Suicide by Train (high resolution picture)

Suicide by Train (high resolution picture)

Suicide by Train seems to be a smart option for a suicidal man. You can easily botch suicide by hanging, or by shotgun as we know too damn well on Best Gore, or by pills or slit wrists. But when you lay on the tracks to allow the train to take care of your suicidal tendencies, chances of coming out alive are slim to none. If you’re seriously not kidding around and do want to get yourself killed, I don’t think there is any less merciful executor than fast approaching train.

The best thing to do when trying suicide by train would be to get drunk – I think. Cause once your head is rested on the railway tracks waiting for those steel wheels to roll over it, the ramble and the noise could actually make you have last minute remorse and change your mind. Whereas if you get toasted enough so noise and trembling don’t bother you, then you can be up for certain and fast death by suicide. Let Mr. Train do the job.

High Resolution suicide by train picture is above. Click twice to get to the large one.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Suicide by Train (high resolution picture)”

  1. This picture kinda sucks. Could be a hellava lot better. Cant see much detail theres a lot better pics on here than this. Howd this even get approved??? I’d rather see the picture that the other guy in this picture is taking! Now that would be gore!

  2. OK Folks… It says it is a “high resolution picture.”
    That means if you will click on the photo, then when it resets click on it again, then when it restes, click on it again… the picture will be huge and you can see lots of detail.

    It’s a pretty good photo. Really.

  3. To the webmaster:
    It is in my opinion that the person, in the picture, did not commit suicide. If someone wanted to off themselves by train, i believe that they would rest their neck not their head on the track. The unfortunate soul was probably a drunk.

  4. A really freaky thing happened in Estonia a few years back. One fucked-up teen girl was seriously suicidal, she jumped infront of a train…and what the fuck happened? She walked away with just a leg injury.
    “I went to the movies last night, what about you? Oh me? I just jumped infront of a train. That shit was rad.”

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