witnesses are paralyzed to offer any life saving techniques and watch the free fire show instead. The entertainment for the gawkers is short lived when the flames die. A blanket is placed on top of the singed man by a useful citizen, a tad too late.

The miserable man steps into the light with little movement.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Suicidal Man Sets Self On Fire Outside Police Station in India”

  1. What is it with people in certain parts of the world who just stand there and watch a person die.
    I’m surprised the motorcyclist didn’t pull out his cellular to film the victim.
    FINALLY a woman comes out later with a blanket to stop the continued burning.

    1. @BJ Do you you know of anyone ANYWHERE that always carries around a fire retardant blanket? It’s not like they can bust down someone’s front door and take things to put out some idiot that poured gas on himself and lit it. Not to mention if they tried tackling him and beating out the flames with a shirt they would be horribly burned in the process. A little common sense goes a long way. Also this is India we are talking about, so this happens like every other day.

    2. Because they are more real and don’t care to kid themselves about helping another person. He decided to light himself on fire, obviously he is in a bad mental state and would probably pose a danger to someone even if they tried helping him.

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    1. Thích Quảng Đức did a better job and you didn’t see him taking off his clothes. Oh well, one less Microsoft support call, one less street shitter. Fuck it the sun is out I am going to drive to town and get a slurpee.

      1. Lol brother @TheCaptain can ya grab be one too even though i just chipped more ice off of my
        fucking driveway. My back,,, arms,,, chest,,, and well my whole fucking body aches dude, lol.

      2. Agreed. Quang Duc’s self-immolation was done for a sincere purpose, unlike this fucking idiot, who just wanted to make a spectacle of his own suffering and somehow inflict it on others for no apparent reason.

        That is, unless his “reason” was comedy… in which case I take back everything negative I said about him.

  2. Those Subcontinentals make me laugh with their weird uncool ringtones.

    What is with Indians and Vietnamese monks burning themselves to make a statement? A very painful way to go but this fellow had balls of steel! He stood unmoving while most of the burning took place.

    Anyone know what that burst of fire to the left was around the 39sec mark? Do you reckon it was a bag or bottle of unused accelerant that he tossed away too late?

    1. I have carefully examined the above video with my state of the art Commodore 64 in beautiful monochrome and have come to the conclusion that Indians can set things on fire with there curry powered farts. It is the only logical conclusion and space travel turns Asians gay, just look at George Takei.

      1. Now that was funny!
        I always thought that Takei was gay and laughed and laughed when he came out a few years ago. That didn’t worry me too much but then I heard he was a kiddy diddler as well. Bad.

        I also laughed as curry powder really is explosive as are almost all fine powders! Sorry my science cap was

  3. That was one lazy dindu. Sorry motherfucker couldn’t trouble himself to find a train or a bus to hurl himself under. He could’ve have at least climbed that utility pole right next to him and used the high voltage method.

  4. I bet the first thought when that match is lit is “What the fuck did I just do!”
    Remaining thought, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”
    I burned my hand with hot grease once and I know that’s what I was thinking.

  5. thats a fail imho… he certainly not die on the video for sure (he even move at end). he got some 4th degree burn but not died. fire was too fast and not intense.
    he even throw away his jacket.. wtf, if you want to burn yourself, why dont you keep the combustible on you ?

    others peoples react like “look at this fucker ! look at him !”

  6. I don’t give a fuck about this asshole but why would anyone want to set themselves ablaze??
    I mean shit it’s got to hurt well bad?? & if the poor sucker manages to survive
    then he’d spend the rest of his, sad life like a petrified lobster .. not being able to move any of his limbs.. kudos for tryn to go out like some sort of patron saint..

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