Suicide Jumper Kills Man He Lands on

Suicide Jumper Murders Man

Suicide Jumper Murders Man

A suicide jumper takes out another man on his way out, or should I say down? The guy really sticks the landing on this one. Could you imagine the mix up this probably caused.

“So the victims cause of death was suicide?”
“But why would he want to take his own life?”
*facepalm* “no, no, no..”

I think its funny how, at the end of the video, the guy in the background looks down at his foot as if he was sprayed by the splat, this suicide is spreading everywhere. Kill two birds with one dive I suppose, and man these jokes aren’t getting any funnier. Anyway…

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong and @rippchenmitkraut for the video:

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          1. @Rippchen&Kraut

            That does not surprise me one bit as The Dirty Foreskin-Slurping-Jews have been hard at work trying to implant one of their Puppet Yes, Yes, Presidents so they can then run their natural gas pipeline in order to completely cut-off the gas that Russia has been supplying most of the Middle-East, And Europe. And because the American sanctions have done little to slow down the forever Russian Economy, hitting their gas lines and shutting them down would damage Russia’s economy as a whole as natural gas, & oil comprises a good chunk like 0% of their over all GDP. 🙁

        1. Since you’re okay with this diaper thing, @thedre , I’ll just state the following: I will be looking forward to the GoPro footage of you shitting and pissing in yer nappies, mate. I’m sure the viewing public would appreciate it, too.

          IQ: 420, currently.

          1. I’m just glad I made your wife laugh this way and NOT the normal way I get women to laugh. Yeah. It involves pulling down my big boy pants. Making them laugh with literary wit isn’t usually successful for me. Your wife is too kind, my friend. 🙂 (I’m really fucking high right now and hope to fuck I said that in a self demeaning way and with ZERO disrespect to your wife, yourself nor your relationship. If I have I’m really sorry and promise not to laugh about it when I’m sober. I’ll only PMSL when I’m high again. 😉 )


          2. @Manbearpig
            Dude,,, were All Good my man, Alll-Goood. 🙂
            And my Wife included, as she just thought that you were quite funny as i dd also! So nope
            No Disrespect was taken Whatsoever B G Brother. The more i get to know you,,, the more i am taking a liking to you, & no worries, as i say this with (No Gayness)man 🙂

    1. @Seraphim Serenata
      W.T.F. ??? You still Alive & Around Man???
      You should concentrate on Your Daughter, and repairing the damages done with your Ex. instead of hitting on @brand-wall, and bringing that up once more.

      And i don’t mean for you to get back with your Ex. cause that is your own business, what you decide to do with that whole situation. But show your family some respect, and especially your Daughter, by Not Gossiping about that Shit on here again,,, No? 🙁

    1. Motherfucking OWNED! Shit, he probably couldn’t have done that again on ten thousand tries.

      Damn, I was doing the same thing this morning. Standing outside a building downtown minding my own business and checking my email on my phone, inhaling some jackasses second hand cigar smoke. Coulda been taken out by some suicidal cunt tired of their corporate job.

  1. They both had their VISAS stamped together . In life; they both had stayed , ate , shat , farted and smoked together and their death wasn’t any different when they had vowed to bid their goodbyes together .
    Talk about being chums for life

  2. It’s so inconsiderate to kill oneself and leave a big fucking mess for everyone to clean up. Why the fuck don’t people go out into the woods or something? Or at least a bathtub if they can’t get around? Drives me insane.

        1. We’ll both really mate – I’d also hate to see you end up being a hypocrite! But seriously, suicide can be a very seductive woman, who often doesn’t live up to her end of the deal…….

    1. Still leave a mess in the woods and clean up crew have to struggle even more retrieving your body. Same with the bath specially if filled with water turn into a nice horrible soupy mess for some poor sod to clean

      1. If the body is in an isolated enough place in the woods, it’ll be eaten and scattered by animals. In a bathtub or shower stall, depending on the method used (and we’ll go with a bloody one for our purposes here…like a shotgun blast or cut wrists), someone could just leave the drain uncovered and the water running at a luke warm temperature. If there’s going to be splatter, try to orient it in a direction that the water will wash it away. Obviously, the isolated spot in the woods is ideal, but not everyone that would want to die is able bodied enough to go on a hike. Also, by all means, if you have to do it inside a home or building, make a phone call or have some type of notification system in place so that everything can be cleaned up before it starts to smell.

  3. thats funny as fuck.

    i dont know whats more entertaining, tranny porn or watching this exact video.

    gluttony is definitely a sin im not doing anymore….

    anyone got any advice how to be all things bad but not fat?

  4. Love the dude immediately after who basically moonwalks his ass back out of the “fun time SeaWorld spray zone” of human remains. If that isn’t the embodiment of “Nope nope nope” I don’t know what is.

    1. @SenorPiggy
      Raining Men ??? Lol, lol, dude.
      So, how has one of my Favorite Veteran Best-Gore Brother Mr. Piggy Doing These Days??
      All is good with You & Yours i presume. What’s new and exciting in your life these days? 🙂

    2. @SenorPiggy
      Raining Men ??? Lol, lol, dude.
      So, how has one of my Favorite Veteran Best-Gore Brother Mr. Piggy Doing These Days??
      All is good with You & Yours i presume. What’s new and exciting in your life these days? 🙂

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