Train Catapults Body of Suicidal Man, Epic Skid on Platform – Beit Yehoshua, Israel

Train Catapults Body of Suicidal Man, Epic Skid on Platform - Beit Yehoshua, Israel

A suicidal man in his 30’s broke into the Beit Yehoshua train station in Israel for one last go-around with death. Failing to jump onto the tracks before train passes ricochets body on platform; slightly wounding two passengers waiting for train.

An epic slide atop platform bruises two passengers, one passenger got out of the way and was spared minor injuries. Instead of certain death by separating his heavy head with steel life cutter, he ends his life in the gutter and receives a rash in the process. The man was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics, rightfully so after hitting head at full force on bench leg.

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      1. Yes, this video is fvckin sweet! I dont post much anymore or watch this type of video but when I seen “israel” in the title I had to go against my norm.
        To witness a jew jump in front of a train speeding along at 50+ mph and leaving a skid mark along the platform while moving as fast as train then slamming/destroying head into metal pole was a thing of beauty.
        BRAVO for the video…..BRAVO!

    1. Lmfao 2x points…if you watch it closely the guy sees the man coming flying at him and moves right instead if left…he literally moves himself into the perfect position to get hit….looks like dumb and dumber to me…the guy hitting the train is dumb but the guy walking right into his 100mph flying body is dumber

      1. No, he’s not dumb. You are just sitting there ready for another video. You are prepared as hell. This guy on the platform sees the catapult man coming forward for a milli second. It is coming straight forward from the mans winkle. He can’t possibly see the direction.

        1. If he only had a milli second then he wudnt of had time to react at all but he clearly does and steps directly into the mans flying path where as if he hadnt of moved or went left he prob wud of missed the man flying at him at break neck speed so I stand by what i said…hes a dumb cunt and so are you lol

  1. I’m starting to think everyone on BestGore is a clown cuse every post and comments is gut wrenching hilarious. Though I prefer intestines, dead indians, disemboweled white Nordic devils and burned niggers I died at this funny shit.

        1. ever hear the phrase ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question only stupid people’

          both. I am questioning why youwould even ask such a thing that is really dumb ,what do you think is going to happen, define survive

          second dumbest question I ever heard in my life.
          you must be really young

        2. Depends on how much super glue you buy ” History “before the train arrives. in case you don’t survive, you can stick yourself back together, go home, then try again tomorrow……

          Oh and don’t forget your glue…………… you stupid fuc.

      1. NASA said that the pictures of earth are fake, because they “have to be”. Elon Musk said about the footage of the Falcon Heavy launch ” you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake”. I don’t know what the truth is, but something doesn’t seem right. On thanksgiving, I played a video that showed some anomalies on the space station, and a couple of my family members got angry with me for even questioning the “scientific facts”.

        1. Pictures of the earth are mostly edited yes, because they take many different images and ‘shop them together to make the final result a better quality one. There are many raw images as well like, but most photos are edited. I’m not up to date with what Elon Musk has been saying. As far as the ISS anomalies go, I’ve seen a few flat earthers try and prove ISS fake by showing these videos of people appearing in the shot as if it was greenscreened, but then I watch the original video and it’s just the way the clip has been cut and put together. If it was all a big lie and they were bullshitting you about ISS and stuff, don’t you think they’d put a little more effort into it so that no one has to find these ‘mistakes’? Remember all flat earthers are christians, those who are not are just a bit funny in the head.

  2. Well he finally did something with his worthless life even if it was unintentional, thank fuck he missed the tracks ‘cause that was the most awesome suicide I’ve ever seen. Good luck topping that one.

    1. Its like taking your date out bowling on the first night only in a really fucked up way….human pinball + human bowling…this should be a sport….throw yourself at a train and see how many ppl you can take out on your way down the tracks…weeeeeeeeeeee LOOK OUT BITCHES

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      1. @hopingfornemesis, Yes, i don’t trust mainstream media propagandered bullshit but thats the statistic i grabbed from them, you can type it up yourself and see what sources of information you can come across, i already assume the numbers far greater than that. The poll they’re trying to go with is that under 400k are actually kidnapped and the rest they shove into unknown statistics.

        1. I believe it maybe more. Very sad. You would think there would be more resources devoted to it.
          You know there is an English guy here who was raised in an orphanage. He says that he saw the queen of England come to some picnic that they were having and walk off with some children by the hand. They were never seen again.

          Others have said that the British Royal Family has been up to horrible things like this before .
          Interesting food for thought ha? When you have total power it makes sense you would do and get away with horrible things.

          It is called being a @jadedcunt! Haha


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