Turkey College Student Shoots Self, Close Range at Shooting Range

Turkey College Student Shoots Self, Close Range at Shooting Range

Turkey College Student Shoots Self, Close Range at Shooting Range

In the ongoing series with gung ho suicidal men – An unnamed, 22-year-old, Turkish College student died at an indoor shooting range by his own accord at close range.

Described as having a calm demeanor by peers at local University in Adana, Turkey, the young computer engineering student was a new member at the shooting range.

Security cameras at the shooting range capture the moment of the self inflicted shot to the head. The on duty instructor seen on CCTV was too slow for the man’s quick with-draw in life and cast a blank rescue.

It is reported after taking shot at the paper target he asked instructor, “If he could go and get him another gun”, the instructor stayed with the young man and said that he must use the gun given to him, “I am not allowed to leave you alone with the gun”. That was enough allotted time to lineup the perfect bullseye.

What I personally gather is he didn’t want to play chicken with his life anymore and gobbled at only gleaming opportunity to cease life.

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    1. If someone wants to go out, go for it. I just think he’s a bastard for involving the shooting instructor. I can only imagine the nightmares he might have to go through because this fuck-wad decided to forcefully involve him.

    2. Yea I respect that. If I’m gonna take myself out, I’m not gonna fuck with other people’s days, unless they are cunts that deserve it anyways and I’ve decided to go postal. But it’s not cool to fuck with random people’s lives for no reason. I respect the random person whoever they may be, as long as they didn’t do shit to me. I feel like mass shootings could take on much more significance if they were always targeted against the cunts who deserved it instead of random folks.

  1. I’d kill myself too if I was born in a 2nd world shithole wannabe European country.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t ranges usually have lighter ammo for range use? I mean that’s the law in the 1st world but I wouldn’t expect it in a 2nd world dump.

      1. I wonder what was going through his mind. Before the bullet that is. He must have been thinking, well it’s now or never FUCK IT. I always think though, if I ever was going to kill myself I’d rather make the world a slightly better place by offing some real shitbags first.

    1. In my area, you can shoot whatever is legal. You can bring your own firearms and ammunition, or rent from the owner of the range. I have only been once, or twice, but it was kind of like a slightly more dangerous trip to the bowling alley. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, and when they are all packing heat, it makes it a little bit more tense. Even with ear protection, that shit is loud as fuck. All in all, it’s not something I would do for fun.

        1. One of the problems that I noticed is that they let anybody in. The group next to me consisted of two gangster wannabe looking dudes, and a couple of hood rat looking chicks that they were probably trying to impress. It’s one thing if a stray bowling ball ends up in your lane, but stray lead is another. I was there to familiarize myself with my Ruger LCP. Not a pistol that I would recommend for fun shooting by the way. Because of its small size, the kick is uncomfortable.

          1. I know you are so right. Also, I don’t mess with people and I don’t want anyone to mess with me either. The shit dudes you are talking about and the lowlife chicks, I would most definitely stay away from them. Its not that I am scared of such bozos; at times, I’m scared of myself too, because no matter how much you are being careful, peace loving, and “minding-your-own-damn-business” kind of person, somebody out there is going to fuck the things up for you and you may have to straighten the things up , and while doing so, you might straighten up a PoS dude who’s not worth it. And what happens to you my friend??? You know that very well. So, I’d stay away from crappy bozos like them. Additionally, in your scenario, such badass wannabe may not know how to handle a firearm. While desperately trying to impress their two-penny bitches, pricks like them can accidentally shoot hither and thither. I have encountered a few and that is the reason I ONLY go shooting when either nobody is there or at least someone who I know is a decent person.

            Speakin of Ruger LCP, I love ’em and I once got so close buying one, but I didn’t. They are very reasonable. I might buy one day. My EDC is S&W 38 Special. The best thing I like about it that it never misses. The worst thing about ’em is the capacity of only five rounds.

          2. The Ruger LCP is not bad. Anyone who gives you shit by saying 380 is pussy ammo a dumbass. It offers plenty of stopping power and, if I had to defend myself in the middle of the night , I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be blinded , or made deaf buy a .45. But the high cost of ammo (due to lack of wide use), the M&P 2.0 9mm is a great alternative. Personally, I really like the Springfield XD mod.2 9 mm. It comes with a 13-round, flush mount mag, along with a 16 round extended mag., allowing for plenty of misses

  2. well.. nothing to do here.
    guy end his own life by his own decision.. he is free to choose.

    imho its better that way than killing many peoples before suicide yourself.

    cant blame him.. thanksgiving is coming pretty fast, he didnt wanted to be a table cooked turkey.

