Video of Fatal Fall from Telecom Tower in Pharr, Texas

Video of Fatal Fall from Telecom Tower in Pharr, Texas

According to the information I got, this happened in the city of Pharr, in Hidalgo County, Texas, USA. A young man climbed on top of a tall telecommunications tower and fell to his death.

I do not know for sure whether the fall was deliberate (suicide), or accidental (workplace accident slip), as there are virtually no reports on this in any news publication out of Texas. However someone on Facebook noted that the man committed suicide because he got fucked over by the gynocentric legal system, and his girlfriend who denied him for months the right to see his son, and got away with it because she’s a woman.

There are two different points of view videos of the fall. Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the vids:

Different angle of the same fall:

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  1. I wonder what people think as they’re falling. I know you barely have time to think, but just the thought of knowing you’re going to die once you hit the ground… it gives me goosebumps. I would never commit suicide like that.

      1. You can think about a lot in a few seconds. The mind works in odd ways, think of it as kind of a “speedreading” for thinking, when you really “have” to. The whole “life flashed before my eyes” thing isn’t just an expression.

        1. I live about 2-3 cities away from pharr,

          Yeah no media reports on these things for fear of copycats, sad,

          I know how it feels to be destroyed by the woman you once loved.

          Who knows maybe one day, you might just see me here too <\3

          1. @realdealdude damn I hate those kind of comments here…we all get hurt many times in our lifes bro punch your self 50times with all your power before you do something stupid this shit works good…life can be tough and a real grow man must know and be able to deal with anything in life until his last breath otherwise your a pussy a quiter and I laugh to see your sorry ass here.. embarrassing. …think before comment next time maybe or you just seeking attention?

    1. In my opinion, I think that the person would feel some sort of relief for a split second knowing that their shitty memories would come to an end, but also some kind of regret too, knowing it could have changed but didn’t choose to take that path. I believe that’s why some people look like Airdancers (Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men) as they fall.

      1. I believe that too, but at the same time, you also have to think about the pain. No one knows how it feels to die by falling off something that high. They’re dead, they can’t tell us. Does it hurt? Do you just die without feeling pain? If I was to ever commit suicide, as I said, I would never take that chance.

        1. @drhanniballecter Speaking from experience of someone who has died from force of a blunt object, I didn’t feel the pain until I was revived. It happened so fast I didn’t even know it happened, but it might be a little different because I didn’t fall to my death something fell on me.

    2. Isn’t there some study on people who failed (succeeded?) in not dying after jumping off this one bridge and they said that as they fell they realized their problems were manageable and not worth dying over? Which is a shitty realization to have at the last moment.

      1. The 2006 movie ‘The Bridge’. A guy called Ken Baldwin said of his jump, “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”

      2. @drhanniballecter I didn’t see black, or anything, but when I came to I could remember a flash of a branch coming at me before I was struck. I was working in the logging industry at the time and accidents are expected, but I get what you mean,lol, anything can happen in an instant. @rs1 yes, it was nothingness exactly, I guess…like I mentioned above I didn’t know it happened till I was revived, but it still took about a half an hour to wrap my mind around what actually happened, my coworkers were aggravated with me because I asked them “what happened” about 50 times on the way to the

    3. I remember watching a documentary a few years back on the Golden Gate bridge suicide jumpers. Only 36 people have ever survived and they interviewed over half of survivors… and 100%… every single person said the same thing. As they jumped to commit suicide and started falling they had an immediate regret that they’d jumped and didn’t want to die… and wished they could have taken it back…. which when you think about it is fucking scary.

      Imagine wanting to kill yourself that badly that you make the choice to do it… and in those seconds between making the choice and waiting to die… you regret it.

      1. I pulled total of 9 survivors from bridge jumps. 6 of them were able to talk. 5 of them said they changed their mind as soon as they jumped. 1 of them came back and jumped again year later, and died. This would NOT be my choice if I ever take my life.

        1. Life is hard but after watching the bridge…it helped me understand my life isn’t that shitty. I’ve been told since I was 12 that as I got older I wouldn’t live that long(have multiple illnesses). So in my early 20’s I told myself fuck life became a drunk and just wild.
          After around 7-8 yrs and many suicide attempts later I realized I’m blessed for some reason to be here. I’ve embraced death knowing it will come so just take it one day at a time.
          Okay time to have a couple of shots and watch a horror movie.

    4. Only pussys are quitters no matters what I prefer to die like a man …if I must choose a way to kill my self then I shoot my head or try to od drugs …I’m scare of drowned and of course to jump or hang it’s cruel…I had many accidents few were near death many times with bikes and I can say this time you really think a lot of things many thoughts crossing your mind..

