Suicidal Peasant of the World Craves Attention before Jumping

Suicidal Peasant of the World Craves Attention before Jumping

Suicidal Peasant of the World Craves Attention before Jumping

Suicidal man in Mexico is down on his luck yet on top of the world; that happens to be atop building. The attention seeker seeks observation from dwellers down below.

The height of the fall looks to be no more than 3 stories tall resulting in minor injuries. Nincompoop hungers for death yet has doubt prior to descent. He can be seen looking to dismount safest way possible. The ostentatious jumper hops off soapbox and creates a soft thud. I highly doubt the suicide wannabe suffers anything other than a Broke Back. Try not to blink or you will miss the impact and the lack of giving 2 shits!

95 thoughts on “Suicidal Peasant of the World Craves Attention before Jumping”

  1. He did a little count down before he did his hesitated jump lol. What the fuck was that jump seriously absolute faggot. Camera man is a joke as well turning it away when he jumped. Higher building next time you dick.

          1. Of course I am still alive sir. I am a little sore now in my body but my mind is still as fucked up as it was in 1940.

            Argentina is fantastic place to retire especially after killing millions of Jews and useless soles lol. Well i didn’t do my dirty work my sheep did. But everyone still blamed it on me. I didn’t get my hands bloody..

  2. I’ve said it before and this is more evidence that Mexico is developing prototype mexicans designed for border wall jumping. Project Jumping Bean.
    He’ll be fine. Once he’s fitted with new leg springs he’ll be able to bounce to Albuquerque.

  3. Some jumper…took a knee and put a hand on the ground before jumping…shame as that extra foot or two of height could have made the difference…a what if for him to ponder from his hospital bed.
    If he was serious about dying he should have crossed one of the Cartels.

    1. Probably. I can’t stand these low self esteem soyboys that go ballistic or suicidal and end up in prison, with lifelong injuries or a mental hospital just because their fat ugly girlfriend cheated on them. Wow, you showed her fat ugly ass! And guess what, she’s still taking Chad and Jamal’s dick at every party while you ruined your life over stupid bullshit.

          1. Fuck broke,,, if he’s reading this then you just gave him, an idea, and a way out.
            Way to go. 😉
            Or,,, was that your intention the whole time bro. lol.

          1. That would be funny to see, or Sea, i should say!
            Fuck @CoyoteSam And being the Nice Guy That I Am, and Have Always Been, always eager to help someone in need,,, i would even help him out, so he wouldn’t get stuck in the sand trying to get in Deep Enough, while on his way in.

          2. Me too @thedre I told my dad if he wants my help dying when the time comes I will help him with whatever he needs. I hope someone would be brave enough and love me enough to do it for me.

          1. Wow, from your one pretty eye that i can see, you looked younger, not that 31 is old whatsoever, as compared to this old fart, lol. I Hope i can remember your birthday on the 12 so i can tell everybody on here tp wish you a nice 31st. Birthday My B G Sister. 🙂

          2. So next Monday,,, i will Tell Everyone that it is your 31st. Birthday so we can all join in in your birthday wishes. But that depends on who reads my comment though eh?,?,? lol. 😉

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