Thai Commits Suicide at Home

Thai Commits Suicide at Home

A 27 year old man was found hanging in his room in Surat Thani province, Thailand. He choked himself out pretty good, too with a homemade garote standing up. Tongue swelled up and blood starting leaking down onto his chest. A note was found near the body but what really makes this set is the paramedics. These are some creepy ass guys, I can only imagine what they do to that body…actually, I don’t want to imagine. Also, I did not make up the first line of the translation.

Why tie die at home.
228 m 8 T. wiang SA A. wiang SA Surat Thani province rat The investigation found the accident square killed a 1 male. Employer name 27-year-old rat Nopparat Mani in the bedroom the house number. Rescue leaders died. Send The Crown Prince hospital wiang SA version.

Found in note, notice the sot.

Some people ask, why tie die at home? I ask, why not?

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  1. I for one would like to see what to do with that body. Morbid curiosity! He’s not quite hanging all the way I consider that cheating you can save yourself, I guess it takes willpower not to! 😉 i’ll give them that.

  2. Suicide is an odd thing is it not, people kill themselves regardless of country of birth, regardless of individual wealth, regardless of success in life.

    One person?s suffering is another person?s normality and one person?s normality is another person?s suffering so on and so forth.

    So what is suffering?, it is the sense of self in regards to actual reality, when one does not meet the other it causes suffering.

    The sense of self can be both externally/internally influenced but for most people it is an external influence, do we meet the expectations that other people set for us?, if not suffering often entails.

    Since external expectation relies upon static economic value it cannot be said to be a property of normality for normality relies upon previous generations economic values which is not generic to future economic behaviour.

    My conclusion, woe is love my dear.

      1. @gramps: I don’t know what it is like to live with chronic pain but can you please promise me you would never do anything like that?

        The thing I think about suicide is, if only they had waited for tomorrow, things always get better. Things cannot stay the same for long. True, they could get worse but it is much more likely things will get better.

        I know for a fact researchers are working on many different types of pain control trying to replicate poisons from things like box jelly fish and sea snakes. The pain relief the expect will result will be more effective than morphine but without addiction and other nasty side effects.

        Pain is a huge area of research because something like 20% of the world population suffers chronic pain (Most countries don’t allow take home narcotics and the USA uses 90% of the worlds opioid stocks each year) and many people have no access to any pain relief at all.

        So I do believe sooner or later, but more likely sooner, there will be huge advances in effective pain control. Living in the USA means you will probably be one of the first in the world to take advantage of it, so try to remember things will improve, maybe not today, or tomorrow but they will. I promise you………….

        1. Very kind of you to say @Dutchy, but having jumped thru hoops for 11 years seems too much some days. I had a chance to get an internal pain pump placed in my spinal canal but the docs decided it would be too risky due to scar tissue from multiple back surgeries (from the base of my neck to just about my tailbone is encased in titanium.) I do hope soon they come up with a natural pain reliever w/o addictive properties.

          Death does not scare me and I’d rather be able to choose it when I still can. Not to worry for now, thanks for your reply 😀

  3. If you can I think it’d be cool to post a “ticker” above the photos or vids as to when these people died.
    I feel like a lot of people from Thailand have been dying recently, right?!?! lol. I might be crazy, just an idea.

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