Suicide Jumper Lands Face First on Asphalt

Suicide Jumper Lands Face First on Asphalt

THIS is how you dive to save your girlfriend. None of that fake shit from Aurora. Faceplant on asphalt from an overpass 10 meters above – that’s how you do it.

20 year old Wanderson da Silva Cesário was an ex-convict from Brazilian death capital of Caruaru. On Tuesday December 18, 2012 Wanderson committed suicide by jumping to his dead from an overpass over the BR-232 highway. The landing split his skull open, killing the young man on the spot.

In his grasp, the victim had his prison release papers, which indicated that he had just come out a week ago. He was jailed for having beaten his 14 year old sister on June 2, 2012. He was a repeat offender and a drug user.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Suicide Jumper Lands Face First on Asphalt”

  1. What a cowardly little bitch. Since he was still pretty much a kid who knows nothing about life, he had more than plenty of time to turn around all of the shit he did wrong in the past. Kind of sounds like the little 18 year old dumbass who committed suicide about a month ago at the college I attend by getting a gun out from his back pack and putting in his mouth and just blasted his brains out. I don’t anyone knows still what drove him to commit suicide.

      1. Well you are right about that. But could of done something else before taking the easy way out. Haha that’s pretty gross but no one really knows about him getting ass raped but it’s a good possibility he did. That is exactly why though, he was out of jail and could of gotten over it. Rape victims do it all the time.

  2. Mark, I always smirk when you mention diving to shield a ho. Lmmfao. I thought I was the only one that read the article and thought, damn a theater full of heroes. Heroes out in the middle of the night for a BATMAN flick. (Pfft) where was the hero to save that little girl?

  3. He did that very well. He even jumped neatly onto the road shoulder, not in the middle of the road where it would have bothered drivers.

    Also, I’ve read somewhere that you have to jump from at least 10 storey-height for a sure death, so this guy could easily have survived with two crumbled legs, but he didn’t, he landed well on his head. A thoughtful guy.

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