          1. I remember that one with mom and son…and dad? Both parents were rolling on the floor like they were rolling pizza dough with their bodies…

            The people I come in contact with in the “real world” aren’t half as cool and funny as I think you two are! @brokeback ..

            Best Gore won’t die or live in a coma like state while I’m still alive..rest assured that! And really Best Gore is the Best-Gore website around for interaction, at least for me.

      1. I know what you mean SS. I have one friend that is “aware”, and funny, but he refuses to join best gore. It’s all good though, because there are members like you that make this place a home away from home. And in some ways, better than home. We should all hope to go the way that Mark is going, and get the fuck off the grid. It’s truly the only way to escape slavery. Definitely not trying to speak for him, or claim to know why he does what he does, but I believe that it’s a good path to go down either way.

        1. I agree with grid theory, but… Did you know that the US government does everything to keep you from going off grid, they need complete control, all the time! The only option would be to build an 1 engine makeshiFt plane and fly to a floating island..

          I had to tell someone at work about this site, it was driving me (extra) crazy – only my partner knows since 2014, we were together when I uncovered Best Gore. I am all alone in the “real world” with my need for Gore.. but it’s KILLER to have people like you across the web of death.

  3. Little bastard was on a mission, good on him for putting himself out of his misery with such determination. He better hope to fuck there’s no afterlife that he can’t kill himself in again… that would truly suck to say the least.

  4. At work my reflexes are so acute and extraordinary, the precision I operate at is all world. I would have caught the bullet between my thumb and forefinger and save this poor boys life. Because that what my main priority if I was a gun range attendent. -951-

          1. a sicc attacc in birmingham was allover facebook, did you see it?

            machetes, knives etc…

            shits going crazy in some cities….

            im gonna buy a fucking sword and a machete..

  5. Fucking Coward should have hung himself in the woods instead of putting that on a volunteer trying to help the kid, and others stay safe, and alive while learning a new sport, Little Selfish Cunt!

    I Am A Member of The R A Gun Club In Ottawa Where Most are Volunteers like off duty policeman and the like who help the young, and soon to be Hunters, Security Guards, Armored Car Guards, or Student taking law enforcement courses, and becoming themselves future policeman.

    And let me tell you, these volunteers are the nicest, kindest normal guys you’d ever meet, never knowing they were policeman, if you did-int ask. Having a few beers with them at the pub afterwards is a blast, (no pun intended) as many are quite hilarious great guys indeed.

    Too bad for this guy to have to witness this tragedy, that will surely haunt him forever, by blaming himself for not seeing the signs, or for thinking that he could have somehow acted quicker to save the kids life. 🙁

      1. @seraphimserenata

        Lol, Yes Indeed It Was, my Good, and Sincere, B G Brother, I Just Felt Bad This Time For Saying-So this time Around, lol 🙂

        You really are a good, & honest Soul Brother Seraphim, so please don,t ever change just to please others, or in order to kiss somebody,s ass,, Ever, but in my heart “I Know” That You would never do so. And I Say This Because your Genuine And Honest Sincerity. Many Of Today,s Young, And Foolish Fail To Remember That The Truth,, Your Honesty,, And Your Word Are 3 Things That Will Follow You Forever, And Is All You Have, Cause Without These 3 You Are, And Will Remain Nothing. 🙂

        My Dear Wife Cathy Has This Fridge Magnet That I Love So Much, That I Stop And Read Once In Awhile, And Try To Implement In My Daily Life. And It Says,,,

        **HOUSE RULES**

        #1- If It,s Open,,, Close-It.
        #2- If It,s On The Floor ,,, Pick It Up.
        #3- If It,s Dirty,,, Clean-It.
        #4- If It,s Hungry,,, Feed-It.
        #5- If It,s Sad,,, Then Love-It. 🙂

        As Silly as this may sound i have Always Tried To Implement These Sayings In My Daily Life, And On Here Also, As I Have Always Regarded Best-Gore, And All It,s Residents/Members As Being Part Of My Home, By Respecting-It, Along With Trying To Speak Honestly, And From The Heart, To All My Brothers And Sisters, As They Deserve Nothing But.

        And As We Live In This Age Of False News, And So Much Lies That Some Truth No Matter How Bad It Hurts Is Much Better, As Many Will Realize As The Get To Become Old Farts Like Myself Who Is Sick Of Lies And Bullshit, while Being A Supervisor In Construction For Decades, I Have Heard My Share Of Lies, Excuses, and Game Playing, To Last A Lifetime, That Why I Have Very Little Patience For It.

