Tony Scott Death Photo

Tony Scott Death Photo

Hollywood director Tony Scott jumped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, port district of Los Angeles, California. The apparent suicide was witnessed by passengers on a harbor cruise – his body landed mere feet from the boat. A suicide note was later found at his office, but the content has not been released.

British born Tony Scott, brother of famed director Ridley Scott is most known for cult classic Top Gun, but he also directed Days of Thunder, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Last Boy Scout, Spy Game, Crimson Tide and Enemy Of The State. Throughout his career, Tony Scott worked with Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis and more. He was to direct a Jerry Bruckheimer produced sequel to Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise. The movie was set for release in 2014.

After his death, ABC reported that Tony Scott suffered from inoperable brain tumor but this rumor was debunked by his wife Donna Wilson Scott as totally false. The photo shows Tony Scott floating after the suicide jump. Witnesses from the boat testified that he’d jumped without a second of hesitation. Really wanted to die, it seems, even though 2 days prior he had been out with Tom Cruise scouting locations for the Top Gun sequel.

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          1. Yeah creepy sums it up, He’s supposed to be quite controlling and none of his wives have ever looked happy during there years of marriage towards him, at the beginning yes, Poor katie looks withdrawn and miserable..

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  1. He was told by Tom cruise that if he didn’t direct the next top gun for free and give everything he owned to the church of scientology, he would be abducted and butt fucked for the rest of his life by big black scientologists. He chose death. I would have too.

      1. @dead2u, I don’t think scientology is discriminatory when it comes to color scheme, it does however depend on what assets and finances you have. I bet I couldn’t join their little club on my 900$ a month pension……probably wouldn’t be enough to tip the doorman..or bouncer… 🙁 makes me very sad too, I was looking for some sort of biblical guidance…lol *sarcasm*

      1. I had a freaky ex with a food fettish and he would have me fill a rubber glove with jello or pudding and use it to give him a handy, not long/hard enough for female pleasure but i could see how that would be cool for a guy!?!?

      1. @Killa I totally agree with you. I’m not really one to believe in the Illuminati but I am aware it exists. Fame comes with a price. BUT at the same time, he was very talented, and I believe he actually made it because he is talented. Nowdays, people in the industry are getting fed up and being pushed to produce. It’s a sad reality. May he Rest in Peace.

  2. When I was younger, I used to think that people who jumped off relatively low bridges, who knew how to swim, would automatically pop up to the surface and the survival instinct would kick in….duh, well at least duh at that point in my life. Now I know that it can cause lungs to collapse, and can actually be like hitting pavement. If I was to commit suicide, I wouldn’t choose a way where I would suffer, potentially get caught/stopped,or miss my shot and wind up a legume in a wheelchair, or a bed, with slobber running out of the sides of my mouth…I also wouldn’t do it in front of people and would not leave a mess for some poor sob to clean up.
    I find it extremely ignorant, and selfish to do this in front of people. But at least he didn’t leave a mess…..

    1. I thought that too until I watched a documentary called The Bridge. It was about suicide jumpers from the Golden Gate Bridge and showed footage. Apparently as the body is falling at such a fast speed then hits the water and is slowed so quickly the organs keep moving smashing onto the rib cage etc. One man changed his mind on the way down and tried to hit the water in the best way he could feet first to try travel deep in the water. He survived but still had huge back trauma injury. Im not sure it’s a way I would choose if I was inclined that way. It sounds and looks pretty horrific x 🙂

      1. I remember seeing that documentary.. He was the guy who was saved by the seal. I remember him saying he broke like every bone in his body. The saddest part of that film was the kids and their family who saw that lady commit suicide. I think that is so painful for a child to see someone die like that. As a mother, I can only imagine my daughter coming up to me and saying ” Mom, I saw a lady die today.” . Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

        1. That’s the point I was trying to make, the people left there, thinking WTF did I just see? And it running through their minds over and over for the rest of their lives. A lot of people wind up in shock after that kind of shit……

          1. Exactly, totally selfish in that respect. My dads best friends son hung himself recently at only 27. His dad found him in his flat 3 days later and is obviously deeply upset but children seeing a random suicide jumper would be totally distressing. How does an innocentchild’s mind deal with that!!

          2. Yeah. To me I think suicide is selfish. I mean you think about it, someone has to clean up after you, and if you someone sees you, you can put them in shock. Not only that, if you have children, they will forever live their lives thinking they did something wrong. My daughter is the only thing that has saved me from depression. I can’t see my daughter being raised by another woman.

        2. @SpankMyMonkey Depression is something you can CHOOSE to get treatment for. It’s not a disease that spreads throughout your body which ultimately ends up with your body jumping over a bridge by itself. Some people are strong enough to walk away and say ” Fuck you depession, you are not going to ruin my life”. Some people are not that strong, and sit at home and wallow in their own sorrows, and end up committing suicide.
          There are outside resources like the Suicide Hotline,911, and therapy. IT’S UP TO THEM TO MAKE THE CHOICE IF THEY WANT TO GET A HOLD OF IT OR NOT!

          1. Uhhhm. I suffered from depression for 8 years. Depression is a mixture of anxiety,sadness and anger.
            Depression is like a little voice in your head, telling you what you are not good enough and you are not worth shit. It is your choice if you want to sit around and listen to it, or get the fuck up and do something about it. A bad mood is when someone leaves the empty milk carton in the fridge. Now I’m not going to commit suicide over milk. That is the difference, you fucking idiot.
            Allahu akbar.

