Suicide Fail in Philippines – Man Throws Self Under Truck, Only Legs Destroyed

Suicide Fail in Philippines - Man Throws Self Under Truck, Only Legs Destroyed

Suicide Fail in Philippines - Man Throws Self Under Truck, Only Legs Destroyed

This has definitely got to count as one of the most bizarre, most puzzling videos I have seen lately.

According to the information I got, it happened in Davao City, the Philippines. The CCTV video of the incident shows a man throw himself under a passing truck. We’ve seen a number of people commit suicides by large vehicles in a similar manner, as seen HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

Knowing how common it is to commit suicide this way, there would be little to surprise anyone who keeps informed by reading Best Gore, if the star of our today’s video did the same. But he fucks up so badly, I can’t even find words to describe the deed.

Basically, he sees a suitably large vehicle, and decides to throw himself under it. Perhaps because the traffic was not moving very fast, he hesitates, as if fearing the driver would brake. Or maybe for the fraction of a second, he was second guessing his decision?

But as the driver keeps going, he eventually plucks up the courage and hurls himself under the truck. Whether through miscalculation, nervousness, or not thinking it through enough, he dives too far and instead of meeting instant death by turning his head into a pancake, he gets his legs destroyed. Humans are not build for acting as speed bumps.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the truck driver seems to keep on going, as does essentially every other vehicle passing by. Meanwhile, the man is fucked as he is still alive and left to his own devices, but can’t move any more.

A possibility has crossed my mind that perhaps he’s not attempting suicide, but insurance fraud the type commonly seen in Russia. But the goal of insurance fraud is to get settlement without actually hurting yourself. This guy literally paralyzed himself for the rest of his life, which is why I don’t tend to think this was insurance fraud. Plus, I somehow doubt insurance works quite as well in the Philippines for fraud attempt to be this feasible.

Anyway, take a look at this weirdness you guys, and tell me what you think. What is going on? Is this a terribly failed suicide attempt or is there something I have missed?

Props to Best Gore member @bestgorename for the video:

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136 thoughts on “Suicide Fail in Philippines – Man Throws Self Under Truck, Only Legs Destroyed”

          1. It’s not Just CR England or Swift with shit drivers there are a lot of them out here on American roads shit like this happens almost every day somewhere….. Ecspecially in the colder months

          2. @kingkittan
            Let’s not forget how they push these guys to the breaking point nowadays. And they got cameras on them, and equipment that never works right, vehicles with fucked up engines or transmissions, shit hours, shit pay, everything they do is monitored in multiple ways. Truck driving sucks shit nowadays, and independent drivers can’t make it anymore.

          3. Independent drivers no it’s complete bullshit out there ecspecially with how the rates have been after the coronavirus scam going on. Only way to make a fair wage is to work as an employee in a major company….. But they screw you by not paying you what you’re really worth and make a profit off the service you give them. It’s a shit reality but when you’ve got a family to feed you’ll still do it.

      1. He probably didn‘t even do this to kill himself, he hit himself with the truck for insurance or smthn, people do it all the time. If he wanted to commit suicide, he would‘ve just jumped from a building or smthn, or he‘s really stupid

  1. Could well be a botched fraud, since if he really wanted to commit suicide he wouldn’t have gotten in the truck’s way to slow it down and just threw his head under the twat straight up. Any way he could game the health system for some cash by breaking his legs? Might explain things.

  2. WTF..! First the run in the road, like hey this is the one, hang on a minute you’re going a little too fast.
    Next the quick prep, then I’m going to dive like a T1000 thru a solid object maybe even the drivers door.
    Fuck I’m watching to many Hollyweird films but. Before the truck can get away from me I’m going for it.
    Then crunch managed to miss the crushing wheels with his head, because he thought for a moment he came from Asian dinosaur DNA and his brains are located in his legs.
    Then the look of what did I Do wrong, and like a bewilderment was going on inside the yellow fux head..!
    Hahaha I’m repeat watching it just for the swim dive stance.
    You have to hand it to them tho, the Asian insects haven’t a clue with vehicles be they inside or outside of them…

  3. I think he did commit suicide, it just took longer than usual.
    That truck turned his pelvis to powder and I’m guessing he died later in the hospital, that is if an ambulance was ever called.

  4. “Oi you are too fast, Slow down!! I need to get myself beneath you…….Fine I’ll just ran ahead of you an dive right into ya!!!” A man quickly diving in under a truck, somehow fail to timing for a right moment he expecting things to end.

    Truck went by, Give zero fuckt about a lil bumping that just occure in a middle of the city’s road. Whilst ofcourse, our breadwinner probably going to be limping for life. And all of these happen because he being persist on suicide by being squash by a most slow moving truck ever. Which made me wondering. Do they not having a train or tall building in Philipines?

  5. What a rookie! Don’t they have tall building over in Phillipine? He could’ve come to my area. I would gave him access to the rooftop and he could’ve taken his worthless fucked up life.

  6. Insurance fraud? No. However, you see this a lot with disability fraud. They best way to receive it is to be disabled after all. Also, it is a mental issue as well, pity and handicapped treatment is appealing to those most lonely, a check helps too.

  7. a country that compound of stupid
    ignorant , and selfish people
    now he’s situation worse….become
    disabled. and live to sorry for that
    most stupid way to end life ..
    and nobody cares…
    a country that is a pail of garbage

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