        1. I mean if i really had to for different reasons…but not my type I can handle almost everything…but if for example I was in Brazilian prison for rape then I really had to kill my self lol

      1. Not true. Just because you can’t understand something, that doesn’t mean it takes mental illness to comprehend.
        Unbelievable pain for one, may be something another can cope with. It’s not something you can understand from outside their perspective. You just choose to make a silly assumption about other people because YOU don’t understand.

      2. Sometimes suicide is the most rational decision based on the persons circumstances at that time. I gave up on psychology when I realised there was an “illness” for every normal personality trait in the DSM. Honestly, psychologists could slap a label on anyone who comes to visit them.

    1. “these methods are the only ways to leave it.”

      Unfortunate, but true.

      We need some sort of Community Euthanasia Centers, where people can go willingly and end up their life with a minimum of dignity, not like this or like what we see here (headshot, hanging…).

      That would be the most basic social courtesy : you don’t like how the world works? Here’s a easy way out of living.

      We have this option for our pets… why not for ourselves? It would create jobs too.

      But humans are means and jealous and most prefere to see someone suffer than to grant him to right to go with dignity.

      1. IIt would make sense to have it as an option, as a kid I just assumed they’d put you to sleep if you were pretty much irreparable. Pretty horrific to see all the ways people do exit this world and the suffering that is forced upon them for religious reasons. Like I read about someone earlier that was in hospital and brain damaged 5 years after a car accident… are people really forced to endure that despite not wanting to? I’d just want my headphones on and some nice morphine before slipping away.

        1. We’re talking about euthanasia not being available for all, for the vast majority they wont receive it since its hard to get to Switzerland when you’ve been hit by a truck or stabbed to the brink of death in the UK. Phenobarbital should be legal and allowed to be prescribed by beloved ones if stated in a living will, and doctors should have more say when a situation is futile. A lot of the things we see here… would be better to give the person anaesthetic and aid their passing.

          1. I agree…you can always go in a country it’s legal to do it man..that’s what I’m saying. ..many people’s from my country go to Belgium if I remember right to do this shit…but it’s still easier to just shoot your brains if you really want it that bad…in my opinion euthanasia it’s just for when you totally paralysed in a bed for years

          2. @itshopeless will never be legal everywhere or in usa n UK I’m sure but there many more countries you can check it in Wikipedia theres a list with all of them I didn’t know there’s so many too

    1. I live in hidalgo lol, the whole school was devastated the next day and some kids who made fun of his falll on facebook dropped out because a lot of people were threatening to beat them up

  2. I can relate to this guy. I’ve been getting fucked by child support for over 3 years now. I’m paying for a kid that isn’t my kid, and this pussy whipped state that I live in is making it so god Damn hard for me to get a DNA test through the court system. I have thought about ending my own life several of times, and I’m still thinking of doing it. Fellas please watch who you sleep with, and always get a DNA test if you are not sure you are the Dad. The system is built for females, not the man AT ALL!

        1. Jim, sorry for what you’re facing but this matriarchy system was created by mindsets like yours. If you saw a woman being treated how she actually deserved, you’d be first to oppose it. You want them to be strong, knowledgeable, smart, independent, taken seriously, etc… you fail to see the effects

          Over-evolution (evolving beyond commonsense) is slowly fucking us over and I’d never learn that until I had lived outside western countries. Those same people in the third-world we often criticize got this one thing right, and we’re doing our best in foreign policies and big money to destroy it for them and install our feminism failure.

          You know the truth. This has destroyed your life. Get up out there and fight for a change rather than whine about it here

    1. I feel your pain. Child support that is. But they’re mine. I don’t even see them. Hell, 2 doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. Why? Because I got fed up with all the mama drama and started to treat her exactly how she treated me. I have always said this, and I will ALWAYS say it. It’s mother’s like her that creates deadbeat dads. And it’s always the court system that sides with the mother. It’s a money thing. At least, here in Louisiana. Best of luck to you.

  3. Story goes like this .. He is a 16 year old kid got kicked out of his house and No one wanted to help him the day he killed himself his girlfriend broke up with him (supposedly) he had also gone to the counselors at school telling them he was going to kill himself they didn’t do shit but ask “are you sure?” I live on the same street this happened on neighbors were watching with binoculars.

  4. coming from Texas I would of thought his crazy bitch would have been arrested or executed by throwing her under a truck reduced to minced meat, maybe in Gaylofornia pussy whipped state would have charged the dead man with unnecessary stress on gf. >:(

  5. That woman got really scared and sad. I don’t understand. Did she know the guy. I have never understood how people can cry over the misfortune of others they don’t know. I can understand looking into the eyes of a little girl crying can have an effect on you, because you are are seeing the sadness right in front of you.
    but seeing people on a distance or hearing about some people die, how can that effect you.

  6. Dayum… he really went ass-over-teakettle.

    I so like that expression. I give thanks to this gentleman for making the choice he did and subsequently giving me an opportunity to use “ass-over-teakettle” in a proper context.

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