Transgender from Philippines Livestreams Suicide

Transgender from Philippines Livestreams Suicide

Transgender from Philippines Livestreams Suicide

This Article is provided by upcoming great new Author @landagirl:

This suicide by hanging took place in the Philippines. A transgender woman is seen talking in her own language as well as English, explaining why she is committing suicide. She’s heard saying things like: ‘’I’m so depressed’’, ‘’I don’t know how to..’’. She walks out of her room and prepares for the hanging.

She uses some kind of cloth and attaches it to a grid. She ties the cloth around her neck and makes the jump. She hesitates shortly and pulls her feet up to stand up again but let’s herself fall down again. No twitching or swinging, it’s a really ‘peaceful’ hanging.

After hanging there for a while, her body is noticed by people. They’re in panic and immediately try to get her loose.

It’s an overall nice and peaceful suicide video in my opinion. The barn animal sounds in the background and the scenery make it that way, I guess.

Props to Best Gore member @jutu400 for the video:

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  1. For me. The word “transgender” summed up this incident in a nutshell. He couldn’t figure out who he was. The more sexually confused he was about those so-called genitals. The more depressed it made him for being a DISGRACEFUL person. I assume that HE probably hated himself for it too. That’s why if you’re born with dick & balls you accept it for what it is. The same goes for being born with a cunt. You CANNOT biologically change you sex. Only fuckin’ mutilate yourself into something you’re NOT and NEVER fucking will be. It’s not only a decision. But a mental fuck up in the head. That why Mr. He-She here went through with hanging HIMSELF… If this was Syria, they would have lit that fuckin’ body on fire.

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