          2. You just explained a bad mood and uhm a lazy house mate? Depression not only effects your mind but your body too. Now you can worship”Allah” but I’ll tell you he dosent like you. “Allah” hates Americans didn’t you know?

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    2. one of the reasons I did’nt off myself is because I would hate for someone to have to clean my messy apartment after me. plus a lot of secrets about me would be exposed…like my cock pump and several bongs.

      1. @brokeback
        You should do what I did, I put everything I wouldn’t want my fam or friends to see (your stuff paled in comparison) in a duffle bag, and I gave my brother (I’m closest to) instructions on where to find it and to get rid of it by burnin it if something ever happened to me..

  3. Why does it look like he’s wearing a pink tutu with a purple shirt and pink hair?? Am I the only one who has noticed this? I mean, I realize water creates distortions but not with colors, so he must’ve been wearing his drag gear. Haha!

    1. Sometimes comments are more entertaining than the topic itself 🙂 you are asking if you are the only one who has noticed this, why dont you try to read some comments first, for instance read the first comment.

    1. I want to look like gustav von aschenbach at the end of death in venice. But right now im looking more like Tony Montana, so I should probably get some good HAVANA NINES hawaian shirt and try to make my hair come down into my brow like Tonys instead of my naturally ocurring pompadour

      1. what about a scarface sequel where he trascended to oblivion through cocaine extasis and then reincarnates in baked’s body in 2012 and has to carve up his empire in miami again, laying waste on negros, puertoricans and the DEA?

    2. That’s because Tom Cruise is Satan, or a close minion, perhaps Satans’ homosexual rumproasting buddy. Satan can make anything happen, so he must make his bitch never grow old and have lots of money and sick people who would lick the tree he just pissed on…..

      1. Oh man @hung!! 1st off, tarantino is my favorite of all times!! 2nd, this was my grandmas favorite movie and after i had her watch that, she told me that she always had a feeling something subliminal was going on there!!! Hahah gotta love the grams!! 3rd and final, i need butts!!!!!!

  4. I’ll tell you, man, my friend william came to me with a message of hope?
    It went, “fuck you and everything that you think you know?
    If you don’t step outside the things that you believe they’re gonna kill you”?
    He said, “no one’s gonna stop you from dying young and miserable and right?
    But if you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside”.

  5. maybe his wife was in the process of leaving him?
    “And I can’t tell you
    How many ways that I’ve sat and viewed my life today
    But I can tell you
    I don’t think that I can find an easier way
    So if I see you walking hand in hand in hand
    With a three-armed man
    You know I’ll understand
    But you should have been in my shoe yesterday” – Blind Melon

    1. The real question is WHY when he was 68! It seemed more understandable when they originally said he had a brain tumor..

      So unless he specifies in his suicide note why he did it and the details are released, we may never know.. Then again,..fuck that, it’s Hollywood, someone’s going to talk.

  6. Hey I guess there’s still no video of Tony Scott’s suicide jump out yet,, I thought maybe someone posted it on Best Gore,,but from what I hear no one is going to release it unless they get $$$$$$, Some have even tried to get TMZ to buy it but they turned them down. Pretty sad to think that when Scott was preparing to jump,,people in and around the bridge started pulling out their cell phone cameras and just waited to get the shot. Instead of trying to stop the guy….wow…

    1. Yeah, nobody is going to release it unless they get paid. So if you saw someone climbing up over a fence on that bridge, you wouldn’t have whipped out your cell phone and started recording or snapping pictures?

      He jumped without hesitation, how was anyone going to stop him? Use a loud speaker from their boats and hope he listens to them?

  7. bad post. pink and purple unknown. could be couldn’t be.. kinda like the post where the cops shot the miners, then a few days later vise versa. with stories like those I THINK it’s better to wait for all info… But if that happened there would not be any bestgore… hail best gore thank you mark… awesome site

  8. SUPPOSEDLY, someone caught the whole thing on video by a bystander. They said he parked his car, nevously walked around the roadway,climbed over an 18-foot fence and pushed himself off.
    I just feel bad for his wife and kids. 🙁

    1. Looking at it further, please disregard “alimentary canal” reference above.

      I am suggesting that the body in this picture is oriented on its back with legs-facing the camera. Both legs and the right arm (in upper-left, behind head) have undergone severe fracture and/or traumatic amputation. That explains the three “pink” spots near those limbs, but no “pink” near the left arm, which may merely be broken, but not so much that the skin/blood-vessels are ruptured in that particular area.

      After looking at it further (and hopefully not seeing things that aren’t there), it’s pretty obvious that Tony Scott hit the water very hard with at least some of his limbs outstretched and, consequently, very badly damaged. 🙁

  9. There are only a few people walking the earth that make it a better place for everyone else. Tony Scott was one of those people. In addition to the blockbusters, he also directed True Romance and Man on Fire, two of my all time favorites. Tony, in the words of Alabama Whorley,

    You’re so cool….You’re so cool……You’re so cool.

  10. I hear his corpse will make a cameo in Top Gun Maverick in 2020. I’m sure the pressure of Hollywood made him do this. As it does to MOST of the infamous people in that liberal shithole land. Hopefully he’s enjoying his “Days of Thunder” in up in the sky because he is no longer an “Enemy of the State.”

    ALSO. If he wanted to commit suicide. Why not just get the A Team to execute you?

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