Thai Man Livestreams Hanging His Little Daughter and Himself on Facebook

Thai Man Livestreams Hanging His Little Daughter and Himself on Facebook

A Thai man named Wuttisan Wongtalay, nicknamed Tei, who had an 11 months old daughter with his partner Chiranuch Trier (sometimes spelled Jiranuch Trirat), nicknamed Brenda, killed the baby and then himself after he found out that Brenda was cheating on him. He livestreamed the murder-suicide on Facebook.

The killing took place on April 25, 2017, at a deserted building in Thalang district, Phuket, Thailand.

He streamed the tragic episode, which lasted around 4 minutes at about 5.45pm. In the video, Wuttisan Wongtalay shows a bottle of liquid, which was later confirmed to be a kratom drink. He gives some of it to the child, and drinks a bit himself. After that, he ties a rope around the girl’s neck and lowers her off the ledge.

Police have launched a search for Wuttisan and baby and found their bodies hanged from the side of an abandoned building near Naithon Beach.

Here’s the video that was livestreamed on Facebook:

And the aftermath video of the police recovering the hanging corpses:

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370 thoughts on “Thai Man Livestreams Hanging His Little Daughter and Himself on Facebook”

        1. I have two kids probably why it’s so hard to watch. But even if I didn’t have kids that cry and those cute little toes curled up from lack of oxygen after he pulls her back up would haunt me. They shouldn’t have pulled this guys dead body up out of respect, they should have cut the rope and let his body hit the ground. Fucking scum bag.

          1. I don’t have kids but even so that was VERY hard to watch. I don’t even flinch at the other stuff but this hit me right in the heart. Thank God it’s late so I had the volume down n my ear plugs (I wear to bed bc of my snoring other half) in.

        1. Sorry to say but to grow up into a piece of shit it’s your mistake bro not your fathers…you sound like a junkie…don’t make your family sad stop be a selfish cunt and learn how to deal with life

        2. Yeah, @Dalek Gore, YOUR life is just that, NOT you father’s to make right. Get some help. As I said elsewhere, do ONE small, nice thing for someone else, then do another nice thing. Then keep it up. But also seek professional help to guide you.

          1. lol hopefully it’s not my 18 wheeler I’ve been to cheap to invest in dashcam so wouldn’t have footage to post! Plus it’s a lot of paperwork on my end. Instead jump off a tall bridge!☠️

          2. I bet 90 percent of you fucktwads havent been through shit in your life as why you are literally telling somebody to off themselves where lot of ppl can these times somethng like dat is as was 20 yrs ago tlln someone n their face. I mean wer here for the gore,I personally didnt watch this shit,too gruesome i know thats a fact. We bg members know how to handle our stomach. Bt as a prsn thats gone thru fuckn crap u fkrz dnt know wat dalek bn thru or anybody done to live their crrnt life/routine. simple as either we r sum really sik fucks or we havent witnessed SHIT! ask any other fckd up person(commnt on their space) its that simple said. JUST MENTIONING ON THAT KILL YOURSELF COMMENT. NOT A REAL FUNNY JOKE BUDDY if said person pulls through, guess who sorta helpd m do it.

        3. Man up dude… you’re a one selfish, self centered..hell of S.O.B! It is your life to turn it around, stop feeling sorry for yourself.. you’re no difference from this dude hung himself and taking the life of the baby! It was hard to watch an innocent life being taken especially a baby or a child! I don’t need nor probably anyone else hear your sorry arse! People make mistakes even your own or mine.. it is your choice to change it around… MAN UP! …no need for us hear your violin!

        4. Boo-fucking-hoo. Get over yourself. You’re a pathetic coward. If you want to kill yourself stop crying on Bestgore and do it, ain’t no one going to miss some whiny, attention seeking cunt.

        5. Dalek, don’t expect perfection from imperfection.
          The whole world lies in wickedness and the heart is desperately wicked, who can know it?

          I understand the overwhelming need to kill yourself, I feel it’s insatiable pull every day, more and more.

