Video of Suicide by Shotgun Livestreamed by 4chan User of R9K on YouTube

Video of Suicide by Shotgun Livestreamed by 4chan User of R9K on YouTube

This video was livestreamed on YouTube but rather quickly pulled off the site for “violating YouTube’s policy on harmful or dangerous content“. It appears to show a young man committing suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun, along with a note reading “bye /r9k/ 3/14/18“. The vid seems real.

It would appear that the star of the video was a user of a board on 4chan called R9K, dedicated to sharing personal stories. His head pops like a balloon while he is listening to his friends watch him. His mother arrives home minutes later to find him fatally wounded and all in hysterics, calls the police.

The YouTube account where the stream originated from is named “Shuaiby” and the video itself was titled “Hey.”

Original link on YouTube:
Shuaiby’s YouTube channel:


Best Gore member @terrysattan did some background digging:

The kid was named Shuaib Aslam, he was 18 year old and lived in Stockton, California.

His mother’s cousin’s facebook has a story regarding him.

His mother’s name is Shama Naz Aslam, living at Dresden Way, Stockton, California.

Best Gore member @angusprime notes that the weapon used for the suicide was a Keltec KSG shotgun.

Props to everybody who sent in the video. Too many to list:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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458 thoughts on “Video of Suicide by Shotgun Livestreamed by 4chan User of R9K on YouTube”

          1. Damn this made me sad/ tear up/ appreciate life.
            I don’t own a gun myself, but had I in the past 5 years I wouldn’t be here myself. Hearing his mom come in was heartbreaking. My uncle has Kel Tec KSG and we take it shooting sometimes, it has ALOT of recoil , and will bruise the absolute fuck out of your shoulder firing 3 inch slugs. I doubt there was much left of his head. Poor mother. And poor kid. Things always get better.

          1. You sound fucking stupid dude.. Half your comments I see are fucking stupid also.. Don’t get mad cause god made you a fag that sucks dick and has HIV. What you don’t know what ditto means step out your gay little dick sucking box..

          1. No reason what so ever for anyone to own a weapon like that…..let alone let their kid have access too it….what do these Americans think is going to happen when you bring a gun into the house? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out a life would be taken and hundreds of others deeply affected by a ridiculous looking machine designed to destroy life….

          2. @firstinline ,
            “No reason what so ever for anyone to own a weapon like that” it’s because of vaginas like you that americans are having their rights to defend themselves taken away from them. I’de love to see you in a situation where you have a home invasion and your wife & children are being raped in front of you by some filthy juden and all you can do is plead to stop, no power of your own, at that point you could thank your authoritarian subservience for being such a cuck

          3. However you feel about the 2nd Amendment, its interpretation or the precidents set and the cases to be argued at the Supreme Court this year and ongoing, you have to admit this was an educational and thought provoking video.

            That’s what BG is all about.

          1. Don’t mind me I paused after 6:07 after finishing a slice of cheese pizza with added kale but being human while being desensitized not fully of course still a long ways to go, yet I have nothing against this 4chan suicide dude no offense 4chan but I don’t know the full story of it what made him for a lack of a better word shotgun himself?

          2. Agreed. Either this is real or it is some Oscar-winning shit that even most Hollywood actors couldn’t pull off. I think it’s real.

      1. This happened 25 miles from where I live. I know one of the 1st responders, this very much happened..and was REAL.. fuckin’ douche nozzles saying otherwise… as an ex first responder, what haunts me the most weren’t the actual suicides, but the crying of the surviving family members. Kinda weird, I know…

        1. Not weird but sad J. I’m sure that many people loved him…

          I had a relative who blew his brains out years ago. The most caring individual that you’d ever meet. One of the things I did in response to this, was to celebrate his life on a personal level. By doing so, I didn’t interfere with his decision to carry out his suicide. I kept the two separated. He’s at peace, and so am I.

          However, if I would of picked up on his intention to kill himself, I simply would of told him that many people loved him. (including myself) And as uncomfortable as this is, maybe I should of told him this more often.

