Suicide by Hanging Goes as Planned, Mother Tries to Hoist Well Hung Son

Suicide by Hanging Goes as Planned, Mother Tries to Hoist Well Hung Son

Suicide by Hanging Goes as Planned, Mother Tries to Hoist Well Hung Son

In Malaysia, a young male is allegedly suicidal while in his room. Having nothing but time to kill, he draws up a masterplan blueprint. Tying up the heavy loose ends with constructive thinking, he is found hanging by his neck. The weight of world on his shoulders is too strong to bare.

The grief-stricken mother works up a sweat hoisting son’s feet off the ground. The boy’s father rubs water on the woman from behind sparingly. Ineffective at removing son out of the noose, her whole being snaps-mentally then falls-psychically. Her mind weighs heavy with the death of her son. The hardest part of letting go is her saying goodbye. To the son the easiest part of saying goodbye is letting go.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the young suicide victim hanging 10 video:

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79 thoughts on “Suicide by Hanging Goes as Planned, Mother Tries to Hoist Well Hung Son”

      1. Nah, the neighbor are about to help her but she’s too damn panic and losing her reason after witnessing her son death.
        The shirtless guy also her neighbor, he tried to calm her down by rub water and told her to drink first, those are common (stupid) believe (indonesian) javanese person.
        Her neighbor told her to release her son so they could cut the rope and lay him down.

        Eh, probably her stupid son died because stupid gambling with a lots of debt or losing his thot because his small dick, it’s the most common reason in country side in indonesia. When you have a lot of debt the most efficient way to not burden your parent was to kill yourself, because in indo there in no debt inheiritance so, if he’s dead then *poof* no more debt. And as losing some thot was quite devastating especially if you live in country side, the lack of female might gave you either being cuckold or fuck old widow with 5 kids.

  1. The people in my family are retarded sinister assholes, but I would never do something like that. I’d at least move hundreds of miles away first or do it in a forest. Hopefully the old bitch will croak soon so I can hop to it 😉

    1. Maybe ‘old bitch’ has millions secretly stashed – your mood may improve after she croakes it when they come looking for her heir ???

      Being miserable is much more fun when you have mountains of cash……

      1. Oh no my parents are rich alright, constantly reminded that while having my face pummled in/stomped by my brother for taking to long to get my computers degree or whatever color it was that day.

        I could do without money tho, I really just want to die drowning in my own blood, being cut up into peices or boiling alive, but you all are such pussys you couldn’t take something so metal so I feed my cats instead.

          1. If you don’t die of AIDs you just might spread the AIDs virus around killing plenty of women in the process. Now would that make you a “serial killer”?

          1. Well I’m confused, you kind of got Jesus on the cross (rope), Virgin Mary (bloody Mary), and some kind of gay Asian priest slopping holy water, and .. all in a Muslim setting.
            Where’s Pontius Pilate or Barabbas?
            Where’s Pooh Bear?
            Let’s get Mel Gibson to direct the next suicide, this one’s messed up!..

          2. Not really, just when i die I want to end it quickly and for me having my head chopped off would be pretty cool.

            If I could regenerate body parts I’d definitely be a masochist. For sure!

        1. J”But you all are such pussies and couldn’t take something so metal” – what do you mean? I don’t understand……..
          Are you pissed with us (BG’orians) or your family, or just everyone in general coz you think you got dealt a shit hand and no one understands you? Pity you can’t go join ISIS anymore, as loners like you are exactly the soldiers they were looking for – its easy to talk a suicidal guy into being a suicide bomber I guess. That would have got you thousands of kms away from your oldies too. Well anyway it doesn’t sound like you’re a prick, by not wanting to hurt your family. Have you thought about what would happen to your cats after you ‘boiled’ yourself to death (how do you do that anyway ?? Or cut yourself up into little pieces for that matter ? ). All sounds painful as fuck to me. Your cats would prolly go to the pound and end up being euthanised coz its very hard to rehome adult cats. Stupid fleshy viruses want cute and cuddly. Your fantasies don’t sound like much fun for you, your cats or your family. Id like to see you stick around @Cliff89………

      1. Neither is standing there filming a dead son swinging and his mother going through the worst 2 mins of her life. Very fucking insensitive – I mean fuck, who thinks to themselves, ” This is gold ! I gotta film this for the neighbours and the relo’s down south !”……..

        1. True, he could have been a bit more candid. But at least we have video added to our extensive archive of how amazing our species can be .

          Should the “aliens” ever choose to land, I would make it mandatory for them to watch a day of best gore clips. See if they still have the appetite to be taken to our leader 😀

    1. Ah yea the old stabbing cabin! Mama-san’s high on Opiate tea, a shit shack that has more holes then my 68 rag top, token mudslime in full garb, last little wang hanging from the rafters for nonpayment. These Asian brothels get better every time I go.

  2. The rest of the family is like fuck em leave him up there as a warning to any other math underachievers in the family…no fucks given…except by mom…cause nobody loves yer miserable ass like she does.

  3. fact is… most of time peoples cry when the other is dead. but treat him like a piece of shit when alive.

    i saw that soo much. like everybody treat you like a shit, and when you die, they all come to say “he was a nice men and all”

    tssk.. who know, maybe thoses parents where a couple of fuckers who misstreated that guy.

  4. I Can here Mama Say Arkbarrrr at the beginning of the video begging for another Yet Just Another One!
    Another Mother-Fucking From Her Well-Hung-Son. Arkbarrrrrrrrrrr,urk, uurrkkk bar, ar ar,please.

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