          I would advice you to first find the Lord God Jesus Christ, believe upon him and be saved, for eternity cannot be comprehended, time no longer has meaning after death… Be sure of where your going before you die.

        6. you know how many of my friends dropped out of highschool beacuse they didn’t have parents or a home. ive had friends end there lives cuz they were tired of sleeping on the streets. i have a friend who dropped out of school at 13 to sell drugs to feed there siblings and drug addicted parents. parents who could care less whether he starves or not cuz they want to get high. and he threw away his life to try and take care of them before services took him away from them. and he said the only thing he wished for was for his mom to say she loved him…. people like you disgust me man, go grab you balls, pull them out of your stomach and become a man (or woman) in that case i don’t know grab your nipples and grow boobs or something haha

      1. For realz, what a dockyard! At one point, her lil hand is on his knee n he just swipes it off like it was a bug, then grabs her n puts her over the edge. No love, no sorrow, no kiss goodbye. Great dad. Hope he gets raped n beaten by all the demons in hell

        1. I’m going to find it hilarious when I read in the paper that you got fucked by a aids riddled black paedophile in jail you fucking dick swab. News flash – you aren’t even remotely funny, entertaining or controversial. Just a huge waste of working organs that would be so much better served being transplanted into people that have a fucking clue – unlike you dick swab……

    1. Buddhists believe in reincarnation, not hell as we know it.
      That means the child will be reborn in another form, and so will he.
      I guess this culture / belief explains why Asians find it easier to commit suicide than anyone else

      1. What a fucking asshole. I tried but when I saw how the cute little baby was sitting there kinda playing around on dads lap like I play with my children, I just couldn’t bear to see it. Probably depress me for a month. The only vids I can’t watch have to do with children. I can watch men and women get beheaded, dismembered alive, skin peeled off their faces and burned alive. Or any type of accident. But when it comes to the kids I just can’t do it. That’s the limit for me. I can’t imagine ever harming my children and simply cannot fathom why any parent would do that to their own. If there is a hell, there is a special place for those who harm their own progeny. You simply cannot get any lower than that can you?

        1. Me too,i can watch videos of guys and women get beheaded,burned alive,tortured,shot,etc. but children is my limit. This was so fucking hard to watch and even though i dont have children, it made quite an impact on me and i couldn’t help shed a tear watching that defenseless little girl die at the hands of that son of a bitch.

        2. I just skipped watching completely. I’m being more selective these days. I don’t need to click the puppy every time but some things, yeah. This wasn’t a video I wanted to view. But certainly interested in everyone’s opinions.

          1. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I don’t really have that attachment to kids most women have. He hangs the baby and then pulls her back up. Didn’t see her face but you could tell she was brain damaged by the way the legs stiffen and the feet point to each other. Yeah, it was hard to watch.

        3. Me too. Haven’t had time yet to watch. I can view most things but that little kid is innocent. If the father had survived I would happily tear out and rip his heart to pieces like the Brazilian jail vid the other day

        1. I watched it and it made me hug my baby like there’s no tomorrow. But you can’t really see much as they’re out of frame. What disturbed me the most is that he pulls himself up and the baby, you can see she’s breathing, can only see her tummy, you can see he’s doing somenthing and that made me hope he changed his mind…..than I saw the second video….

        1. unfortunately no one does this until their mid thirties and your raging hormones start to calm a little. but yes thats the only correct way to do it just know they are not worth your time and find someone else. trouble is nearly everyone cheats and gets chested on, its soul destroying too.

    2. So, I watched this video last night and it has fucked me up. I understand you can’t rationalize what this father did, however , as a father I’m wondering if this guy was on drugs.. like when the Pcp addicts microwave their babies and don’t even remember .. so I watched video again..btw, I NEVER watch with sound on, for this very reason … so this guy sets up his phone perfectly to capture shot, then while his kid is playing on his lap, he is adjusting the knot for his rope, then lowers her off ledge.. no jerky movements, eyes looked clear on first pic , then a small detail at end when he brings baby back up… as her limbs are contorting bc of lack of oxygen .. this piece of human waste…

      Is readjusting the knot around the neck on his baby!!!!