          …that’s probably what I regret most of all, even if it didn’t make a god damn bit of difference 🙁

          1. No doubt this kid had people that loved him.

            Sorry to hear about your family member. Unfortunately suicide and mental illness go hand-in-hand. Once someone has chosen to go down this path there’s not much we could do, other than look for red flags. Being around death, as much as I was in my past led me to be extremely close to family members. Constantly hug and tell them that I love them.

          1. Being human, I agree I don’t know what was going through the guys head other than bullets sorry too soon I know, yet I would hope the family and friends will find peace at some point in life real, fake, bots, trolls, and whoever else and whatever else all in all may they find peace.

        2. @J the g Not weird…but as time passes the images of grandma falling on her knees calling for ….”insert what that person believes” to make it better will fade…maybe lot’s of time…but fade it will….you go back again and again to where some traumatic shit happened trying to make it better…but ya can’t.
          Hope ya find peace…I know too.

          1. And the people said they couldn’t see the live stream and he blows his brains out anyway! The little kid comes in the room! I wish they would turn the camera around so we can see what happened!
            Mom said, “there is Meat all over the wall”, shit!

        3. I was totally fine with the goriness of this video, but seeing as how I didn’t read the description first, I wasn’t prepared for the screams of his mother.
          Being a mom myself, this is the scariest shit in the world.

    1. if this is fake he sure has some good friends that are really good actors cause it sure looks real to me…How did you come to the belief that this is fake? What are the clues to look for? Pretty cool how he got the police to get to go along with this is pretty cool if fake… Honestly you are a IDIOT!!!!

    2. how annoying was that bitch screaming and whining from the beginning ??? like wtf holy shit, she should’ve killed herself fuking sheeit. and nah its not fake at all, unfortunately.

      u r a joo

      fuck joo’s

    3. Hope it’s fake… cuz you can look all interior on his room that he is some gamer or anime freak.
      Im a trully gamer and yeah love is doesnt fit with me.. but i wont depressed like he did.
      Enjoy my time looking some brazillian flip flop and game of course..

      embbarased myself ? whatever dude

    4. Man I felt bad for the mom walking in on that had to see her child with no head…. The way he held the shotgun strait down too took his whole head clean off to his neck… Wow you half to be really depressed and hate life to put a shotgun to your for head

    5. Yeah if you pause it at the right time you can kinda see his head explode, so I doubt its fake. Reactions seem real, they don’t truly know how to react nor to believe it. I’d say this is real. But I don’t know.

    6. Okay for one how do you fake shooting yourself in the head and how his mother reacted sure doesn’t seem fake to me otherwise she wouldn’t call the cops, you have clearly lost all your fucking brain cells and can’t tell what’s fake and what’s real

    7. Honestly yeah it looks fake as fuck i mean who hell just has a ksg just in their fucking room and this person look’s fucking 12. Also the sound would be much louder of the blast and every time he cocked it no shells ejected and finally it would not fucking explode your head bit it would do great damage and make it look like a fucking banana peel

    1. You Ok? I have clinical depression. I’m in my 30s. Ive had to talk myself out of suicide every single day since i was 11. But I’ll tell ya, when I go, it’ll be BIG (like a jump where you actually see the landing) and it’ll be sent to BG. Maybe me with a GoPro and a few live cams aimed properly. BG can edit it together.
      Seriously though, stick around for another day. Just today. It gets better, some days.

          1. Haha! Too funny, I’d try n’ take out someone “famous” down below, maybe Roseanne Barr or someone like that. That would would make for an epic splat! Sheeit, I might even survive from the cushioning to give it go again another day, on Dr. Phil.

          2. Yeah If I didn’t have moral responsibilities I’d be right there with you. The shockwaves it would send to my peers would be sad but my brains splattering all over the side walk would make me ejaculate in my pants.

      1. I kid you not I told my sister who’s also bat shit insane like me that if I ever die a brutal death to do her duties and upload my mangled disemboweled corpse to Best Gore. Complete with fan signs to my boys caRnAGE and Seraphim Serenata. I hate this pathetic life and humanity as a whole! >:(

        1. Why? Maybe you should make your life better! There are many people who have it worse than you. I love life!! But I do have to fight the urge to drill holes into the skulls of people who piss me off almost every day.

