Thai Ladyboy Dies from Overdose on Booze and Pills

Thai Ladyboy Dies from Overdose on Booze and Pills

This happened once again in the world’s whore capital of Pattaya. Although Pattaya is geared more towards seekers of HIV infected pussy with Phuket being for those who like cock, one can still find many Ladyboys in Pattaya too. Afterall, this is Thailand, the Land of Grumps and Whores. The land of people with no honor or dignity. The land of people who won’t think twice about selling themselves out for money and resort to anything, including murder to get some.

Ladyboy in these photos was last seen alive on December 25, 2012 after a daily run through bars on Walking Street in Pattaya. Then he stopped answering the phone and never showed up until a woman walked into his room and found him all bloated and stinky in his bed. The ladyboy was a known abuser of booze and pills and is believed to have died from overdose on combination of both. No sign of foul play has been found in connection with his death.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Thai Ladyboy Dies from Overdose on Booze and Pills”

  1. To be found bloated and putrefied that ladyboy must have been lying there looong time.

    Its a shame that ladyboy took decor tips from Micheal Jackson’s decorator.

    I bet it wasn’t the first time a visitor to that room discovered to their horror a stiff surprise.

    And that’s your lot, thank you for being a good audience and good night.

  2. How can you tell that it’s a ladyboy if he’s all covered up? From the photos, he looks pretty masculine. WTF is it with Thai cops needing to point to corpses? In this case, you would think that they would want to get the hell out of there because of the putrid smell … or maybe they’re used to it from fucking whores with stinky pussies! 😀

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