Thai Man Commits Suicide by Shooting Himself in Temple Over Thot

Flip Flop Stayed on Foot, Brain Matter Completes Scene

Thai Man Commits Suicide by Shooting Himself in Temple Over Thot

A Thai man made a last ditch attempt to reunite with a thot who had broken up with him 3 months earlier for a ride on a cock carousel, but the ex couldn’t care less. So he blasted the brains out of his skull with a pistol. I know nothing about guns, but that shell looks like a shotgun slug.

The incident happened at around 12:30am on September 14, 2020 in Khok Kham, Muang District, Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand.

Props to Best Gore member @kkous for the pics. There is an unsavory lack of pointers in them. Also, while the pics show the brain matter on the floor, there is non of the opened up skull. What’s wrong with Thais these days?

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48 thoughts on “Thai Man Commits Suicide by Shooting Himself in Temple Over Thot”

    1. Been depressed my entire life. From the very moment the realization happened that I was mortal. I hate living, because i have to die. I did not ask for life. Id rather have been given nothing truly. Non-existance, or even an ignorant one, is far better than being alive, and understanding you have nothing to look forward to after death. Its cruel irony. And i loathe my parents for bringing me into an existance that is so damn futile. But whats the point of killing myself? I could literally die tomorrow, for absolutely no reason, so why stop the fun?

      1. If there was nothing to begin with we wouldn’t have to worry about what comes after. Unfortunately, we were put here to suffer. Death never seemed sexier, and one day I’ll have the courage to fully embrace it.

      2. @agentUkraine damn dude, that is so relatable, and I can’t seem to stop thinking of how strange this is. well as Alan watts said, you can always commit partial suicide and postpone it. honestly though, I don’t think death is to be feared, I have had tons of near death experiences in my life so far, not joking. and somehow survived it all. That’s why I am starting to believe some form of higher being is keeping me alive for some reason, if it is for my family, i dont know. But i sure wouldn’t have complained if i hadn’t had survived. because i am too much of a pussy to do it deliberately. I’ve always kinda looked forward to some accident to happen, Like whenever I am in flying, I swear sometimes i pray for it to crash…

        1. suicide is very selfish. I wouldnt want my parents at my funeral. Its not fair to them.

          As far as near death experiences go, We have one every single night when we sleep. My belief is simple. What is there when you are asleep and not dreaming? Nothing. What is death? The same exact nothingness. Thats why sleep is said to be the cousin of death, and why I have to use drugs, just in order to fall asleep on a daily basis. Its essentially the same sensation as dying, sleeping without dreaming.

          1. But it’s it also selfish for the people you love to want to keep you around, if you are in suffering?.. yes you are definitely right about that sleeping is just death being shy haha. xD not being able to sleep is really so annoying. !! i hate insomnia, for real.

  1. You are correct Mark, as it definitely looks like a 12 gauge shotgun shell. In these parts they seem to customize handguns by changing the barrels, and hammers to take shotgun ammo. I’m surprised that they do not blow up in their faces because of the much stronger recoil of a shotgun vs. a 9 mm & 45 cal.

    1. @thedre
      In this link below, the first two pictures are similar looking, although based on a different pistol.
      Below the second picture, you will see that it says the photos “were apparently taken in Thailand…”
      But Andre, what i found more interesting are the Thai Letters/words that are stamped (or maybe actually cast?) on the side of it.
      This has me thinking that rather than just people home-converting/customizing, there may be an ACTUAL Thai company making 12 gauge pistols that are copies of semi-auto pistols and other types of handgun?

      1. @Karmen40
        Hope all is well with you, and yours sir.
        You could be right my good B G Bro. Although i never saw, or even herd of them here in Canada, they could very well be producing them in Other Countries.

        Thanks-Man, as i have always fancied guns, and own quite a few of them myself. And because i find this quite interesting to say the least, i will have to check this out further now that you have tickled my fancy, and have started investigating it yourself. 🙂

        1. @killajamal
          Well Son-Of-A-Bitch,,, Your Alive, & well my Good Long Lost B G Bro! 🙂
          You have no idea how many times i asked about you years-ago, and not knowing was killing me. So say that you are still on here,but i personally have not seen you in a dogs age. Must be That or my Alzheimer must be starting to kick-in full bloom, lol, or i’m losing my mind
          (which i am) with my shitty memory, as it has been getting much worse this past year. And because of that (incredibly bad/awful) memory of mine, after awhile i must’ve just forgot that i saw your name maybe a few months ago, and i just forgot. 🙁

          So you have been Busy as in Good Busy Like with Family, Work, and Out with Friends Busy,
          I Hope?? And Like Busy as in No Bullshit, going through hard-times Busy Me also hopes??
          I Really missed you and all of our good chats, including all of your funny/witty comments brother. 🙂 I Hope that you will stick around this time as many including myself did miss ya

          Andre. 🙂

    1. The art of the Hoe is a secret mental martial art. It has been innately learned by many a rich man. Then used to pass sluts around on Yachts, like your poor friends used to pass around the only gameboy in the room. It has also been picked up on as a formula, and repurposed by individuals that would consider themselves “pickup artists.” Regardless, the ability to fuck a bitch and remove yourself from her mental manipulation is both a skill and a talent. Some people process this right off of the bat, due to a combination of positive factors existing in them from birth. Others hone their skills in slaying demon hoes, and achieve mastery overtime. Regardless, in the AGE OF THE SIMP, it is a lost art indeed

      1. I think guys get better at dealing with women with age and experience. They have to watch out for oneitis though. The idea that there is only one woman out there for you. That’s why those guys kill themselves when they leave. Women are everywhere.

        A lot of these guys need to learn how to talk to women. Self confidence is key to success with women. Insecure guys are going to fail.

  2. I never wanted to kill my self on the count of a woman, but drug addiction withdrawal’s got my attention once. Funny how that happened. It’s like this, Money + drugs + pussy = death. one way or the other. Anyway, yeah. that’s definitely looking like a 1911 single shot 12ga. Believe it or not. Them nasty ass countries do make counterfeit weapons like Colt, S&W and others that are well tuned and dependable. Most people would not know the difference. Them bazillion fuckers for example. ever notice how nice some of them toys are. Yes toys. A pistol in a mans’ hands is called a pistol or weapon. A pistol in a woman’s hands is called a gun. What do you call a pistol flipflop Per’s hands? A ?

  3. loving the blood-enhanced flip flop, it lends a nice brazilian flair to an otherwise straight forward dome shot.

    also, where do the thai peoples stand on suicide? surely offing yourself in a temple is a one way ticket to h-e-double-hockey sticks? or do they now believe in heaven and hell?

    poor guy. ain’t no pussy (or dick) worth the loss of life.

  4. The vet shot the costumer because he was asking for a document, a document called “nota fiscal” in Brazil. If you ran a legal business, you have to give your costumers such document, it says what they’re paying for, services, goods etc, and it’s important in case you’rr a costumer and you want a refund.

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