The Caption This Photo Contest #10

Face Blasted Off

Face Blasted Off

Caption this photo – take a closer look and you will see this kid’s teeth… among that red puree covering his face.

Best Caption:

There was a meth dealer named Ace
At the wrong time, in the wrong place
harsh words were passed
A shotgun blast
Now he is minus his face – Gorphan


I don’t think this is what was meant when they said there would be a face off – Noesanity

How’s that 2-liter of Coke and 3 pounds of Mentos working out for you? – Gorphan

How’s your stomachache now? – thisholyreality6

Honorable Mentions:

The tongue flew East
The teeth flew West
The lips flew over the cuckoo’s nest – Gorphan

this is why you dont pull the pin with a grenade in your mouth. – desertfoxspecialopps

The inevitable result of shooting your mouth off. – Gman

Editorial Note:

Gorphan totally pwneth this round

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #10”

  1. Al Qaeda memo on Wikileaks: “As it turns out you can still get past the infidel TSA with an IED hidden in your mouth. Be advised, however, that the metal detectors will cause it to detonate prematurely”.

  2. This site reminds me of that movie where the FBI agent is trying to find the sick killer who videotapes his murders via live internet and the more who sign on, the faster the person dies. Dont remember the name of it, just remember thinking…”Holy shit, there CAN’T be people out there like that”….ahh but hidden under the veil of internet anonymity, there ARE TONS of people like that. Very sad indeed.

    1. then why would you come to a site like this? this site is not here so you can run your mouth about how we’re the sick ones. this is reality. this is what happens every day around us. the name of the site alone says what it is. i don’t think its sad that we look at things like this. i think its good. besides that, as humans, we’re all fascinated by death.

  3. hey i know i already made a distasteful comment, but i keep looking at this one. how did he get his face blasted out and still have like, surgically cut borders around the wound???? i love this site because i work in forensics, but the edges are so clean….. ? anyone???

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