          1. Yes! I find myself more homicidal than suicidal. I have to actually avoid most people because I’ll just explode & I don’t know what will happen! Especially if I drink Tequila or Whiskey!

        2. Do her duties, ltfol. You’ve always been a cool customer in my book, Supreme Leader. Stay away from those trains, trucks and Cartels, though. Stick with us and laugh at this pathetic life and humanity as a whole. 🙂

    2. Find another solution man. Many people might say go get help but sometimes the help is not there. You may also think at times no one cares about you. I don’t wanna sound cheesey or anything but there is someone who does.

    1. I once listened to a guy talking about depression. He said the reason is that life is too easy nowadays.
      It used to be like this.
      Struggle to reach 15,
      find wife.
      Have kids, hustle to feed them.
      Have grandkids, hustle to keep everything running,

  1. One and done nigger! I love 4chans adult gifs and Nazi tributes the anime fascination for this chode did not have testicular fortitude necessary for survival in this day and age, the darkness is coming and her out stretched arms yearn for my embrace. Safe journey to one and all. -951-

  2. What an asshole!!! There is only one fukn rule in suicide… You DO NOT clap, hang or bleed yourself in your fukn moms house. I hope his corpse gets fukd at the funeral home. What a dickhead. Nice shot though! I don’t recognize the gun, at all… and I’m a shooter. But if real… it looked like a brain hit the tarp right behind his right shoulder. If you look right at his face and don’t move your eyes, it hits the edge of the tarp there. What a dick

    1. Yeaah, I agree with you there. Do that shit out in the woods for example if your really gonna go through with it, make yourself one with nature. Don’t let your family deal with the mess, sheesh. Guess IF this is real (which it looks like to me, otherwise it was pretty damn well faked) he wanted to be in front of his camera for that last bit of attention, me thinks. Selfish.

  3. Just another useless degenerate weeb who had everything on a plate, or at least had a much better life and opportunities than most people in the world, and still didn’t have the courage and will to improve himself and do something useful with his life.

    It always amazes me to see all the stuff people will do to gain attention, although if all of these attention whores resorted to this alternative and killed themselves the world would be a better place.

    As good ol’ Varg Vikernes would say “Life is good. If you think otherwise then the problem is YOU, not life itself”.

    So yeah… good riddance.

      1. @42ridick

        I would never say such a thing to someone born with a serious debilitating disease or someone who was born in a place of extreme poverty and misery.

        But since I already expected someone saying stupid shit to me I made sure to include the “…had everything on a plate… ” part in my comment above.

        A lot of people have everything to succeed, some are stinky rich even, but they still choose to throw everything away because of petty issues, addiction, suicide, etc. I wish I could trade lives you know? Take people that are completely fucked up but still have a strong will to live, like people with cancer or children with lesch-nyhan disease, and put these suicidal spoiled degenerates in their place. Then they would see how insignificant their “problems” were.

          1. Ha! Weird Al will definitely teach these spoiled brats to put shite in perspective… Then again, they’d prolly jus’ bitch about the dude makin’ fun of their first world problems, smh.

    1. Oddly enough Shlomo a lot of these spoiled, middle class liberal types are weebs and yet the Japanese people themselves, who these weebs are obsessing over and attempting to attach themselves to, tend to be nationalistic and rightwing for the most part. Their weebiness is also cultural appropriation as well under their own libtard rules.

      Perhaps then their acts of suicide are the result of their own fuckwitted ideological reasoning. They kill themselves because their expectations of what life should be like are not met due to their expectations themselves being completely contradictory to how life actually is. Suicide as a result of self-delusion in other words.

      1. @empty-soul

        Flawless comment, you summed it up perfectly. Japan is a great country and it has been under right-wing rule for a long time.

        Even though there also was a moral decadence in the Japanese society and they have a serious birth rate problem, they are far better than Europe or the rest of Western Civilization as a whole. That happens because there is no one trying to replace the native Japanese people or Asians as a whole, they are not a target like White people are. And then there’s what you said above, they tend to be nationalistic for the most part and Japan has extremely strict immigration laws where you need to have Japanese heritage or be married to someone who does (they also tend to dislike race-mixing) in order to have a chance to stay there legally.

