Thai Man Hangs Himself but is Discovered Before He Can Bloat

Thai Man Hangs Himself but is Discovered Before He Can Bloat

Thai man committed suicide in his village by hanging but was discovered before he could undergo the hideous processes of blotation. The man had mentioned suicide to his neighbors before and it is believed that he was lonely, having a daughter who moved away from home and a son who is in prison. He was often seen around and very friendly to everyone, so when he did not appear as usual, the villagers decided something was wrong and soon discovered him hanging.

All the neighbors appear calm and accepting of the fact save for the one woman who may be his daughter come home from the bad news. The South East Asians are predominantly Buddhist and as such are taught to actually face and accept death aside from the West which is taught to fear it and avoid even talking about it, the same reason many of us here are viewed as sick. But that is death’s power. The fear. Take away the fear and you beat death.

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    1. CO is one of the most popular methods of suicide in Asia , after hanging and jumping . Now that you mention it, it’d be interesting to see a CO aftermath. I’ve never seen one. There should be pics of it somewhere, hope to see some here one day.

      1. @H.Thompson – I saw one on here. It was an asian guy in a motel room I think. He connected a hose to his exhaust pipe and put it threw the window to his room. Died in his bed. He just looked like he was asleep. Which is why I am suprised I’ve only seen the one. I have seen every page on this site, I know the server fucked up in 2012 so maybe there was some before that? Who knows.

          1. Just put a bullet to the head, It’s cheap & quick.
            It leaves a nice mess for the people to clean up too! Make em work for their money!! 😉

      1. I had a gopher problem in the yard one time so, I made an adaptor to hook up a garden hose from the tail pipe of my car to smoke the little bastards out. About 20 minutes later, there was 4 cop cars and a fire truck out in front of my house. I was pissed at first but later, glad they were on top of it.

  1. A lot of people are lonely. There are lots of people who are married and sleeping right next to someone every night – yet they’re so lonely they ache. Humans are social creatures and we crave companionship. We are just wired that way.

    1. It’s the only thing we have before we’re placed into the ground to rot or burned into a crisp. Might as well spend it with someone you truly love, but then again suicide is not always related relationships.

          1. I feel really bad for him. Too bad his daughter didn’t visit more.
            I know we tend to take things for granted. Thinking I will just go next week to visit no big deal but you never know maybe there won’t be a next weekend….
            My mom died suddenly right after Christmas a few years ago… I have so many regrets wishing I spent more time with her…
            you never know when death will be coming so you gotta live life to the fullest

    1. @der
      When I saw the title I was thinking we were going to get another bloater like we had a few posts ago…The one with the weird hair and funky shirt hanging from the fan with the swollen tongue, cock and balls… now that one was freakin nasty ass

  2. The truly friendly people i met in Thailand could be counted on the fingers of one hand , that’s how rare they were, but they were endearingly good, gentle people. I respect them. They deserve goodness, not this.

      1. Just use your fucking brain , if you have any at all, before you say stupid things like that.
        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Either you’ve never been to Thailand or you were one of the shit for brain tourists . Either way , with your attitude you’re bound to get scammed, hurt and/or murdered in a country like that. And i hope you will .

        The worst thing is you’re not even able to distinguish a real good person from a fake one.

  3. “… are taught to actually face and accept death aside from the West which is taught to fear it and avoid even talking about it, the same reason many of us here are viewed as sick.”

    Well said.
    It’s sicker to get all hysterical when seeing a corpse.

  4. I almost hanged myself this summer but my wife stopped me.. Drank way too much and took a bunch of Xanax.. Don’t really understand why I wanted to do it because my life is really good. I have 2 young kids I own a large home have 5 cars own a successful construction company fight armature mma.. But material things aint shit.. Just something snapped and I wanted to check out.. A real bitch move and very selfish of me to try it.. I have never even thought of it before.. I will never do that again but I definitely scared the shit outa myself, no more Xanax and rum combo for me

    1. @MmA lifer, if that is really you in your avatar then I completely understand. Be strong, sounds like you have a lot to live for. The booze and drugs can make you want to things you wouldn’t do with a clear head so stay away from that and mirrors too.

        1. @MmA lifer You’ll be alright, but remember if you got kids they always come first. 😉 Always think ” How will this affect them if I were to do …..fill in the blank.” Good / Great parent = Good / Great person. Or Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. No offense trying to be given just shit to ponder. 🙂 Your more than likely young relax and let life happen.

    2. @mma. Damn bro. You need to stop mixing that shit. Xanax n booze is bad bad bad. I’ve did that a few times and had some scary shit told to me the next day by friends. I was like who me. No Fuckin way. Shit I would of never of done normal or?drunk. It was a total blackout.

      1. @nybadguy
        Xanax alone is bad news…I remember like 15 years ago I took a few of those and I lost like 3 days. I didn’t remember anything…. I can’t imagine taking those and drinking.. I can see why MMA lifer tried something like that….

    1. @Little Foot, I too am very lonely. I spend my nights alone in bed wishing that I had someone next to me that would put their arms around me and rub their smooth legs against mine. This guy took the easy way out…I continue on living my life…one lonely night after the last.
      Hugs are nice but nothing conquers loneliness like a good blowjob.

      1. Broke- I think a sex doll is the answer to all of your problems. They have smooth legs for you to rub against, there are very realistic ones with movable limbs to hold you at night and of course, most importantly, they will deep throat you to your heart’s content =D

          1. Every other day if not every day and sometimes more than once like this past Saturday was a total of 4 times. The longest I’ve ever gone was 5 days when I was on vacation with my family and I had to fake sick so they’d get the hell out of the condo. I was ready to kill someone that week. There’s a reason I’m in a good mood all the time 😀

  5. Now that I’m in one of my “can’t shut me up” moods there was this one time I’ll never forget. I was with this chick one night a while back and she was giving me a blow/hand job which went on forever. When I finally blew my load the first spurt whizzed over her shoulder and she reacted by squeezing my cock to stop me from shooting anymore. Holy fuck, the pain I felt. It was like she stuck a needle in my balls. I swear I almost came out my ass that night. It was the least pleasurable sexual experience I ever had. Needless to say I did not reciprocate nor did I ever see that bitch again.

  6. He just couldn’t face another day alone with his thoughts, thoughts that turned to suicidal thoughts.
    That’s the trouble with most humans, too shy to ask for help from people who are too wrapped up in their own little carry on. Sad.

  7. The real face of suicide here is not the guy on the end of the string… It’s the daughter crying. This guy’s pain is over… and her’s, multiplied.

    If you are going to whack yourself, the least you can do is make it look like an accident. This way the ones you love.. and who love you… are not devastated.

    1. I wonder how many of these pics we see here of people under the wheels of trucks are, in fact, suicides and not accidents. If there are any suicides in this bunch, it’s a pretty shitty thing to do to the driver…. Guy must be pretty fucked up hopping out of his rig and seeing a road pizza under his wheels. Not good start to any day.

      Kind of like suicide by Cop… Geesh, think of all the paper work that poor Cop has to fill out . For many, that’s what concerns them most.

  8. i’m no buddhist expert and chinese buddhists (chinese folklore/superstition is heavily mixed with buddhism) may differ from thai buddhists, but i would imagine that they would comfort themselves by believing that he will be reincarnated and hopefully he will have a better life when he is, not unlike how christians comfort themselves by saying that the deceased are in heaven.

    i don’t believe in either, but either way, his suffering is over now and i hope that he can rest in peace.

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