Suicide Jumper Shits Out His Own Spine Landing on Feet

Spine Came Out of the Suicide Jumpers Ass Upon Landing

Suicide jumper took a leap of faith and it worked. Suicide was successful, but jumper ended up all broken and with spine sticking out of his ass. Because his feet were the first point of contact with concrete on which he landed, rapid stoppage of leg movement while torso still had a strong momentum resulted in protrusion of spine through the tail bone area. It was like coming back to the roots, provided Darwin’s theory of evolution from the apes got it right.

From now on, each time you hear someone say “I tore him a new one“, you’re gonna instantly recall these photos. Likewise, if you get hemorrhoids and it makes you feel depressed, just come back to this page and you’ll feel better. I’m sure πŸ˜‰

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Michal, I’m so glad you didn’t change his $100 bill boxers on the photoshop! Classic hahaha! I love the Gibson SG there though! First thing I thought when I saw it was ANGUS!! Hahaha! It’s all about the Benjamins baby!

          1. Poor guy my ass. I receive mostly positive feedback from it and don’t tke anything personal since I joke about it myself. Jeez, if you say Brian May I’m a happy guy!

            You need way more to take away my good mood.

        1. @Doc, I have the same wavy hair as you that I usually have down past my shoulders but my kids give me shit cuz they don’t like it long. I just got my first haircut in over a year and it feels weird. I’m just bugin ya cuz I’m jealous. I wish I had’nt cut it.

      1. I wonder how far he fell to cause that kind of damage? We don’t usually see feet first attempts, but if you think of how crumple zones work in cars to displace energy, this duse’s body did similarly, and the force was still enough to cause the brain to impact hard enough to cause death.

  1. Holy damn thats a brutal way to go. I imagine halfway down the adrenaline kicks in and your fight or flight instinct changes your mind about dying. But alas, you are fucked.
    And the foot. Ewww ughh. The foot makes me cringe. A little to close to home.

      1. Oh my goodness i know. I guess looking at his spine and guts pushed out his lower back is something ive never come close to feeling and so it doesnt affect me. But looking at a broken foot. Ughh makes me sick. Ever broken an ankle? Holy shit the feeling in your stomach is awful.

  2. This is wild! Usually, if you’ve seen one jumper, you’ve seen them all. But this one is unique. My favorite, as far as originality goes, is the guy who crawled up into a professional grade ban saw and used a stick to reach the “on” button. That was not a quick death.

  3. Anyway, based on the triangular shape of the protruding object I would imaging that it’s the coccyx… wikpedia has a nice drawing of the coccyx inside the body from the side view, labeled – “Left Levator ani from within.” The sacrum is just above it. Nerves, do of course run all the way down to the tip, but I imagine we’re seeing a bit of muscle on top of it as well. Very interesting.

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