Thief Barely Alive After Beating by Mob Still Gets Manhandled

Thief Barely Alive After Beating by Mob Still Gets Manhandled

Even though I didn’t get any backinfo with this video, I suspect it’s from Brazil. I’ve heard them referring to the guy as “caralho” too many times throughout the video to mistaken it for anything else.

According to the limited backinfo I got, the guy was caught stealing on the street at night and as soon as noticed and caught, the mob beat the shit out of him. The video shows the aftermath of the beating, with the thief being barely alive, but the mob still manhandles him here and there by tossing him around, or delivering random kicks. This thief won’t be back on the street stealing from people anytime soon.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. The guy wasnt just a robber, he was an armed one. The victim was shouting that the bastard had hit him with the handle of the gun on his head and attempted to steal from him. They were turning him trying to find the gun, but he had tossed the gun elsewhere. πŸ˜€

  2. On the edge and still got some kicks.
    No mercy for thefts in Brazil.
    -Like @Mangina Level 10 wrote while posting “Almost Thief Gets a Warm Welcome from Residents” lynching video from Brazil(unfortunately erased):
    “I don’t even live there and I can tell you with a straight face if I ever went there, I sure as hell wouldn’t try to steal shit. Not even an apple.”

    -Same here buddy: Not even apple.

    Not just that, avoiding women while you there is also smart choice. If not, you risking her pointing at you screaming “He ____(plundered, raped, beat..Add yourself) me!” and you’re fucked up in speed of light just because she was not in right mood.

  3. The amount of blood coming from his mouth makes me believe he sustained some internal injuries possibly from the guy holding the motorcycle helmet over him in the video! Maybe hit him a few times in the chest with that helmet and if so this guy may just choke on his own blood before ever making it to jail or even the hospital. He is probably wishing they would have just shot him in the hand or leg as punishment instead of beating him senseless.

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