Suicide by Jumping from Roof of Hotel in Valencia, Spain

Suicide by Jumping from Roof of Hotel in Valencia, Spain

Suicide by Jumping from Roof of Hotel in Valencia, Spain

I don’t have any backinfo about the video, but the hotel featured in it (Hotel Valencia Center) is located in Valencia, Spain.

In the video, a person standing on the roof of the hotel commits suicide by jumping into the void. The cameraman, aside from being a vertical retard, was doing OK until the moment of the jump when his camera lost focus and he unzoomed.

Props to Best Gore member @vanderlog for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Suicide by Jumping from Roof of Hotel in Valencia, Spain”

    1. Other than the camera losing focus, it was an amazing jump. The way his body dived and flailed in the air was mesmerizing, the sound was so satisfying I felt chills. I can’t help but just replay it over and over.

  1. Day-to-day he’d feel miserable thinking he had it enough for having to deal with the bitch named life and there atop a high rise he stood teasing & winking it off , with an epic thud … and seriously no one but he himself is to blame .

      1. When I die, I wanna be posted here. I’d be glad to know I made at least one person satisfied with my death, since I have loved ones who will grieve for sure. Of course, I’m not trying to die anytime soon. This is a matter of when I die, since I never know.

  2. The landing was loud!! Man, I don’t get why people jump off of shit in these days of opiates. Anybody can get their hands on heroin and fentanyl. Every time I bring one of those fucking nasty, stupid piece of shit junkies around with Naloxone they don’t have a fucking clue. When they overdose and die all they do is nod off, slowly stop breathing and die a painless death. That’s my plan when I’m old and terminal!

      1. If it’s from a quarantined government, then I agree with you. Show your act of defiance, by going against the grain, and doing things that will free your mind and body.

        …and of course, INSULT them at every possibility, by looking at their voting record…

        And exposing their hypocrisy, that’s usually associated with their record. It’s much better than “name calling.” TRUST ME!

        …it’s a form of complimenting yourself, without the fear of becoming too self centered with a “runaway ego.”

        I currently have a few I’m working on at the moment. It releases the dopamine in my brain, since I don’t own a smartphone, or do drugs anymore.

    1. If I ever decide to go that way ——– I’ll do it and yell “I did it for a DumbKunt”!
      Nobody will know, except us at BestGore, our dirty little secret. 😉

  3. Kinda reminded me of this guy…

    Not necessarily because the form was the same. But it’s more of the composure behind the jump. Christ, that guy from the World Trade Center, had to be at total peace with himself.

    Much much respect!

  4. I say he got a 9 out of 10 for the 4 summersolt, half pike, double twist. He stuck the landing at the end but 1 foot was ahead by 3 inches. I had to deduct a point for that. Next time work on the landing!

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