Swedish Twin Sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson Cause Mayhem on UK Motorway

Swedish Twin Sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson Cause Mayhem on UK Motorway

This video is a messed up classic which definitely deserves its place on Best Gore. The case has been made into a nice documentary by good folks from the UK where it all happened and… you just got to love them Brits calling trucks a “lorry” and not exploding with laughter saying it.

Swedish twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson caused a major mayhem on the UK’s M6 motorway after an episode of folie Γ  deux made them both attempt suicide by running into the path of vehicles and acting unexplainably insane despite not being on booze or drugs.

It all took place on May 17, 2008. Born in 1967 in Sunne, VΓ€rmland, in western Sweden, identical twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson traveled across the UK and took a National Express coach from Liverpool to London. The coach made a scheduled stop at a Keele services motorway station where the twins without explanation disembarked and suspiciously clang tightly to their luggage as if not wanting anyone to see what they carried. The driver asked them to submit their baggage to an inspection prior to re-boarding the bus which they refused so the bus left without them.

Owing to their overall suspicious behavior, the manager of the Keele motorway services station alerted the police about the twins. Luckily for us, producers of a TV series Motorway Cops had their camera crew with one of the cops so what happened next was all recorded on video.

During the course of speaking with the cops who came to investigate what the problem was, Ursula Eriksson made a sudden dash onto the motorway and ran straight into the side of a 40-tonne “lorry” traveling in excess of 60 mph. As folie Γ  deux would have it, Sabina Eriksson did exactly the same a few seconds later, throwing herself in the path of an oncoming Volkswagen Golf.

While her sister Ursula was immobilized having had her legs run over by the “lorry”, Sabina lost consciousness from the impact with the vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. Both appeared in serious condition so paramedics were rushed to their aid, but neither sister was having any of it. They both kept fighting the helpers off and swearing at them as if they were possessed by the devil himself. During the melee Sabina shouted: “They’re going to steal your organs!

Since Sabina could still walk, she stood up, punched a female police officer and ran to the opposite carriageway placing herself in the path of more vehicles traveling at high speeds. It took several policemen and members of public to catch and restrain her.

This all was caught on cameras and professionally edited out into a nice documentary which explains the whole mayhem from start to finish through firsthand accounts by the police officers who were there when the twins went psycho. The documentary was broadcast by BBC1 under the name of Madness in the Fast Lane. But the whole craziness of the Eriksson twins did not end there.

Murder of Glenn Hollinshead

On May 19, 2008 Sabina Eriksson pleaded guilty to trespassing on the motorway and assault on a police officer and was released having already served a day in prison to which she was sentenced. Being a decent looking blonde from Sweden, she was picked up by a 54 year old guy by the name of Glenn Hollinshead who spotted her aimplessly wandering the streets of UK’s Stoke-on-Trent. Glenn Hollinshead must have thought he was gonna rub genital juices with the Swede and let the thought of quality sex get the best of him.

When Glenn Hollinshead noticed Sabina, he was with his friend Peter Molloy. Peter said he felt suspicious about Sabina but he probably only said that because it was his friend who got to bump gonads with her, not him. Had Glenn not been there, I’m sure Peter would have been drooling all over himself trying to get in her pants.

Sabina asked the guys about a decent local Bed and Breakfast establishment so Glenn offered her to stay with him in his house at Duke Street, Fenton instead. I’m sure he only made that offer to help the lost foreigner out. Not.

The two spent a night together doing who knows what. The following day Glenn Hollinshead asked his neighbor for a few teabags. When he got them, he returned back to his house only to run right out with 5 stab wounds. Sabina went all psycho again and stabbed the guy before fleeing the house with a hammer in her hands. She must not have liked what he did to her the night prior.

The pursuit which cost a random motorist by the name of Joshua Grattage a smack to the back of his head was eventually ended with Sabina Eriksson taking a leap from a 40 ft high bridge onto the A50 Motorway. She was taken to University Hospital of North Staffordshire with broken bones.

Sabina Eriksson was charged with murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Nottingham Crown Court accepted her plea and sentenced her to 5 years in prison. She turned to Christianity while in the clink and was released in 2011. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

To this day, nobody has been able to explain the strange behavior of the twins. When interrogated about the murder by the police, Sabina only responded with “no comment“. Ursula Eriksson, the other twin who had her legs run over by the “lorry” lives in the USA.

Many thanks to Best Gore member FuzzyBollocks for beating me to post this video at last:


Check out full documentary by the BBC the above video is an excerpt from titled Madness in the Fast Lane.

