Suicidal Jump from Building and Guts Ejecting Aftermath Filmed in Brazil

Suicidal Jump from Building and Guts Ejecting Aftermath Filmed in Brazil

Suicidal Jump from Building and Guts Ejecting Aftermath Filmed in Brazil

In an unspecified part of Brazil, a man filmed another committing suicide by jumping from the roof of an apartment building. It was quite a nose dive and a decent length of the fall with the landing on a paved sidewalk. I’m actually surprised the body didn’t disintegrate more than it it.

Still, the abdominal area of the man burst open, allowing for the entrails to exit through the ruptured skin.

Props to Best Gore member @idontfuqncare for the videos. Here’s the leap, caralho:

The guts-ejecting, skull-splitting aftermath:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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153 thoughts on “Suicidal Jump from Building and Guts Ejecting Aftermath Filmed in Brazil”

  1. The dive was perfect but for a big pool of water below and a stuck out diving board above from the building top . Had it not been for his innards that dived out of his body like they did ;he would’ve found his name gracing pages of the Guinness Book of World Records.
    All that juicy water melon he ate before the free fall is out on the pavers ; throwing open invitation to the canines for a gala feast.

  2. This dude did not want help at all. He just wanted to be gone FAST. That jump was so high, there was no way in HELL he was going to survive that jump and he knew it. I feel bad for the people that have to clean that ugly mess up.

    1. Yeah.
      I just think it is so damn inconsiderate to kill yourself by jumping from a building. It’s very messy to clean up and it traumatises people below when they see some shit of guts spilt and broken bones.

      Hanging yourself is so much better. And you get a massive boner during it. Many sex games involve asphyxiation, rather than pushing your partner off the bed.

          1. Sounds plausible. Facing the door, leaned forward. Sounds like he was attempting to “nate” while autoerotically asphyxiating. To Nate is to splooge in your own mouth. Scientific terminology would be ‘auto Nate’. Those rock stars sure know how to party.

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  5. “Car radio…… radio……car radio……meal deal…meal deal… radio”

    Hey person, some bloke is about to jump off a tall building, and all you’re doing is practicing Elementary English, lol.

  6. CARALHO , such a great word
    can use to express admiration “CARALHO, thats a great song”
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  7. Top notch! One of the better jumping videos in a while!

    Sufficient height to ensure death. Commitment to the head first dive. A little flailing at first then he gathered his form. Great impact splat… AND aftermath footage!


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