Thai Couple Dead in a Bed by Apparent Murder-Suicide

Thai Couple Dead in a Bed by Apparent Murder/Suicide

An interesting case of murder-suicide here in good old Thailand. Wapi Pathum Province, to be exact. A husband clearly dealing with some emotional issues had made statements that he would kill himself previously. Others in the home heard the shots the night before but continued on with their day. It wad only that night when they attempted to see what the matter was with them being so silent all day. Neighbors helped break down the door and came upon the scene.

The report states that the husband had killed the woman and then himself with a revolver. But something seems a little suspect about this. Like, where’s the fucking blood? There is also mention of of mistress and a suicide note which explains his thinking and justification. Enjoy.

3-May-58 18:00 why kill a dead man’s. Non Plaฝa in. Across Fort. Wapi Pathum district. The cause of the fire before shooting himself to death as a mistress. Locale Homes after the. Old., Talad. Muang. Sarakham.

Col. Somphong Udomdejwatana police officers. City University has received notification from the radio center Mahachai. Why kill each At number 27/1 Soi 8 street fair Wongsawat. Market. City University so hurried to the scene with rescue and resuscitation Island Sound’s Hospital Maha Sarakham. Found at the scene A two-storey house The ground floor rooms Rescuers have Jimmy doors are found within a couple lying on a bed. And found the weapon pistol point size 32 falls between one man investigators found bullets in the revolver, 6 shot, then two children saw the dead, the two men named Mr. Sarawut embroidered Kang revealed yet 43 years old. 18-year-old female police officer and a medical examiner on duty. The woman was found in the middle of the head wound was shot with a gun and shot the man found traces at the neck to the right. From the discovery of the paper, the handwriting of the deceased, the two said.

I want to die, then I will kill everyone. The rain hurt the eyes Max love the rain, we love each other very much, but I will live on. Most children love If I grow up, I know that love is not beautiful. It is like the wind blow it away anyway. Now I will take care of the mentally ill …. I can not give a good boy. Mama Mia does not deserve to survive. Discussions duty Karma with XXXXX mother was dying and signed rainwater.

Tong father loved each other very much, I love the rain, so it is written let everyone know. We die together Father and grandmother together to help restore the land at Nong Nooch do it. I talked to the snow, then he owes a lot. Let them take it to the debt. We will die down. ”

Queries from her grandmother’s gold came 70 years old woman who died. The dead man’s mistress, whose five-month-old son together, most will not come. Before the accident, but 3-4 days ago niece invited friends along the white sedan Toyota Camry Registration Acts -5xxx University, home of her husband. The driver does not return for several days. But to return to the capital with his son and wife of the man chasing mayhem. You have to escape And announced that it would break up later yesterday evening the man had arrived was to reconcile the bedroom until about three heard a noise like firecrackers rang two times, but ignored the morning it’s off to work. Not interested Come the evening went to knock on the door. But no answer The villagers came to help break the door. Found that both Life on the bed and then …..

Props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops for the story and pics.

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  1. No evidence of any shot being fired in any of the pictures. To much to say other than none of these pictures show the slightest indication that they were killed by a gun. The guns placement to the hand and where its sitting looks as if it was carefully placed if he had dropped it looks like with a little momentum it would have had it would have slid further than halfway down his crotch. This is definitely an attempted cover up of double murder.

    1. Maybe a needle with a heavy dose of tranquilizer…
      But you’d think… Even if they were murdered… The murderer(s) would’ve used the man’s hand to make it look like he did it…

      1. Lol you had to bring the tranquilizer in.. @ gnat I gotta luvs ya. I agree about the hand the only part of that story I believe is murder and mistress. And a jealous one usually ends up with a post here.

        1. well here in surinam people commit suicide by drinking Gramazon thats some heavy poison to kill weed or grass or other plants you dont like. so people drink that shit to commit suicide but when it kicks in, it burns you to death and maybe thats what these people drink some sort of shit like that and they took the gun if the pain would get too hard they woulda shot them selves

          1. It kinda looks like poisoning. Maybe the gun was there in case the poison became too intense and painful before death kicked in. Regardless, something killed these two and it was not the gun.

  2. “why kill a dead man?s.” – Because if you need to kill a dead man, its because it was a zombie… πŸ˜†

    “City University so hurried to the scene with rescue and resuscitation Island Sound?s Hospital Maha Sarakham.” – Resuscitation Island?… yep, definitely they were zombies… πŸ˜†

    “Mama Mia does not deserve to survive.” – …wha… what?!… πŸ˜†

  3. Blood?… Spent casings?… Suspicious resting place of gun after supposed “murder”?…

    “I want to die, then I will kill everyone.”

    Now that I’d like to see…

    Where’s Lieutenant Columbo and his twitchy eye when you need him…
    ?( ????`)?

  4. That’s exactly how we speak English in the Philippines. We call it ‘Carabao English’. πŸ˜€ Maybe same goes for Thailand hence the translations. XD

  5. Smell the end of the gun barrel. It must smell like SHIT. I am positive that they shot each other up the arsehole considering the lack of blood anywhere to be found. If they had taken it into the cakehole, the blood would be massive, and evident. Must have been One last act of ” Me Loves You Long, Last, Time “.

    1. He wrote about taking care of the “mentally ill” sounds like he was the one who was mental.
      As to cause of death, because of the foam coming out of her nose/mouth – I’d go with poison, overdose or drowning. I have to agree the gun placement and lack of blood doesn’t look like murder/suicide by gunshot. Perhaps he, too, took poison or pills?

      But of course in Thailand it’s usually a suicide regardless of evidence because those corrupt cops are lazy and don’t want to sweat in their polyester uniforms. 😐

    1. No they don’t bleed out but they still leave a hole and even a scratch bleeds. That and cloth such as there clothing or bedding will absorb blood and if you’ve ever dabbed a cut with your shirt or a paper towel you’ll notice the way cloth absorbs makes the blood spread creating the look of more than actually is. Due to this event a 22 would leave evidence of injury.

  6. Yea doesn’t seem like Like they were shot. It was a revolver so there wouldn’t be any ejected casings, plus the biggest headscratcher where is the blood? It is possible they were killed in some manner that doesn’t show easily, injection of poison to the neck or behind the ear.. The neighbors did hear shots though, so who knows.

  7. Well if it’s anything like I’ve seen before, it probably was a gun that was used, but just a really small caliber… like a 22. The bullet may have bounced off his skull thus the reason we see lack of blood.

    As for the women… idk. They are a lot of things that can cause foming of the mouth via i.e. Dick Hungry.

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