      Yep.. this guy knew exactly what he was doing .. only cared about hurting his cheating wife.. RIP little one.. soar with the angels

      1. @zklr

        It was very difficult to watch even for me and I’m a nurse in a NICU, so I’ve been around babies when they have passed but this was heart breaking. It said he gave her Kratom so hopefully that eased her pain since it works like an opiate. But it would not cause him to do this shit unless he had an adverse reaction or took way too much. So I don’t think drugs caused him to do this.

      1. You feel bad for this cunt?
        If that whore bitch cheated on him he should have killed the slut, then kill the guy she was sucking off..
        Kill his boss for being a cunt
        Kill hiss next door neighbour for being a nosey annoying motherfucker.
        The list goes on…
        But this weak pathetic chinky cocksucking cunt killed an innocent baby…
        Will not be watching this video…..

          1. I only serial kill smelly fucking street shitting indians, dirty monkey niggas, paedophiles, faggots etc. …
            I can watch people dying on the screen but not innocent babies being murdered…
            If you feel sorry for this guy then you are a prize curry munchinig cunt..

          2. @serial-killer-1

            Just how sad your life has to be and how small of a dick you have that you give a virtual user without any real identity on a gore site so much relevance?

            Dude, you literally look up every single post on this site and see if I commented. You have some serious issues. But it kinda feels good that how much affect I have on people. I have made you so obsessed with me.

            You sound like some PTSD patient. Now, tell me, how many times did you come back to this comment section to see if someone had commented, small dick insecure boy?

    3. I managed about 30 seconds turned it off when I could hear the baby chatting to herself unaware what her sick fucker of a dad was going to do to her. I’ll argue with anyone that the Internet on the whole should be uncensored but stuff with kids is sick as fuck, I probably sound like a wuss for not watching but I was honestly going to throw up, hope this cunt burns in hell!

    4. i can watch the most vile videos we have at our disposal but being the father of a beautiful daughter made this video really hit home. That peice of shit should of blew his brains out an left his innocent daughter alone….shits fucked up!

    5. Le bébé n’aurait pas du être tué il faut rester entre adultes si il a pas supporter que sa femme aille voir ailleurs il aurait dû discuter et faire des efforts pour retenir sa femme

    1. For people who decide to give up on life and especially when they live in a shit hole like that, it is easy to tell yourself that this is best for the child. To him he probably thinks once he is dead the child will be neglected and possibly abused by their future step parent(s). This is what makes this video sadder. He thought he was doing the right thing and hung her out of love. He even tried to numb the pain with Kratom but probably didn’t wait long enough for it to kick in.

        1. Exactly. It wasn’t done thinking it was “better for the little girl” at all. It was better for him, a scumbag selfish piece of shit. I have nothing against suicidals like calling them cowards or such without knowing a little bit of the backstory, but this guy was a really huge coward. All suicidals do it for a reason (some pretty legit), this guy commited a murder for revenge and then suicided.

    1. Id bet you are 100% accurate on the description of the conversation that the man and woman prior to this hanging.
      Sadly, being the slut and home wrecking whore that she was, the courts would ALWAYS give custody to the woman.
      The family court laws caused this to upsetting tragedy happen!

      1. Yes because we wouldn’t want the courts removing the child from this loving, protective father. I remember with fondness the days that my own dear dad would give me a kratom drink and then toss me off the side of a building with a rope around my neck.

        No one’s more unhinged than these MRA losers.

        1. Suddenly for you “they’re all fucking shit” because they don’t look like Ceri Fuller? Diane Downs? Megan Huntsman? Marybeth Tinning? I could go on and on.It’s only Okay when white people do horrific stuff like kill their kids?

          I’m keen to understand if white people being full of shit with no psychological ability to accept / admit it let alone correct it; but rather a strong sense to detect and criticize “shit” from other races, is a flaw of evolution? or simply a brand of idiocy we’re blatantly proud of?


