Ukrainian Man Blows Himself Up with Hand Grenade

Ukrainian Man Blows Himself Up with Hand Grenade

CCTV video from the Ukraine appears to show a man playing with a hand grenade until it goes off and tears him apart. I have no idea if this was a successful suicide attempt, or if he blew himself up by accident, but from the beginning of the video, you can see him struggling to pull the pin out.

The pin gave him a bit of a hard time, but his struggling to engage the grenade appears to show conscious effort to turn it into a deadly weapon.

Or maybe he was a wannabe suicide bomber, cause toward the end of the video, it looks like he was trying to tuck the grenade under his coat and hide it there. Whatever it is he was doing, he obviously messed. Unless the goal was indeed to commit suicide by grenade.

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        1. HLAM:

          Will you be able to walk with stuffed “outside shoes” or are you staying with soft cloth slippers in the future? Crutches are too slow; I got around ok with a hard boot when I broke my foot.

          You know not to let anyone rush you, esp. on steps, right? They can go around.

          Have you thought about shark-bite tattoos where the foot is missing? Makes for a good tavern story.

          Best wishes to you.

        2. Hey .brorher , hope all is well for you, my boss’s husband just went in the hospital this past Wednesday with the same foot problem , needless to say , it could’ve gone better, he’ll be in for a month then major rehab will follow , im worried for him, he’s like a dad to me, well im glad to read of your recovery and rehab , be safe my friend ,, X-mas

  1. He must have been crazy or just plain dumb. I wonder if he got the grenade from some rebels in the east. The amount of guts that must have flown, think about it. The reshot shrapnel plus the concussion must have made quite a mess on the other side of that guy.

  2. Ewes, one of my favorite Lords of Acid songs! Caroline is a sexy dom. Anyway, my take on the clip is that he was a true amateur bomb maker who was trying to load up one of those deadly pineapples. It had to have only partly full, because a fully loaded one would have blown the fuck outta that room.

  3. To me, it looks like he was committing suicide. The grenade was obviously old since the pin had somewhat rusted in place. He held the trigger down long enough to stand and then bend over the table next to him while placing the grenade ‘likely’ at his belly. He bent over to probably contain the blast wholly unto himself, meaning, he wasn’t nuts but was showing some concern for others.

  4. may i be the first to compliment the man’s way of suicide, very nice way to go out, too many people overdosing on drugs, jumping from buildings, touching electric wires, laying under moving vehicle, a nice way to break away from those mediocre suicides

  5. It looks like he was trying to get the pin back in it…most of the older ones I’ve seen had the pin completely bent down and twisted. I bet when he tried to put the two ends of the metal pin back through the hole he let off just enough to engage the acid or fuse. Definitely a fucking moron….it’s just sad that more stupid people don’t have grenades to play with.

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