Suicide Failure – Brazilian Soldier Gores His Face and Survives

Suicide Failure - Brazilian Soldier Gores His Face and Survives

When a suicide failure occures, it’s mostly the result of complete incompetence showing that the suicidal maniac is not really suicidal, just an attention whore. It appears as though this Brazilian soldier was serious about taking his own life, but his attempt failed. He did pull the trigger, but the bullet only took part of his face away, leaving brain unharmed (at least well enough for him to keep on living).

The most astonishing part of this suicide failure is an incredible job of the surgeons who restored his face – you can’t even tell he had part of his face blasted off. Damn fine job on that one, docs. If you’re from Brazil, you have nothing to worry about should your face get torn off. I wonder though whether they were able to restore his tongue the way they reconstructed his face. Do you think he could still taste with having had his tongue suffer from such massive trauma?

Gallery of pictures of a Brazilian soldier looking incredibly bloody and nasty after failed suicide shot to the head is below. The picture of his looking like it’s never happened is the most mind boggling.

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48 thoughts on “Suicide Failure – Brazilian Soldier Gores His Face and Survives”

  1. They should definitely bring those doctors to the U.S., where our only resource in cases like this is a face transplant that looks like crap anyway.

  2. I don’t think this guy got lucky at all.
    Hoping for his death, ended up in pain and suffering, While still remaining alive.

    I don’t think this guy was too pleased.

  3. If only people that got in car accidents or soldiers in war were so lucky. If he’s not happy to be alive now then someone else should pull the trigger for him next time.

  4. My GUESS is that he had a small pistol and shot from underneath his chin with the intention of shooting through his brain, but instead shot through the side of his cheek. If I wanted to kill myself, which I do actually, I’ll be pretty sure to do it right because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to experience the pain of that. Pain is the only thing I fear in death.

  5. Get yourself a nice .44 and do it Matt. Tonight if possible. Be sure to record the whole thing and have someone send it to BGW. We’re all looking forward to it.

  6. On DR.G Medical Examiner, a man rents a cheap motel room so that he can kill himself. In a sitting position he uses a shot gun to the chin, but it dose not work. He gets up from the chair and walks into the bathroom and looks at himself. Goes back to his chair and finishes.

  7. I had already read about this in a brazilian site. The guy was trying to kill himself using his FN FAL assault rifle (7.62mm), but the gun was way too long for him to aim correctly.
    So he decided to sit on the bathroom bowl to aim… the result you already know.
    I also read he succeeded a couple of weeks after this. Using a pistol, though.

  8. When will people realize that under the chin is retarted. The best place is to place the handgun to the back of the head angling towrds the forhead in witchever direction your main hand is. The reasoning is if you fail to take out the Medulla oblongata the most important part of that beutiful gray matter, the side that you use the most is usually the logic side so if you do enough damage to it youl be brain dead anyways.

  9. To think his face was so skillfully reconstructed… man. Well I imagine he will have serious facial numbness that will last a lifetime, and I think (I didn’t see if his tongue was damaged) that includes taste unfortunately. He won’t be able to fully savor every bit of life ever again like most of us can. However I feel like he can still live a full life and a life with if not no regret, little regret, maybe?

  10. It’s often rumored that South American surgeons still employ sorcery during complex surgical procedures. Do you need more proof that this pic?

    In any event, I’m taking my wife to Brazil. If they were able to achieve this miracle with this gentleman, then I expect they will turn her into a runway model.

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