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93 thoughts on “Swedish Twin Sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson Cause Mayhem on UK Motorway”

  1. Thanks for posting this too Mark, quite honestly, this was one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard so far. I did watch the longer version about two months back and it’s one of those things that sticks with you. Weird, or they had all this planned. They were spending a lot of time alone at one point before they left sweden to get to britian. I dunnoo…. πŸ™‚

    1. Well the fact that they had mobiles suggest they were so high from he cocaine that they thought they were the frogs from frogger and that everyone else was frogs and that people wanted to take there froggy organs…or they really hated the cops.

      1. What one cited as a defense, because you only saw a part of the actual full hours length documentary, is that because they were twins, one had a mental disorder, they both developed a mental disorder hence the wording “Folies a deux” which was one of the actual disorders cited. Folies a deux loosely translated from french, means one twin is psychotic and the other develops the disorder. Or the actual name, Induced Delusional Disorder. It is extremely rare, but only lasts a few weeks. Weird shit.

          1. Hey Tom! πŸ™‚ It could very well be that viking blood, lol. you do make me laugh lots you know! πŸ™‚ And it happened that close, wow, that’s like that fagnotta shit, happened literally like twenty minutes from my house. And the airport he left from is ten minutes away, creeepy…!!

          2. In Brit speak… 50 miles away is quite far!

            I know you Canucks and Yanks think 50 miles is next door… Becuause your nations are stupendously huge!

            Bloody hell… You might have walked past him in town one day… Just another face in the street, you would have thought nothing about him and forgot him before you seen him…


          3. Viking blood a Tom,
            I have much of that in me, TYPE O NEG, it came with very deep ruted depression that started at a very young age (birth), and schizophrenia, and a crazy side thats almost killed ass to often, I used to think it was cool I had viking blood, not any more its a curse, So I guess when you said that I wanted to say how true those words are, and how little people know about the vikings, Dude, I’m so bad I avoid women except BG ladies cause I’m not worried about them (there in my computer so….), and I have only two friends, pathetic, Yea for Viking blood and reptilians!

          4. Depression.. A terrible disease.

            I used to think it was horseshit, just people feeling a bit blue.

            It is quite hard to put it into words how for no apparent reason a person can transform from being on top of the world to being so low he dreams of nothing but killing himself.

            To have suffered wih it your entire life Glenn must have been difficult to say the least.

            In all fairness Glenn… I don’t consider many people to be my ‘friends’… I have one pal who I trust. But plenty of friendly acquaintances who I keep at arms length.

            I am a friendly guy. But I don’t trust very easily… I see that as a old thing though.

          5. Ash.

            I vaguely remember it. I am not one to remember individual cases though.

            When I seen the article here it clicked… “Ohhh, I remember that!”.

        1. @phatman…
          I recently had my dna tested on ancestry.com and my results really blew me away. The first sentence says “Looks like you have some Viking Blood” turns out I’m mostly Viking. Hey maybe you and I are cousins πŸ™‚

  2. All of the worlds nutjobs want to come to the UK. It’s bad enough dealing with our own increasing number of people that have sent themselves mad by taking too many drugs. There are seriously a lot of people in the world now who are as mad as a box of frogs but get so much financial help from the goverment that are still able to buy drugs to keep themselves mad and dangerous.

          1. We didn’t ‘Invade’ anywhere @Carsie.

            We civilised the uncivilised and brought the rule of law to the barbarous masses of Africa and Asia.

            And they were a whole lot better off being governed by us then them governing themselves.

            If the Swiss want to invade Britain… I would fucking let them take over. I am sure they could govern a whole lot better then the current group of wankers.

            In future, if you fancy trying your hand at taking my opinions on… I would suggest you post something more then a three lined sound bite with ‘lol’ on the end.


            I am sorry to hear about your Nan’s rotten luck… Nasty bastards Turks are.

            Same here medear. In fact, I would love to have these Warrior women next door to me. Rough sex is good sex.

            Plus getting knifed by a psycho bitch isnt much different then what happens to me now! Aha!

        1. Fucking Turkish family has just moved next door to my grandparents in Newcastle. Of course my grandmother being the daft cow she is says she is going to invite them over. I was like “Nan, they’re fucking Snackbars you can’t let them in”. She just looked at me lol. The wife just shut the door in her face anyways. Fucking rude bitch.

          I would rather have these two Viking warrior women living next door to me. Psycho or not.

          1. So this may be random, but when I read all of the above replies & where you are from, I end up reading what you say with an accent! Maybe not a good one, but one all the same!

