Suicidal Girl Lands Next to Person Exiting Apartment Building

Suicidal Girl Lands Next to Person Exiting Apartment Building

Suicidal Girl Lands Next to Person Exiting Apartment Building

According to the backinfo I got, this happened on Vilyuiskaya Street in the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk, Russia. A 29 year old girl committed suicide by climbing to the 26th floor of the apartment building and taking a leap.

The CCTV footage of her landing shows a person, presumably a man, exit the building as the girl lands literally inches from him. Had he exited a split second later, there would be two dead bodies on the sidewalk.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Suicidal Girl Lands Next to Person Exiting Apartment Building”

          1. That is one lucky son of a bitch .. because the force of a body falling like that will break your neck & paralize you if it didn’t kill you.
            That lucky prick (or woman) should take their life now, just to see what it’s like..

  1. No results found*
    I searched using Bing
    Nyet jewgle for ich
    But did see several older stories of teen girls from that same town in novosibirsk, Russia committing suicides after playing the “blue whale” game on soc. Media*
    Fkn young DingBatski’s*
    Could be spreading to older babushkas??
    Banging on their bongos like Chimpan Zeeeez* Blyat!!!! SPLAT*
    More rotten tater fluid ,….prosit’

    1. If this would have been a older babushkas, they guy would not have lived to tell about his “blue whale” tale!

      The sheer reverberation of her flabber mass would kill anything in a 10 meter radius 😀

  2. Looks almost fake. Such an impact, and no exploded head or limbs? Those rusky girls are pretty solid.
    I would take her body home right away while it’s still warm, than throw it out the window once I done, nobody would notice the difference.

    No, I’m joking, of course.

  3. you can clearly make a dance video rewinding back and forth on the moment of impact. Like a break dance routine! Poor Anastasia, she sad she couldn’t make a modeling career in some civilized righteous god fearing Nordic paradise like the UK or the Glorious United States.

    1. She did get quite a good distance away from the building though, so I surmise she may have taken a good full speed run at the open window or had great leg strength to dive that far out, but I think she just was wishing she could hit some poor unsuspecting boris or vlad* etc.

  4. He’s insanely lucky…not cuz gods throwing pussy his way,but how fuckin close was his life ending too at that very moment without the slightest inkling of another humans body was hurling down at him.
    Definitely would of bought some lotto pix and scratch offs then stop at the stripclub for a drink.

  5. If you want to die, do not bother others; at a young age some dick almost threw a huge stone at my head, then I really wanted to look him in the face and beat him with this subject, I still remember it and want to do it, I hope he now lives in agony, although fate is sucked on me, fate sucks, God sucks, people suck.

  6. Today it’s snowy and cloudy with a 20% chance of falling suicidal Russians. How the fuck did that stupid cunt pick the exact moment were that guy would be walking out of the fuckin’ building? Like, yeah you could have jumped at ANY other time of the fuckin’ day. No! Make sure it ends up Best Gore by almost hitting a fuckin’ bystander.

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