Suicide Jump Off Walk Bridge in CBD, South Africa

Suicide Jump Off Walk Bridge in CBD, South Africa

Suicide Jump Off Walk Bridge in CBD, South Africa

Video from last week in Cape Town, South Africa CBD. Guy jumps from metal structure on the fan walk bridge that was erected for the 2010 World Cup. Good to see people benefiting from the investments years later!

Props to Best Gore member @flemdog for the videos:

56 thoughts on “Suicide Jump Off Walk Bridge in CBD, South Africa”

      1. He looked like he was gutting out, but just kind of lost his balance.
        Flapped his arms on the way down to, I noticed.
        Gutless nig nog!
        If you’re gonna do it .. commit to it and don’t chicken out (at any point).
        Fuck him..

    1. did not look far enough to kill him, and all the people are cheering ??

      ranks pretty high on the odd form of entertainment scale for sure. dude is gonna have one hell of a headache and some broken bones but doubtfully fatal

    1. Omg I can’t believe the clapping and hootin and hollering! Almost sounds like maybe women cheering too maybe? It’s so wrong but made my dick hard as ever. His public humiliation and suicide as crowd cheers! Made me feel funny all over. What about you?

  1. Oooh fuck! That crowd sounded like cheering him to do it. I thought I heard females in background going Whooooooooo whooooooo! After he jumped. It’s so messed up but made my dick hard as ever hearing the crowd enjoy it!! Does anyone else relate to this? I can’t believe the crowd.

  2. According to the description. We do NOT know whether the victim survived or WENT to ANOTHER platform OF greater height to FINISH the selfish deed. Well…not that MOST people on HERE would care to give a shit. At least we NOW what purpose the bridge SERVES since it was built FOR suicidal Niggers in 2010. Feeling like a suicidal Native coon? You can THANK the fuckin’ person who INVENTED Soccer for making that possible!

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