Suicide at the Admiralty MRT Station in Singapore

Suicide at the Admiralty MRT Station in Singapore

CCTV camera at the Admiralty MRT Station in Singapore caught a suicide by a man who jumped on the railway tracks as the train was approaching. I wonder what goes through the head of people who stand at the MRT station along with other commuters and act like they are there for the same reason, only to shock others by suddenly jumping before the train.

There was a bit of a situation about the leakage of the video in Singapore because SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) took all precautions to ensure the actual footage does not make it to the public. However someone recorded the recording of the suicide on a cell phone and that footage was leaked. Another leaked video of a suicide by train took place at Yishun MRT station in Singapore.

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56 thoughts on “Suicide at the Admiralty MRT Station in Singapore”

    1. He was stepping back & forth toward the tracks, so it looked obvious to me. But @grimpeeper (Cool name, BTW) , you raise an interesting point. I wonder if there are statistical studies on why people specifically choose death by train, jumping, gunshot, etc. It may be that someone’s just walking around w/a shit storm of guilt, grief or despondence -and it’s like a split second choice they make on the spot wherever an opportunity for sudden death presents itself. I’ve been there when someone made that choice (to jump off a bridge) & then kind of “snapped out of it” to see what they were about to do. The guy was so Freaked -it was like he woke from sleep walking & was confused over how he got there. I’m just glad I was able to calm him back from danger before help arrived. Whew!

          1. I don’t know anyone that just goes “today I’m gonna off myself”it builds up and up until that’s the only thing on your mind. Gun, trains, hanging, jumping are popular because they work.

      1. I should of been more clear, sorry. In other videos depicting the same thing, the setting is usually India or some other Shit hole.

        I am curious however if this is a growing trend or if this is the typical amount of suicide by trains. It seems a mighty dramatic way to go.

        Personally? A couple bundles of dope and some Hendrix on my iPod, with a butterscotch in my mouth.. Best way to go.

          1. I am eclectic in my music, but Hendrix always seemed to soothe my soul. Beautiful vibes laying in a cool moss sheathed cove in the Forest after a rain storm… If i’m going out by my choosing it’s in beauty.

  1. It happens on the London Tube/subway all the time. It’s so common now, when they make an announcement that the tube is delayed they just come out and say it’s because there is someone on the tracks at another station. I think they got fed up with everyone thinking they were giving a bad service so they don’t bother to sugar coat it anymore.

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