        1. Living in countries like Thai or Brazil you can’t wear anything more..the humidity it’s very high and the temperatures are crazy high all day every day so if you ever visit them and get killed there we probably see you wearing them too

      1. Yes, I am generalizing. I know a few Brazilians (out of Brazil) and they are good people. When I say Brazilians are garbage, generalizing, you should know who I’m referring to. The ones that we see on here, and there seems to be a lot of them.

        1. Brazilians aren’t different from Americans (or Europeans). There are scumbags in every corner of the world. Brazilians don’t go to roofs with a shotgun killing random people and blaming it on Vietnam or whatever is the current war America is in.

        1. Yes. My youngest is nearly 5 and gets really upset bc i smoke he says im going to die. In my head im saying “im going to die anyway”. Why not spice it up abit. Not funny i know but the amount of times ive heard it gets old so put that in ya pipe and smoke it lol. I couldnt give two shits what anyone says but when its ya kids. It kinda hits u abit

  1. I will never understand why they always feel the need to kill the child/children. If your angry with the parent take it out on them but fuck leave the kids out of it. I guess they see it as the other parent will suffer daily and every second of their lifetime knowing that their babies were murdered by a parent. Children dont ask for this. As parents we are the ones they trust. Disgusting piece of shit that man

    1. Yes he is a disgusting piece of shit, but if his loving wife would’ve kept her fucking legs shut the husband more than likely wouldn’t have mentally snapped and became so insane that he kill himself and his other loved one.

      1. No, this dude was a fucking pussy and evil. He didn’t do this shit out of any sort of mercy for his kid. He did this to fuck over his cheating whore of a wife. He was a weak ass simp of a man. There is never an excuse for a man doing something so hard core as to murder his own child. He should have manned the fuck up and simply left that cheating bitch and took off with his kid if anything. If he had to kill somebody (and I don’t even condone this) then kill that wife.

  2. That’s brutal. Poor little soul. Many people tend to relate this kind of atrocities to blame the mother of the chilld, because she supposedly “doesn’t got along with the husband”.

    There is no gender when comes to this kind of actions. Just brainless fuckin lunatics, they all should burn in hell!

    1. Right?!? A little confused myself. I was wondering the same thing…Did he bring her back up b/c it wasn’t working so he manually choked her out with the rope? She seemed to be moving and breathing when she was lifted. Only a few seconds later do you see her feet turn in at a sign we all know to mean a dangerously low amount of oxygen in her brain.
      Poor baby. It was heartbreaking to watch. Even the minute or so before, while he was getting the rope Ready. She had no idea, sitting their happy & clueless.

  3. Piece of shit. Anyone that takes this course of action involving kids is a piece of worm shit. I just cant fathom being that kid and dying that early before your memories even begin. It is the shittest hand to be dealt

  4. I couldn’t finish watching this video. my heart is broken for this sweet little INNOCENT baby. She had no chance with a self centered, self righteous, steaming pile of monkey shit for a father. What a worm.

  5. Hearing that little girls last attempt to cry before death and seeing her tense limbs slowly start to relax after that piece of shit hoisted her up from the ledge was truly terrifying.

    Holy fuck Best Gore, you got me on this one.

    Rest in peace little one ☮

    1. She will get over it fast she will keep bang foreigners hoping one day to make a new family in usa probably lol believe me I know their culture…it’s such a shame only for this poor little girl

  6. Why oh why did I click on the video. This hurts my heart to it’s core. How could anyone treat such a young life that way? I have a 7 month old, and this video brought me to tears. May this piece of crap burn in hell and her little soul reach the heavens!!

          1. Dude give it a rest okay! Just because you don’t believe in him, doesn’t mean everyone else thinks like you. He is real, and he’s a powerful GOD!

          2. Fuck off Jim. Which impotent god are you even referring to? No gods exist. Realize this.

            Benz Parker, you have a fundamental lack of knowledge on the subject. Faith is by definition, a belief without evidence. Likewise, one cannot prove that something does not exist- it is up to the one making the claim to prove that it does in fact exist. The christian heaven and hell-a claim that has never EVER been proven to EVER exist.

