Tokyo Man Self Immolates at Shinjuku Station to Protest Re-Militarization of Japan

Tokyo Man Self Immolates at Shinjuku Station to Protest Re-Militarization of Japan

A 50 year old Japanese man dressed in a suit set himself on fire at Shinjuku station in Tokyo, in protest of the Japanese government’s move toward re-militarization, which is basically a move toward Zionification.

At the end of World War II, Japan pledged not to engage in warfare, and not to export Japanese arms, and stayed true to the pledge for almost 60 years. But since 2012, after the Liberal Democratic Party lead by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took control of Japan, the country has been steadily moving away from its pacifist core, as Shinzo Abe seeks to revise Japan’s constitution to allow Japan Self Defense Forces to participate in combat missions and deal arms again.

This rapid degradation of the nation’s values was met with countrywide protests which now garnered international attention thanks to the man who committed the act of self immolation.

The man, carrying two bottles of flammable liquid, climbed on top of a metal frame above a pedestrian walkway near the South Exit of busy Shinjuku Station and sat down on a mat. The man used a megaphone to read his manifesto in which he denounce the (Zionists like) policies of the current government. After that, he poured the flammable liquid over himself and set himself on fire with a lighter.

By the time he was done reading his long manifesto, the firefighters were on the scene so when the flames started to consume him, they blasted him with water cannons. According to the Shinjuku Police Department, the man was still alive when he was taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

Article 9 of Japan’s constitution (still) reads:

Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cronies formally announced their intentions to “allow Japanese troops to engage in combat missions or assist allies in war” despite lack of popular support in May, 2014. That sparked the public outcry which was intentionally unreported on in order to lull the public back to sleep by making them think that protesting would make no sense because nobody else felt that way.

Shinzo Abe intends to approve a policy shift which will allow for “collective self defense” this coming week. In December of last year, his government passed the “Special Secrets Act”, which allows for direct attacks on freedom of speech by criminalizing all forms of reporting on, or even questioning state secrets.

Am I the only one who sees Zio signatures in all of these actions by Japanese government?

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for his video contributions:

Iphone owner filmed video shows the man pouring flammable liquid over himself and lighting himself up:

One more vertical video of the self immolation in Tokyo filmed from a bird’s eye perspective:

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  1. Killing self over issues for nothing: Typical of East Asian Cultures.(Foxxcon, Suicide of Vice principal following Korean Ferry incident, Seppuku of Yukio Mishima, and that one failure of an engineering student we all know who can’t live up to his father’s expectations and can’t get laid thus hangs himself in the dormroom.)…

  2. Hello,i’ve been following BestGore for about 3 years,this is my first post.Regarding Japan,i think they have to militerize because of China’s naval treat,they’ve been circling like vultures near Japan’s water.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Even without the threat of Chinese hostility, there would still be the problem that since they have nothing better to occupy their time, they live empty lives of paid relationships and solo-sexual indulgence, which has caused a major decline in their population at an alarming rate. With the possibility that they may soon have to produce adequate soldiers and fight, it might lead them away from their willing self-destruction.

    2. Agreed, but it isn’t just China, its North Korea, too. China thinks they are their territories and they are making threats because of it. Japan escaped from China years ago but I guess China wants them ‘back’. I suspect its because Japan has a thriving economy and China doesn’t.

      1. Do you have any idea about how Japan started to try to invade China early in 1592?Do you know how many Chinese got killed by Japanese during WWII? Do you know some of the Japanese are still dening their deed even now? Serously, I respect the man who fired himself. If Japan think they can do anything with their American dad, try it and see how the rest of east Asia response.

  3. Well, if the fire didn’t kill him, jerking his ass down onto concrete may have.
    Either way, he got What he wanted.
    When are these ijits gonna learn that in order to change something, you gotta be alive to do it?
    Nobody gives a shit if you kill yourself for your “cause”. You just become another interesting video to watch.
    Those Who change things are those Who are willing to stand their ground and fight for it.
    There is no other way.

