Truck Roadside Assistance, Suicide in Third World Country

Truck Roadside Assistance Suicide in Third World Country

On a road in Brazil man captured on CCTV tries and tries again with suicide with passing trucks.

First attempt is failed by vigilant driver. The second attempt is a success seconds later.

Here is the roadside surveillance suicide cam and the rare glimpse of the one flip-flop phenomenon in action.


Thanks to everyone pointing out this happened in Brazil not Asia

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  1. sometimes I wonder “why a person commits suicide alone”, well I think the person to get to this point he has was very fucked or depressed, but these things are taken because other people have caused it with you then you should not be suicide before “caring” of people who fuck you?!

    1. Exactly. When you’re at a point when you’re ready to part with life, and in such a painful way at that, it would be much better to dedicate your remaining life to one particularly fatal deed. Like fucking the people you hate, or attempting an assassination of some corrupt official, or the president for fucks sake.

  2. This is just the ultimate selfish asshole move. I get the whole wanting to check out and realize any sort of thoughts about others are light years away from where these guys minds are at. But they’re to big a pussy to do this themselves. So now you drag some poor truck driver or train conductor down your shitty rabbit hole. These cats spend 8-10-12 hours a day in the same spot, and it fucks them up. I’d love to get a nice running spartan kick in the sack and Cooz of the parents of guys that do this, because some how some way they failed them.

  3. He died because of his flip flops, he tripped in one of his flip flops in the first attempt, after that the only fact that he was wearing that kind of footwear made him think: “fuck everything, I am going to die right here” xD

  4. Wanting to end your life is 1 thing but doing so in a way that ruins someone else’s life is just bullshit. If you really want to ruin someone else’s life on your way out, pick some asshole that deserves it not some innocent driver passing by. Hope he died a slow painful death since he had to be a prick about it.

    1. I don’t think he ruined that drivers life since he won’t be held responsible for killing him because it was clearly a suocide.
      I am a semi-truck driver. In my country I wouldn’t be held responsible for attemted suocide. If that happened to me I wouldn’t feel sorry at all for the guy.
      And yeah, he probably died very painfully.Getting run over is not the way you wanna go. That is why I don’t get why some people do it.

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