          2. @elle,
            some Turks manage to curb their behaviour when when they come to this country, but you go there the men are vile. I made the mistake of going to a souk on my own in Istanbul and I really thought I was going to be gang raped. They are predatory and really aggressive, in fact the same as the men are in Egypt. I will say I’ve been to muslim countries where the people were really kind and gentle but Turkey, if you don’t have a man with you they will totally intimidate you.

          3. @wicked mama I have never met a muslim man (or woman for that matter) who I liked or who was worthy of respect. They are all savages and pigs. I won’t allow myself to be intimidated by them, never again. I always look them right in the eye and show them the same hostility as they show me.

          4. Do you have an accent Elle?

            Mama… I wouldn’t dream of visiting a Muslim nation, and in return I expect they don’t visit mine.

            I have no problems in other races and religious groups visiting… Muslims are scum though.

            We keep saying it… But anybody who follows the instruction of a Paedophilic, mass murderer doesn’t deserve to come to Europe… And the Muslims already settled in Europe (e.g. The Bosnians and Kosovans) should be forced to convert to Christianity.

          5. The accent comment was to no person in particular. Just anyone who says where they are from. I think all this BG has my brain a little fried…ya, that’s it!

      1. Haha, st?mmer att vi/jag ?r fattiga, men idioterna st?r Norge f?r(Breivik);)
        Well, that is the result of our fine n welfy mentalcare. We dont put the psychos behind bars anymore. They just get their descriptions on Losec once in a week n carry on out on the streets. That’s how it works here in Sweden:)) How is it in your country/ies? Curios..

    1. @troops.
      don’t even get me started on the Bosnians. I spent a lot of time in Sarajevo, it was actually a Kosavan female of friend of mind that told me whats going on there now. Her brother went to Sarajevo recently and it seems after the ‘internationals’ left the Saudi’s stepped in.

      1. We should have supported our Serbian brothers in keeping their boots of the necks of the Muslim scum.

        Europe is no place for Muslims or Jews.

        You find that an awful lot of Bosnians emigrated to London in the 90s. I read some. Statistics last night of a school in London which is 90% Muslim… Overwhelmingly Bosniacks.

  3. Well, the world has to be reminded of Sweden’s existence somehow… These morons have done it. People’s memories of watching porno flicks from outta there in 1976 Times Square ain’t gonna last forever.

  4. Yeah i found myself quite obessed with this case, one of the most bizarre cases I’ve read, you would think they were on some sort of drug and the strengh of these girls was incredible, my only conclusion, posessed! weird, weird girls.

  5. i really don’t understand just what the twins were thinking :/ they endangered so many lives with their stupid, reckless actions. my mind just kept going ‘wtf’ throughout the whole video. props to the officers and medic who were there to help, despite dealing with 2 psychos.

    1. I believe in certain circles it’s also known as Smack-on-Trent given the amount of junkies that live there, although the same could be said about virtually every city, town and village in the UK these days. Not that I’m putting Stoke down by any means, it’s a great place with a lot of heritage, I’ve also got a few good friends from Stoke – and of course Robbie whatisname comes from there, lol.

      I remember seeing this on telly not long after it had happened, fucking mental to say the least – the one who could jumped up like a fucking terminator, although what was the copper doing before she jumped in front of the Volkswagen, dickhead should have had a good grip on her preventing her from running onto the motorway in the first place.

  6. Brits are adorable, Every time I hear one speak I can’t resist but crack a smile.
    They are so upbeat as oppose to the occasional american fat fuck with the frown & basement full of dead bodies =/

      1. how long have you lived here, gunkgirl? i’ve been here for about 5 and a half years and i think i lost my original accent somewhere >.> all my friends say i sound american now, but over here, people say i sound english/australian.

    1. Oh I don’t know Pam.

      A few bottles of your Bushmills down one of em and they would do anything for a bet.

      Where is my Deputy and his legion of Battle Leprechauns?

      Or Spanky and his linguistic skills?

  7. When I had a seizure a few years ago I acted a lot like these women. My husband called 911 and when the paramedics got here I attacked them and cussed at them. I told the cops that I hate cops (I really don’t) and tried to punch them in the face. I jumped outside the door in my pajamas and tried to run away. I knocked a huge male paramedic to the ground. They had to strap me down to the gurney. I’m under 5 ft and around 100 lbs so my strength was out of control. My brain was so messed up from the seizure I could have killed someone. I think these chicks are just run on the mill crazy though. I’m so lucky I didn’t get arrested. I have no memory of any of it.