  4. Just like all politicians, the Japanese government are hypocrites.

    I can sort of understand why they want to join in with the allied war games, because it protects them from China who are breathing down their necks and threatening them via military air space violations and political posturing over island ownership rights.

    China is the new super power and they have long memories and this means that Japan is in trouble, both physically and economically.

    However, what makes the Japanese politicians and business men hypocrites is the fact that Japan fired a lot of their workforce and sent their manufacturing industry over to China so that they could manufacture cheaply and sell high.

    In other words, Japan decided that profit comes before pride and abandoned their own indigenous population in favour of cheap foreign labour and as a result China’s economy grew at a fast pace whereas the Japanese economy declined, a first world parallel to be found here.

    The consumers end up paying high prices for bad quality products. I had to exchange my PS4 two times before I actually got one that works and God knows how long it will work for whereas my Nes and Super Nintendo still work perfectly to this day, the difference?, my PS4 was manufactured in China whereas the other two were manufactured in Japan.

    Greed creates desperation and desperation creates greed, the end result being vast wealth for the business owners but a slow lingering death for the individual country’s economy.

    My conclusion, if the Japanese are so angry about what their country is doing military wise they should have supported their own economy by refusing to buy from the businesses that send the manufacturing over to China because they, the consumers, contributed to their own decline, desperation and militarisation.

    1. Also, people are starting to realize their nations have no intrinsic value. The nation is just an exercise in getting people to behave and think a certain way, one that always clashes with your own viewpoints.

      As a sign of this, I don’t think any Japanese people would be commiting suicide

      1. Including this person, if their nation had any value.

        Similarly, if Western nations wanted to tackle their divorce issues, they would tackle divorce laws that turn the man into a wallet that benefits the selfish woman. But they don’t this, which shows you where their values are.

        Despite your pro-nationalist views, there are some people who hate being tied to these

        1. Ok, I’m not typing on my labtop and my cell phone sucks at typing messages, and I don’t think anyone will respond, so I will just summarize: I don’t agree fully with your standpoint, nations are an illusion, and despite your anti-greed stance, if we could see what it’s like running a coglomerate, we might be seeing things diffrrently

          1. Also, autocorrect is the most fucking useless thing ever on cell phones and life would improve dramatically if it was abolished.

          2. @Obli – as someone who started at the bottom and clawed my way up the ladder, working looonnnggg hours (not sleeping my way up, lol) and working on my masters at the same time, I can share some insight. Once I got to Vice President status as it was called where I worked, several things sucked for me. I was told I shouldn’t be so friendly with staff anymore because they needed to see me as their “boss”, not friend. I had to follow and enforce new or changed procedures that were not only stupid, but also not necessarily good for the company, definitely pissed off the employees, and went against what I believed in (I usually bent the rules as far as I could when I didn’t think such policies were fair or right). I was also not allowed to voice anything negative about my boss or the company, but of course I still did to my trusted friends. I could no longer help out in areas that were short-handed or behind in their areas because I had “other duties” my boss said. I could go on and on, but my point is the money-making president, CEO, or whatever name they decide to give themselves, are usually greedy bastards who are short-sighted, have probably never worked their way up and really don’t give a shit about the employees trying to keep their jobs and the company afloat amidst complaints from customers and other stresses. So, yeah, I guess it can work both ways as for as stress, but the employees get paid a lot less for their stress. And as a final note, within a few years I decided I couldn’t live with the crap I was supposed to support that made me feel like a piece of shit for putting it on my employees, so I stepped down and let someone with less morals take their turn.

        2. “Similarly, if Western nations wanted to tackle their divorce issues, they would tackle divorce laws that turn the man into a wallet that benefits the selfish woman.” You mean get off his lazy ass and support his kids as well as the time the woman spent at home raising those babies while he does what ever he wants and expects the wife to just put up with it? That isn’t a lazy woman, that’s a deadbeat, lazy man.

