Suicide by Moped Fire Caught on CCTV

Suicide by Moped Fire Caught on CCTV

Suicide by Scooter Fire Caught on CCTV

Location is not certain, although, the motorists passing by give off an Asian flair. CCTV footage on a road shows a man and a moped. While wearing a helmet and safely maneuvering moped on top of self, suicidal man grabs lighter and lights up the dark lit night. What a painful and retardant way to die, right?

53 thoughts on “Suicide by Moped Fire Caught on CCTV”

  1. This retard made me use a swear word for the first time on bg: what a fucking idiot an absolute fucking retarded cunt. Seriously what the fuck! Theres like 1000 ways to die on 1000 ways to die……..

    Although hilarious to watch the stupidity captured on cctv

  2. You light up my life she said . You inflame my heart she said. I burn for you she said. Well here you go two- timing bitch! .. I am going out in a blaze of glory!!. What do ya think of that , ha!

    She to her new guy: drag him closer will ya. These cold nights are murder on my naked ass.

  3. Ive said it soooo many times that it hurts my brain thinking it but there is so many DUMB CUNTS in this world….i wanna kill myself today…should i hang myself? Shoot myself in the head? Jump head first off a very high building? Hmmmm oh i got it…i’ll lay under my scooter lite the fuel tank and burn myself to death…i’ll make sure to wear a helmet so it can melt into my face and head causing me even more pain not that i’ll be in enough pain burning alive lol FUCKING IDIOT

  4. Hey guys! How many years do you watch BestGore and what was the reason?
    I don’t know how long ago, I think maybe 13 or 12 years ago, I heard about 2 man being slaughtered (sorry for my English) one with a chainsaw and one with a knife… that was the moment I searched on the internet for that video and that’s how I found BestGore. First years I didn’t had a account because I was a little bit ashamed that i liked to watch al this horrible things.. but I’m coming out: I love this site and watched it every day..
    So my question is : how long do you guys watch this and what was the reason? Maybe fun to know from each other.

    1. I just started watching videos on this site a few months ago….i like these videos cause im a misanthrope and i hate the human species…these videos speak for themselves about human nature…fuck the world…i dont feel sorry for anyone in these videos and i love watching the most brutal ones…im a weird irish man i guess

  5. OK,,, Correct me if i’m wrong Guys/Girls,, but this looks like an Attempt to make it look like It Was an Accident of some sort, As Opposed To A Suicide. And I Say This Because in order for is Wife/Kids to Have The Life Insurance Policy Payed-Out To Them, It Cannot Look Like It Was A Suicide, cause Insurance Companies The World Over “DO NOT” Pay-Out If It Was Deemed A Suicide.

  6. I can’t believe incredible selfishness and coward behavior of this low life people with bicycles who just continue to drive like true pieces of shit that they are.

    Human worms at their best. I am disgusted.

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