Suicide Bombing Attack on Police Station in Medan, Indonesia

Suicide Bombing Attack on Police Station in Medan, Indonesia

Suicide Bombing Attack on Police Station in Medan, Indonesia

At around 8:45am on November 13, 2019, a suicide bomber set off the explosives strapped to his torso near the metropolitan police station on HM Said Road, Medan City, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The bomber reportedly died in the blast. Outside of him there were zero reported fatalities, and six injured, of which three required major surgery.

He allegedly passed the police checkpoint disguised as a delivery man for a well known courier/taxi company called GoJek. The bomber’s wife apparently has links to jihadist groups in Indonesia and is currently under arrest. She confessed that she was planning a terror attack on a city in Bali.

Props to Best Gore member @leovanseti for the CCTV footage of the attack and the aftermath photos:

Aftermath pics:

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  2. Here is a little payback for the people that were injured by Cops in the other 2 previous video’s. Actually it’s also some payback for anybody who had their basic human right of free speech taken away. The Ones That were hurt while being manhandled, and told not to resist, lol. For the ones that were beaten senseless, tortured, or were imprisoned by false-reports written by the Cops.

    Remind you of somebody @happy or, Mark ? 🙁

    1. It shows there is something wrong with a country when they ask for some freedom nearly 200 years too late (1982). I’ll stay in the country that won their freedom through combat and naval and artillery warfare.

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    1. Australia’s population 22 million? ,Indonesia’s ; 180 million? … and just next door ,our closest neighbour apart from New Zealand. Australia is wide open spaces till you get to the Brisbane -Adelaide Line ,so they could walk in and unofficially my army friends tell me they do. @badanddy ,I have known people in Norforce .

      99% of Indonesians are Moslems and ninety nine percent of them are of the headchopper -variety. I am a pretty friendly and inclusive guy but even I have found that I detested 99% of all Indonesians I have ever met. Only exceptions are the drop in the ocean of Christian and Hindu Indonesians (Bali).

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