The Caption This Photo Contest #95

The Caption This Photo Contest #95

Many thanks to Best Gore member @stubyone for picking the best captions on our previous Caption This Photo Contest. As the winner, you get to choose the winners (as well as the runners-up, if you can) of this contest @dan-a-conda. I’ll shoot you a message about your choices in weeks time.

Your turn, guys. Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption

When spinkter cleans out his purse – @dan-a-conda


Rim job for a little head@westlos

Another Saturday night, and I ain’t got no body@petuniawigglebottom

“It gets worse Lloyd”.!!!
“Petey’s head fell off”…!!

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        1. Dude looks like a hammer head shark now…. I’m wondering if this was an under the chin blast, or, a level head blast? Chin and mouth are intact…. It’s almost as if the barrel was pointed at his forehead… that I look again, it seems he deep throated it….scores a 10 for gore spray and brain matter on the wall and himself. To bad we don’t have video of the blast…where’s the treasure, one eyed Willy?

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