          3. @xlarceny
            faith: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
            since you believe in unprovable theories, you are by default, the very definition of faith. you fail to understand this simple fact, because you are a retard.

          4. You can’t prove the Son of God, Jesus Christ, doesn’t exist. I’d rather believe, and God not exist (but I know He does, thankfully), than not believe and…Oops…No chance to live eternally with my creator now! The defeated Devil will be utmost happy with you though, not that that will matter in the end. He seeks to devour us all. God loves you. You are his child. We are all His.

  7. His need for retribution is understandable. But this is a selfish act beyond any reason.
    Go kill that cheating whore and then hang yourself if you´re such a weak pussy, but to take the life of such a total innocent and unaware person is utterly evil.

  8. Well that cocksucker is one selfish fucken coward no need to hurt the baby that cunt was just being a coward and using the baby to hurt his now ex girfriend any relationship between a child and its mother is generally a close bond but what that is cowardly thing to do what he did, I would of revived him and slapped 7 shades of shit out of that fuck then thrown him off with the noose around his neck.

  9. New member but a lurker here and there. I served in a line unit in IZ 03-04 and the Stan 04-05. Ive seen some gnarly shit. I’ve taken lives and saved them, drug ripped up bodies out of vehicles. Between this and that kid that hung herself. Im fucking thinking it doesn’t get any worse than that. I guess soon I can do a data drop here. Makes my war pics and vids, tame in comparison. I had to actually look away, I never had a problem with Haji burning or throats getting cut. I guess every man has his limit, and this was mine.

  10. I assume hanging the cheating whore wasn´t just enough for him.
    As far as I might understand such a twisted mind, he wanted to destroy her in the most hurting way possible. And that was to kill the baby AND film it.

    He killed himself because he knew his life is over, as a child killer he would be eviscerated the first night in Thai jail. With a gaping asshole and set on fire.

  11. God damn.. I’ve seen some gut wrenching and horrific posts on this site .Literal human scum walking the earth, but this one had me tapping out. Gladly kill yourself by all means but when innocent kids/animals are part of your vendetta…? Just because his wife was cheating on him..? XD.. COWARDLY WEAK PIECE OF SHIT!
    Really at a loss for words…

  12. This is the worse thing I’ve ever seen ..really sad and sick!poor kid …they not sound to speak clearly Thai like in Bangkok they are probably from a shity place near Malaysia. … why livestream that shit?and he’s wife cheating on him it’s not a reasson to kill your kid and this cruel way’s really sad…hope at least they drink this kratom hours ago and not just those last minutes ..this need time to act…saddest video ever rip little girl

      1. I was in Thai for 4years back in 11-14 and you can’t found kratom there over the counter it wasn’t “legal”probably locals like him know where to find guess is from Malaysian coz phuket is very near. ..I buy it once when I was in Thailand but from online extraction store from usa or australia im not remember exactly n anyone can buy it online bro…easy to deliver..Thailand is more a shity meth and energy drink country those shits sold everywhere there..they are hard working and kind’s common there for woman’s to get hooked very easy

      2. You can buy Kratom powder, capsules less than a half hour away from where I live in Maine. The DEA attempted to make it illegal over the counter but failed in the state of New Hampshire.

  13. Why did he pull her back up and threw her again?? Like..wasn’t she dead when he pulled her up so he decided to do it again? What a fucking piece of shit.
    Didn’t even tried to comfort the child in regret or something, didn’t even screamed or shown any emotion. Didn’t even cuddled her a last time or kissed her on her forehead.

    This man is a fucking monster.

    1. A monster indeed..
      He killed his own child and filmed it to make his ex watch it die without anything she could do about it. And took his own life to escape punishment and hatred.
      The girl was so cute, sitting next to him with the rope around her neck, expecting no evil, how could he do that?! You may hate your ex for whatever reason, but you love your children.
      This might follow me in my dreams tonight.

  14. Fukk..I can’t unwatch that I have 6 kids and watching that almost makes me wanna quit the site……Ya right!! But I just don’t get it I’ll never understand why anyone hurts children or animal this video to much. Hopefully he does come back and I can kill him!

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