Thai Woman Shoots Her Child Then Herself

Thai Woman Shoots Her Child Then Herself

In Thailand, a 20 year old mother killed her 1 and a half year old son, and then shot herself in the head. Normally, I would ponder: “how can a mother kill her own child like that?” but then I realized this was Thailand… Enough said.

Here’s the all explaining translation from Thai:

At 19.00 hrs. On February 14 ST. Connecticut. District can rely on vast officer police. Pichai district. Uttaradit prompted shooting deaths has killed two people caused among the first Bandara’s. Bandara report. the bosses know And rushed to the scene, along with MD. Chaiyayont doctor on duty at the district hospital Pichai.

Rescue officials are wooden sleepers. Found at the scene of a store purchase eucalyptus policemen with No. 130/2 officer found dead inside a woman wearing a long-sleeved red stripes. Dressed in blue jeans. Sleeping deaths on a cement floor tiles inside the store. The guns and 9 mm. Falls between the legs. Found the gun used at the first fall of the head revealed blood flow to the ground. Bodies lying face down on the ceiling. Authorities found the bullet falls stripping away the dead bodies of two of about 2 meters, stripping her name Nat Vladivostok Kitcharoen 20 years old.

The long table in front of a mirror, turn-off for customers. Found the body of a boy wearing a yellow T-shirt. Dressed in blue jeans shorts. Sleep died between Tooting with a computer. In the eyes The documents lay out Unknown later Knife. Shreveport. Amarin Sukkasem age 1 year, 6 months, authorities found the bullet, and then falls on the desk of one ball found the bullet hole on the glass doors open and close customer first hole and found a document written in blue ink father. and I understand that.

“My father – my next life I actually had a son, (meaning love) Love you always believe that there is nothing to explain, but I do know that it’s all for nothing.”

Number one plate on the table, so the police collect evidence at the scene and taken as evidence.

The application package into Pliksp Mrs. Nat Vladivostok. The temples are found on the right track and the bullet shot through the left side of the first hole boys Amarin bullet marks found at the top right of the head, out through the bottom right side of the chin.

The investigation was a 60-year-old pleasures owner buys eucalyptus that Mr. Powers Sukkasem old son, 32-year-old engineer and district sugarcane mill Pichai district living with Mrs. Nat Vladivostok. Former employee Pichai district hospital for the past four years and have one son together women who are paranoid and jealous man. Like the other women in a similar manner to the gig or a cheating wife. And the brawl jealous. This was not at home during the mission due to the offense over the last month. Expected to cause women severe offense and using a firearm. Which is their own and kept the bedroom inside the store. Shot his son before shooting himself to death left a suicide note on it first.

Rescue officials are wooden sleepers… Bodies lying face down on the ceiling… It all makes perfect sense now.

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          1. I’ve seen documentaries on it and different news articles about what women have done and it’s scary as hell. What’s even worse is some of them are pretty vocal about it to friends and family who do nothing and think they’ll just get over so the person doesn’t get the help they need.

          1. Anything is possible in that country but if she did do it herself she must’ve been really out of her mind. It’s sad the baby had to suffer the consequences as well.

  1. Babies dying seems to be trending a lot lately, actually it probably happens everyday but we never hear about it in the news.

    Very sad to see the baby just laying on the desk like that. R.I.P


  2. In Australia recently a man shot his 2 kids, aged 4 and 11 months old. He was a very well known member of his community, he played footy on his local team, coached others etc. He had been having depressive periods for the last 3 yrs. Anyway he shot his 2 boys, himself then drove of a wharf and the car was submerged. Now this dad was such a good dad that he is forgiven for the time being, the mum speaking out for him at their funerals. It is going to hit home for her soon, when she realises her husband must have hated her guts! He left her behind, after all.

    1. At least he killed himself too! The worst is facing him after he murders their two boys.
      Remember the ex husband who took his three sons on fathers day, all under ten, and drove the car into a muddy pond, got out and watched the children die. The exwife was supportive in the beginning because she believed the ex wouldn’t kill the boys but then the evidence was overwhelming and she realised during court proceedings that he had indeed murdered the boys to get revenge on her…

  3. I guess she’s one of those teenage moms because, by the looks of it, her kid’s around 2-3 years old. She could have had the baby at around 17-18.

    I had a few classmates, some of which were among friends, that got knocked up around that age while they were still studying in college. It’s really sad that they feel that their lives are in complete shambles after having a kid they can’t afford and the fathers of the children going AWOL on them. Plus, all of them are strictly religious so they probably aren’t pro birth-control.

    Lesson is, don’t have unprotected sex when you can’t afford it lol. But what the fuck anyway. Fucking Asians overpopulating the goddamn planet.

      1. Wow, at 18? That happens so much but I really can’t help putting myself in the similar situation. My grandmas (both maternal and paternal) had my parents when they were my age. I just had my first boyfriend at 19!!! Hahahaha oh well, very different generations anyway.

        And shit, murdered by his mother at 18 months. Incredibly tragic. I missed that info lol. Thanks, @tas-tiger.

        1. That’s alright, chook, my mum mustn’t have enjoyed the experience because I was her only child.
          PS sorry I called you ‘chook’ I’ve been calling people that all day, lol. It just slipped out, it’s no offence!

          1. I thought you combined ‘chink’ and ‘gook’ lol. I don’t mind at all. I don’t find those terms offensive. As long as you don’t call me a ‘fighting irish’. I’d be very offended lol

          2. @staciejaxx that thoroughly cracked me up, people are looking at me with a wtf expression.
            Yep, the guy has the worse case of “his own worst enemy” I’ve seen in a while. It does make for some comical reading, I hope he doesn’t run away…..

          3. Once he learns you cant fuck someone anytime you want and then be a bitch about it and say “I got a headache” when the other person wants to fuck…that plays with a Mfers emotions ya know.

  4. Poor little guy. No matter how bad you feel or what on Earth is going on in your head, surely holding a gun to an innocent baby’s head while they look at you with all the love and trust in the world, surely that ought to make you stop and see how wrong it is. How could anyone go through with it? Give the baby or kid to someone and then go top yourself.
    Well if you actually are capable of doing something so sick, you really don’t have any choice but to finish the job and kill yourself. Who could live with that.
    You can only hope she was calm in front of him and that he had no fear or upset in his final moments. Selfish cunt.

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