Turkey – Idiot Accidentally Kills Himself at the Shooting Range

Turkey - Idiot Accidentally Kills Himself at the Shooting Range

Some people should take firearms handling safety course before taking their guns to a shooting range. The black shirt guy from this video should have been one of them. The CCTV footage doesn’t show clearly what he did but since he collapsed immediately after the shot was discharged, I’m guessing he shot himself in the head.

What is the last thing that goes through minds of these idiots before a bullet makes its passage? Is it: “I’m sure this gun’s not loaded right now. I can safely pull on the trigger while the barrel points at my temple. What could possibly go wrong?” Bam!

Video from Turkey of a guy killing himself at the shooting range is below:

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62 thoughts on “Turkey – Idiot Accidentally Kills Himself at the Shooting Range”

  1. Why did people start running away from such a brand new corpse and what the fuck were those little black things that appeared out of no where on the ground just seconds after he landed on it? Geez Mark You have posted like 6 new things in the past few hours…Thank You!

      1. I think you’re right, as he was standing directly behind the guy, and if you notice he runs his hands over his head, like he’s trying to feel all the brain matter taht was just splattered on him, and when he hits the ear protectors, he flings them backwards, then he wipes his hands back through his hair while he’s running to get the phone, and thats when you can notice him wiping his hands on the back of his shirt … So yea, he definately got some “splatter of brain matter” nice little jingle ..eh?…lol

    1. Right on, I came back to this article just to see if anyone had figured out what those two black things were yet. I see it now, can you imagine how fucking horrifying that would be, splattered scrambled brains blown all over your face. Just the thought of that shit hitting me in the mouth makes me want to gag. That guy’s going to need therapy for sure!

      1. He was lucky it wasent a high caliber round, it could have gone through the dudes head and into the other mans head, you know what they say, you should never share a bullet…or was that needle?

    1. Though i’m not sure about this case, there ARE some people, at least one in every random 100, who would pull off some random retarded action out of nowhere, all of a sudden, without any fucking reason, and we don’t call them idiot for nothing.

  2. “First you inspect the gun, then you put the rounds in like this, then you aim to the target, holding like this, then you move the safety off like this, then you shoot.”
    “Easy stuff dude. Put bullets, inspect, remove safety, shoo…”
    “Wait, no…”

    Guns don’t kill people. Stupidity does.

  3. I don’t understand why in every video like this, the people just take off running. As though there were some madman hiding behind the targets that killed him. I mean I understand the one guy going to get the phone, but the others that came through, freaked out, and took off really had no reason to do so.

    1. I think that it’s just instinct …. just like when some one jumps out and says BOO!! People tend to take off running, something in our minds tell us that the best things possible at the moment, is to get out of dodge ..lol – And remove thy self from any possible and
      present danger …..lol

    2. Easier said than done .. U have to be there to experience it .. They had to get out of there .. As of some mad idiot pulled a gun at someone and pop him.. There r lots of situations I can think of … Maybe u should ask yourself

  4. There was a Navy SEAL in the San Diego area who, after a night of drinking he invites a woman home. He’s showing off his guns, then he points one at his head and pulls the trigger. Apparently he didn’t think it was loaded, which is real stupid for a SEAL. He hadn’t intended to shoot himself, let alone commit suicide. He lived for a few days then was taken off life support. I hope they at least managed to tissue and organs for donation.

  5. Don’t think this is a suicide. Just a dumb ass playing with guns and getting burned. Some automatic handguns have hair triggers. I believe this idiot was unfamilar with the gun, just checking it out and had it point his way when he accidentally brushed the trigger. As far as folks running from the scene, a completely natural reaction to a shockiing & traumatic event.

  6. I still remember the mother who killed her son at the shooting range. Why not commit suicide this way? It’s not totally pristine there. There are guns everywhere. Perfect place don’t you think?

  7. (Most)People nowadays are sooooo weak that it disgusts me to live in this time. Common man, I don’t see why the guy was so shocked at this when it happened. It’s just like any other biological thing shooting itself, he’s dead and they need to let his family worry about it. The way I put it is, if it’s not your or someone close to you’s blood, who gives a f**k? All their sympathetic BS makes me sick. I’m sorry but that’s the way I truly feel.

  8. His body language to me suggests he was new to the range and checking the place out. Also seems new to handguns. The guy with him may have been an instructor. Naw, not a suicide, just an idiot with a gun.

  9. The first thing my dad taught me when I was like fucking 6 was whether the gun is loaded or not you always keep it pointed at the ground or air and only point at something you intend to shoot. Not even when cleaning a gun should you look down the barrel all cool and shit. Fucking stupid people…

  10. why does those idiots run away from him ?? he is dead he is not going to get up and start chasing them

    not sure how it happened though all we can see is him falling over did he shoot himself on purpose ??? did something went wrong with the gun ??

    need answers please its a bit confusing

  11. I’m turk. This was a suicide. The guy first take a shot at target and tell incumbent to bring a new pistol but incumbent says he can’t leave him alone. Guy push the man to open a safe space for suicide .Then BANG. yeah 🙂

  12. This kid was a year older than me, and we studied at the same primary school. This is not an accident, it is pure suicide. I tried to gather some information about former friends from back then, he had been a sophomore in college in Canada (about 2 years ago, if I recall he committed suicide back in May ’10) and apparently had some issues with his life far away from home. His name is Eray Tetik by the way, if you just want to check it out.

    He used to be a fun kid to hang around with, we played soccer many times during recess, I guess something went wrong through the course of time. Oh well, shit happens.

  13. “Tetik then looked as if he was preparing to take shots at the target and was seen slightly going backwards so that the instructor who was right behind him can take a step back. Tetik then suddenly took a step forward and pulled the trigger while the gun was pointing to his head.”

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