Suicide Photos – Man Found Hanged in the Woods

Suicide Photos - Man Found Hanged in the Woods

At the end of our journey on Earth, we all end up being but food for maggots. Rich or poor, slim or fat, king or beggar, slimy maggots will enjoy eating off your rotting flesh without discrimination. But enough of that philosophy crap on here. This dude may not have been the beauty queen when he was alive and doesn’t look any more attractive now that he’s dead. Fed up with life or something/someone that was influencing it, he took a rope, found a quiet spot in the woods and committed suicide by hanging himself.

His body bloated up, took slimy hues (as if trying to camouflage itself with the surroundings) and maggots took over his facial features. An honest suicide – didn’t care about showing off or being found. He just retracted deep into the woods to kill himself far away from the spotlights. Mission accomplished.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Suicide Photos – Man Found Hanged in the Woods”

  1. The woods around mt.Fuji in Japan, a heathen nation, are full of selfish suicides who go there to do a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Christianity teaches that suicide is an express train trip to eternal hellfire ,but this joker wasn’t deterred by that.

    The authorities are weary of all the skeletons and corpses festooning the trees at the base of Mt.Fuji. Many people wonder where Mr. Yakamura went, after his wife went home to her mother. Well, they should scout around Mt.Fuji !

  2. hey look at me im tired of my life cuz my girlfreind dumped me so ima jump of a 40 storie building and land on someones $40,000 lambraguini (fuck you thats my $40,000 lambraguini)

    hey look at me my 4 yr old son died of cancer and my wife was stabed by a stingray and died after 23 hours of terrible pain i was raped as a child and think i want to die so ima go to the place were i use to spend time alone as a child and die a quite death (how i would die)

    but honestly i wounder what this guy wanted to get away from

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