Video of Costanera Center Suicide That Also Shows Landing

Video of Costanera Center Suicide That Also Shows Landing

Best Gore published two different videos of the suicide jump from the top of the Costanera Center Mall in Santiago, Chile on the day the incident happened. Each video showed a different view of the fall, but neither captured landing very well.

So here’s another video of the same suicide which also caught the moment of impact after more than two dozen storeys of free-fall.

26 year old victim reportedly wore a shirt with “Peace and love” on it, and shouted anti-capitalist slogans before the fatal jump. This was the third suicide in less than a year from Costanera Center. The first was on October 1, 2013 when a woman, apparently depressed by the loss of her son, jumped from the seventh floor. The second suicide occurred on April 30, 2014 when a woman jumped from the fourth floor of the Costanera Center for reasons still unknown.

Props to Best Gore member and fellow flaite from Chile Sapodrilo for the video. Whoever filmed the video wanted to get a closeup of the victim, but the fireman gave him an ugly look:

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    1. Then it would be better if it is an open top bus,imagine this guy landing right in front of us inside the bus that beautiful sound and brain all over the bus,sounds like a dream lol

          1. Well the sudden stop can cause major damage to the heart or surrounding vessels, most high falls involve multiple organs being damaged or destroyed. Any damage to the heart from a high fall is usually fatal (not to mention the all to common aorta tear).

  1. Dam the dude in the blue didn’t waste any time getting a birds eye view of the mess did he… Some balls he got…. Just rushing right up there as if he was medic or a firefighter. Just wish he was our camera man he was up there with a flash!

      1. @Karmen I’m gonna keep you from slapping yourself as I was referring to the fella who took that swan dive. Nugents song kamikaze seemed to play well with what he was doing. Have you heard the song kamikaze? I took the liberty of changing the floor he jumped from but WTF. So there is no need to harm yourself. If I knew how to make that smiley face thingy I would, I am pleased to meet you as well.

      2. @Karmen Something didn’t sit well with my original response soo I looked up that nugent song and it turns out I just quoted lyrics from one of his songs called dog eat dog. “Quoted the lyrics right but no such song as kamikaze ” Now we both know more than we wanted to about Ted. So now I suppose we both take a palm shot to the head. LOL!!

        1. thank you – i had never heard ted hugents songs – so thank you for explaining the reference.

          yes my friend – if you wish, an honourable way,..would be to embrace eachother…then(after a count down from 3) simultaniously palm each-others faces.

          BUT,… no flinching now!!

          ..i would hate to feel your guilt and despair,.. as i lay…mortally face-palmed in your lap,.. after you had “flinched”…..;)

  2. That has got to take guts, to just step out onto nothingness from 400 meters in the sky. No wonder it took him two hours to actually do it. I wonder if he really planned to take that step today, or if he just felt he couldn’t let the crowd down after they stood there and waited for so long. After waiting on the ground, with your neck cranked skyward it would be a bit of an anticlimax for the crowd if the jumper then let the negotiator talk him down.

  3. Why the hell is the cop at :48 carrying a roll of paper towels? Is that the standard issue sidearm in Chile or something? Or maybe he planned on mopping up after the jumper went splat.

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