Suicide Jumper Falls to Pieces

Suicide Jumper Falls to Pieces

Suicide Jumper Falls to Pieces

A suicide jumper fell to pieces, after falling to death in Brazil.

Outside on the ground in front of apartment building, lies a man in pieces. Cameraman gives cryptic dialogue to the scene of the act.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. @laurahorlle Laura how a pretty lady like you exists is the real statement that should be used in conjunction with the words “How is that even possible”. Anyway, enough of my shenanigans and to your question/point. My theory is, that it is probably not where he initially jumped from and they thought it was, but got it wrong, it’s probably half way down or at least relatively in the middle of the two areas, the ground and the jump point, so as he was falling his legs hit the balcony taking one clean of i.e. Why the leg was on the balcony and weakening the other. so, as he hit the ground the other came off. Have a good day sweet Laura ;).

          1. @Folterdude,
            The beautiful woman you see in a profile pic could actually be a hairy 600 pound man who gets his kicks from making gullible young men fall in love with him.
            This is the interweb… Where anyone can be anything they desire.
            …but if masturbating to that face in the picture turns you on I say go for it.

      1. @brokeback loool I understand girls are kinda rare here at BG. But pretty much everyone here has seen my face multiple times, so, yeah, even though for whatever reason it’s hard to believe I am really me, I think I’m the only one here who uses real name and real profile pic. Everyone is free to add me on facebook or instagram (/the_winterborn) 🙂

  1. That’s what happens when a body gets caught up on something on the way down. That building must be a lot taller than what we can see in the video. A jumper has to attain a pretty good velocity to rip his body in half by getting part of it hung up on a balcony railing during the fall.

  2. Imagine this…
    Police get there and seal off the immediate area with yellow crime scene tape. Then the inspectors arrive… they look at the body then look up at the building and then back at the body… Then one of them asks…
    “Where the fuck is this guy’s penis”?

  3. @Brokeback haha I totally understand your concern, but it’s not like that at all. These creepy things we see here at BG only happen in really poor areas, usually in the north/northeastern Brazil. Very far from where I live. It’s actually really hard for us southerners to believe shit like that happens in the same country we live.

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