        And Even Though I,m Sure That Oftentimes I Sound Like A Real Asshole, Or A Grumpy Old Man, Many On Here Who Have Known Me For Many Years Can Attest That I Mean Well, And If I Make A Mistake, And Offend Someone,,, I Am Always Quick To Sincerely Apologize And To Humbly Ask For Their Forgiveness, As I Am After all Very Human, And Continue To Make Mistakes, As We All Do Until The Day We Die.

        But A Kind Grumpy Old Fart,lol, And With A Big Heart To Boot, lol. Cause Just Like Any Old Family We can Sometimes Have Some Disagreements On Certain Topics/Issues That Can End-Up With Some Of Us Having Some Ugly Disputes, And Some Choices Words Between Ourselves Because Of It,,, Just Like Real Sibling Do, We Should Forgive,,, Forget Make Up, And, Move On.

        And Even if The Truth You Speak Is Brutal, And May Sound Rude To Some,,, It Is Still Nothing
        But The *TRUTH* No Matter Which Way You Look At It. We Just Have To Be Brutally Honest With Ourselves, And Learn To Forgive, And Forget, As Time Does Heal ALL Wounds, As It Is One Of Our Greatest Gift,, The Gift To Forgive, And Love One Another.

        Just Some Friendly, “And Caring Advice” From A Kind-Hearted Old And Sometimes, lol, Wise Man, And B G Brother,,,

        Your B G Brother,
        And Always,,,
        Andre. 🙂

          1. Thanks my man! 🙂

            I,m going to take a break from Best-Gore for awhile, and hope to see you again in the future.

            Take Good Care Of Yourself,
            With Lots of Brotherly Love,
            Your Bro, The-Dre,,, Andre. 🙂

          2. @Seraphim Serenata

            I Think I wont Be Needing That B G Break After All, as a Recent Rash of Events, And What I Can Only Describe As Uplifting, As Far As My Spirits Go Came At A Time When I Needed It Most, Being So Incredibly Down, And Depressed The Last Few Days. And It Came In The Form Of Some Incredible Patience,,, Forgiveness,,, And Understanding. It Has Instantly Helped Enormously by Instantly *Cheering Up The Old Man* And A Whole Lot, At That. “”Man I Love You Guys, & Gals, So Very Much You,ll Never Know”” As You’ve Shown Me That You,s Really Do Care, Wow. 🙂

    1. Hey @carnage-2

      Yea My Good B G Brother,Kid Must’ve been down and out and just needed some kind words and A Hug To Get Him Thru. 🙁
      Hey, While Were On The Topic,,, Can *YOU* By Any Chance Need A Good Man-Hug, lol,???
      Cause I Know As Hell That I Can Use A Good Man-Hug, And Right About Now Bro, So If You Are Indeed Passing Them Around, Count Me In, lol.
      But “NO” Gayness Mmm-K???? Cause Ain’t Nothing Like Some Good Brotherly-Love
      My Good B G Bro. Just Ask The MGTOW-Boys,,, They’ll Tell Ya, Right, My Good B G Bro, @lYUNGHITLERl ,lol, who i hope has been doing ok as i have not seen him comment for awhile.
      Hey Bro @ lYUNGHITLERl Do “YOU” Need A Hug Man For All The Shit That We Oftentimes Constantly Throw at Ya?? Cause Manly Bro-Dre Will Give You One, lol. 😉

        1. Lol, Dude, cause now,,, that was funny, & quite good. But when you stop, and really think about the fact that You, & Our B G Sister @illegalsmile55 both live in Maine, and that you can crush of All Things,,, A Fukinn Bear with, (of all things), A Bear Hug, i,m terrified for My Dear Veteran Sister @Illegalsmile lol. 😉

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          If You,s Notice I Usually Do Shit Like Being Overly Brutal when something is bugging the old man so i take it out On B G As A Whole and Whomever s Comment I Find will help me Vent and get off my chest, and off of my mind, if only for a short while.

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          1. You guys are hilarious man, lol.

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  6. The real victim is that poor instructor. Now he has to take a few weeks off to digest what happened and probably be scarred for life, maybe even quit his job, become addicted to alcohol and drugs just to dissipate the mental image of what happened, maybe even committing suicide because of it. Poor guy…

  7. l’instructeur va devoir apprendre à vivre avec cela sur la conscience même si il n’a rien fait il va pas oublier de ci tôt,j’ai déjà vécu la mort de quelqu’un dans 1 accident et 13 ans aprés pour moi s’est comme hier.

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