    1. You should read my post upstairs, thats happened to me, Not cause I’m schizo but from head trama, I’ve faced death and it was like taking a dump compared to the TERROR that I was in, and I don’t remember much either, I once walked into an ER with on memory of the last few days, no idea how I got there, I was just sitting there when a nurse started talking to me, I freaked the fuck out and had to be restrained, So I have four words for you,

      That sucks, I know!

    2. Ha, all this talking about depression and suicide of late, brings a thought to my head. About…mm, say eight years back, I was living with a cunt of a “man”who didn’t unspeakable things to me, and even after I left, managed to still locate me and get me back. Around the same time, my Doctor,prescribed me 300ativan/lorazepam1mg tabs and 100 35mg temazepam. I decided I wanted to end it too, so I took em all, and chased it back with a 26(half, because the bastard caught me midway thru)of vodka. Cops arrived, dressed me, yep, I was headed out naked,haha. I wound up at the hospital, don’t remember a thing, next thing I know they are slapping a set of handcuffs on me, charging me with two counts of assaulting a peace officer, turns out, I had wanted to leave hospital and pummeled a couple of security guards. Hell, they didn’t pump my stomach and had to let them run through my system, no psych ward for me, straight to the London,Ontario Bucket. LOL, the released me on a pta,(promise to appear)got a four day sentence….just to say…

  8. Hey Mark!

    ‘Lorry’ sounds better then ‘Truck’.

    Try saying ‘Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry’ over and over again. Preferably whilst drunk.

    Gunky! Help me out and let’s teach this lot speak PROPER English.

  9. A) Why would the word “lorry” be funny? Maybe you Canadians have become too yankified.

    B) Small correction. Lorries are restricted to 55mph so as it would have been travelling slower as you do when you see The Filth (police) are on the motorway and braking, you can estimate 20-30mph.

    1. Lorry is more hilarious than semi.. Lorry just sounds like what a pussy(girl) would call a big truck that hauls goods from one place to another. Semi sounds like a word I would call my dick when it’s hard..

      What the fuck do you mean by “Yankified?” I live in the Canada of the United States..I don’t get it..

  10. I’m shocked on how big of pussies the British Police are.. Here in the states, spit on a cop, expect to be punched in the face. It’s kinda sad really…

    Conclusion of the story: Bitches be crazy, they probably deserved it.

    And “lorry” is the dumbest name for a big truck, hilariously retarded like the word “semi.”…:) Technically they are called “tractors.”

    1. Most Coppers ver here are bullied by the system… Political correctness has castrated the Peelers.

      Even in the Mid-90s, British Coppers were notorious in Europe for their no-Bullshit, casual racism.

      Today, you will find that if you are a Heterosexual, Christian, White male and don’t have a disability… You are fucked if you want to get a job… Anywhere, let alone the Police.

    2. I thought the same thing about those cops. If some chic went running out in the street like that here in the US, she would have been body slammed to the pavement or tasered by the police.

      Interesting story.

  11. WOW, I forgot all about this!! Maybe 2 years ago i saw this exact same video and it stayed with me for quite a while after watching it the first time. It really is one of those stories that ” you have to see for yourself” even for the simple fact it was speculated (then proven other wise) these two were high as a kite…

  12. Silly cunts like that all over north east of England, play chicken with cars and shit ,we got are own accent (Geordie slang) or (pit talk) Newcastle people don’t understand us half the time and there shit scared of most the nuts round here! Full of them!

    1. Huh?

      Stoke upon Trent is in North Staffordshire… West Midlands region. Not the North East.

      Their are MANY accents in the NorthEast… Not just Geordie (which is from Newcastle)…

      If you called somebody from Sunderland or Middlesborough a Geordie… You would end up getting knifed buddy.

      I didn’t understand anything you just typed there.

  13. Did some digging and found this…
    Happened after she stabbed dude.

    “Sabina ran out of the house with a hammer, periodically hitting herself over the head with it. A passing motorist, Joshua Grattage, saw this extraordinary behaviour and decided to tackle her in an attempt to confiscate the hammer. While wrestling with Grattage, Sabina took a roof tile out of her pocket and struck him on the back of the head with it, stunning him temporarily.”

  14. The women weren’t taking any shit! Especaly the one in the world red!
    The one with the really bad leg wanted to get up too! Holy shit!!!! Unbelievable.
    So there from Sweden. Crazy.
    I’m kinda moved by this.
    I mean, I’m Swedish duch, more on the Swedish side, and I’m crazy as all hell!
    Hu, I think the twins and I would get along just fine.
    I wonder ware they are now, ware they live.
    I’ll never know exactly ware. Just saying. Hott honeys!!!!!
    I will always love you. Lol! ??

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