Suicide at Niagara Falls – Canadian Woman Floats Naked Into the Horseshoe Falls

Suicide at Niagara Falls - Canadian Woman Floats Naked Into the Horseshoe Falls

The Horseshoe Falls is the largest waterfall of Niagara Falls. For obvious reasons, the falls gets the name from its horseshoe shaped crest. The US/Canada border passes through the falls, but most of it is located in Ontario, Canada.

On May 31, 2011 Russian tourist Alex Fediakov was at the Niagara Falls with his wife, filming the plunging water, enjoying the cooling mist sprayed into his face when out of fucking nowhere, he noticed a body of a naked woman floating down the Niagara River straight into the falls. The video camera in his hand was filming so he put focus on the strange woman as she approached the roaring waterfall without any attempt to avoid being swollen by the water.

A witness told Reuters they saw the 51 year old Canadian woman enter the Niagara River further upstream. She was naked and allowed the running water to carry her where it would without any resistance. She did not struggle to stay alive, just let herself be carried to her death.

The Maid of the Mist tour boat (you can see it in the video) reached the suicidal woman and pulled her out. She was declared dead by a medic. The police said “there was no foul play and it does not appear to have been an accidental drowning.”

This is a very peculiar case of suicide. Normally you’d expect some hints of depression or sadness in a suicidal person, yet this woman was anything but. You’d almost think that she’d become one with the Earth and give herself up to her. She looked as peaceful as they get floating naked – the way she was birthed – into the eternal rainbow.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Suicide at Niagara Falls – Canadian Woman Floats Naked Into the Horseshoe Falls”

  1. Faaaark in hell, that is one tough chick.She was probably on acid and was under the impression it would feel pretty awsome. Why are there so many Russian tourists around at the moment? I took my kids to the zoo yesterday and there were heaps of them, muscle bound dudes with gold chains and bleach blonde chicks half their age, all sporting fake tans and bad tracksuits.

    1. I would assume she was still alive as most of the deaths occur after going over the edge. Some hit various rocks/boulders going down and injure themselves that way while others drown at the bottom of the fall. Looks as though this woman was waving herarms in the water aswe all might do while swimming.

      1. I reckon she was skinny dipping further up-river.Boy !!! Was she in for a shock.”Ahhhh this is so relaxing…….what are all those peeps lookin’ at ?….i’d better swim bAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

    1. Interesting. Now why would you say that? Please put a smile on my face by trying in feable ways to explain your hate towards a people. And why in relation to this vid? Or did someone piss in your beer when you were inbreeding with your aunt in her trailer during the commercial break of the nascar championship?

    1. Jumping in to save her would of also ended there life, They would most definitley get pulled down, You don’t swim out from Niagara falls, I can’t swim but even if i could i know jumping in wouldn’t of entered my head

  2. I live 15 minutes away from The Falls (as we call it) in St. Catharines. There has been many people who have chosen this way to die and others who go over in a barrel for the fame. There was a 5 year old boy who went over wearing only a life jacket after falling off a boat up stream. He lived and so have a few others. The water that once flowed over The Falls was much higher and faster. Since they have built new power stations upto 60% is re directed now. The water above the Falls is only 2-3 feet deep now so barrells get caught. The flow was much stronger back then and it actually carried a person out and down in the water fall. Now you fall straight down into the rocky bottom!

  3. That’s somthing you don’t see every day….
    Your s tourist and decide to go to Niagara falls of the first time.
    Your in for the shock of your life I suppose. Oh My God! Lol!
    So, Ed, how was your trip?
    I seen some naked dead chick floating down Niagara Falls!
    OMG! Lol!
    She probably got washed out to far and drowned.
    Any idiot jumping after her to save her would end up the same way.
    Or someone took out the trash.

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