    2. Hmm. To counter:

      If the united states people only decided to buy us products and work for solely us-based companies, the economy would take a nose-dive and tens of millions of jobs would be lost. As with any nation that deals in foreign trade. It is just the state of things in today’s world. Everyone relies on everyone else.

      1. If any future reader is wondering how that last paragraph concludes:

        Despite your pro-nationalist stance, there are some people who hate being tied to the standards their nation creates; it does not benefit them intrinsically. They want out. Period.

        One final thought: I don’t think Japanese people would protest against the workers above them in the business hierarchery. Lower employees always show respect to those above them and it is assumed the higher-ups always have the best interests of the company at heart.

  5. You’d think such technologically proficient people would know to hold their fucking phones sideways when filming. If the Japs can’t figure it out then there is no hope for us.

  6. I mean wow that shows complete and utter devotion for what you believe in, putting yourself through sheer hell and pain for a statement is undoubtedly an act of someone who regards the matter so seriously he or she is willing to die.

    Although I cannot help that for every single self immolation ever committed, has it really ever made a difference or stopped the process going ahead?

    Personally I think that it’s an individuals way of saying they have had enough and taking their own life would be an option whether making a point or not. Any rational mind would not kill themselves in such a way without being on the verge of suicide beforehand.

    Saying that if I am wrong and this comes purely out of defiance than I have a weird sort of respect for being that dedicated to drawing attention to the subject. We have all suffered a minor burn in our lives and we also know how very painful it can be. But to set yourself on fire and die in agony is an insane thing to do to yourself.

    1. An awful way to go @Judge for sure .

      Those Buddhist monks have self immolated on quite a few occasions , one was on here before , remember the guy who
      lit himself up in protest to the maltreatment of cows !?
      Now that’s both dedicated and crazy in my book .

          1. I was typing , or I should say , fucking about with this stupid keypad , while you were mate .

            That does put it into a whole different perspective .

            Fuck halal .

    2. I respect the act because it shows balls that I”ll admit I don’t have.
      A lot of shit riles me up no end, but I couldn’t bring myself to pour on the kerosene and burn for the cause.

  7. it would be great to do that in my fuciing country, their fucking environment protection law sucks, if your car is more than 8 year, two saturdays per month you cant drive ir,.and if your car is 18 years old, theres no chance you can drive it on saturday.

    Man! i love my car, i just beat a new seat ibiza, a vw Bora, and a Dodge Dart in the highway, and mines is already 10 years old, and it is not because i cant afford a newer car, it is because i wanted my car since the firs time i saw that model.

  8. I give him an A+ for courage to become a human roman candle but Honestly, what the fuck does this act actually accomplish? People may pay attention for a few extra minutes, but in the end, it accomplishes nothing. Well, ok, it’s new material for us to enjoy, other than that, what? Better to not light ya ass on fire and do something pro-active towards whatever you believe in. I wish Xtains, muslims and jews would light they asses up and die for their fairytale beliefs ๐Ÿ™‚ then those who use logic can finally move this blue marble in the right direction. Sorry, went a lil sideways with it.
    Anyone got a light?

  9. Someone PLEASE explain: if firefighters were on scene BEFORE dude lit himself up, why did they not douse him right away, thus ensuring that he wouldn’t be able to set the fire at all? Why wait until he was fully engulfed???

  10. Someone PLEASE explain: if firefighters were on scene BEFORE dude lit himself up, why did they not douse him right away, thus ensuring that he wouldn?t be able to set the fire at all? Why wait until he was fully engulfed???

  11. This is probably the most stupid man in Japan. China is always a big market trading place for the Europeans and also Japan for the past few hundred years, but China is unable to maintain domestic and regional orders due to its vast uneducated population, and Re-Militarization of Japan will ensure a stable China and its neighbors, and that’s good news for the businesses and job markets in USA, Japan, Europeans & ultimately China itself.

    Letting Japan Re-Militarization also save the West lots of taxpayer dollars, and also take the jews, a war & problem-provoking element, out of the Asia equation.

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