        Apart from that is really difficult to live there, you need to be well qualified for a job or to study, which also is extremely difficult to get. Needless to say, they are extremely harsh with illegals and rapefugees. Japan is great!

      2. @eraserhead-2

        You touched upon an interesting point there Shlomo. Nobody is trying to replace the native Japanese and/or Asians in general. It goes further than that though in that Libtard weebs appear to be worshipping and celebrating the very things they are despising the white race for, ethnocentrism and racial pride and tradition.

        Ethnocentrism and racial pride and tradition in Japan/Asia not only gets a pass from the libtards but also gets applauded and celebrated by them as well whereas ethnocentrism and racial pride and tradition in Europe gets a big thumbs down from them.

        The libtard ideology seems to be then that Asia can be a land by and for the Asians, Africa for the Africans but Europe is for everyone(with the added stipulation that the white man step down in favour of minority rule).

        It would seem then that either the modern liberals are all suffering from some form of mass-induced collective schizophrenia(which would be a medical first) or they just really, really hate the white race.

        Of course the libtards will refute the above and state quite proudly “I don’t hate white people, I just hate white privilege”(white privilege in their own words meaning the social benefits one supposedly receives via belonging to the majority racial group). However, they never seem to hate Indians in India(the majority racial group) for their ‘brown privilege’ or the Japanese/Chinese in their respective countries for their ‘yellow privilege’ so once again their bullshit gets blown apart far too easily.

        They really must be doing some high level brainwashing in schools nowadays to be churning out so many mentally unbalanced self-loathing, self-deluded fools.

        1. @empty-soul


          Besides completely ignoring other forms of nationalism and cultural and racial pride, there’s also the fact that leftists/globalists (which includes the mainstream media) love to celebrate and encourage non-White forms of nationalism INSIDE White countries. This is the case from 2015 onwards when the rapefugee crisis began and the leftists made a profane alliance with Islam. That’s the time when I began to become redpilled and it was a shock to see how they were so defensive about Islam, especially feminists and the LGBT community. Take a look at Linda Sarsour if you don’t know who she is yet. She’s just a small example, there are several others like her or worse.

          Thanks to alternative right-wing media we can see the reality regarding the rapefugees and everything else, we can see how corrupt and biased mainstream media really is because they create a completely fake narrative about several important subjects and more important than what they lie to us about is what they don’t even report, like all the crimes committed by these invaders. They also don’t give a fuck about the victims of aggression, rape and murder.

          Yes, there is a extremely high level brainwashing going on for a long time and it is just getting worse as the decades go by. There is absolutely no self-loathing in other races, Whites are the only ones who hate themselves and literally want to see their own people become minorities in their own countries and their race go extinct. White Guilt at its finest! This is just another proof of how White people are the most targeted group of people of the last decades. This is no conspiracy theory.

          But I’m hopeful about the future because since mid 2015 (when all of these redpilling people started to produce content to expose, debunk and revolt against mainstream media and leftism/globalism) more and more people are waking up as each day goes by. More and more people are starting to see the truth, and that’s good. It’s an European and American Renaissance, that’s the historical period we are living in today, and that’s great.

          1. all that redpill shit gets shut down in a instant on social media. merely pointing out the flaws or fuck even identity issues gets branded as hate speech for being too creepy (real) so you can’t even joke about your facial deformities now, you have to do it with an air of bullshit around you at all times in an unclever way that these fucking cuck SJW’s will vote up for.

    2. You know, if we had a utopia country where EVERY child was born perfectly healthy in a stinky rich wealthy family, had ferrari or lamborgini as a gift for their 12th birthday and a personal airplane for 18th, had all the pussies to fuck, lived in a golden loft and never had to work for their entire lives, we would still have suicides. Even if we were born as super immortals who can travel between planets like between cities, never get ill, never get hungry, we would STILL get suicides. Because human always, ALWAYS want more without limits and without exceptions.

      Actually, if two people from different countries have a place to live, food to eat, air to breathe and people to communicate and form relationship with, the brain would get used to the surrounding and those 2 people would feel exactly the same about life. Only in comparison we assign values to material wealth.

    1. Kel-Tec yikes, I was about to chime in with something along the lines of, “I’ll keep my Mossberg 500 Persuader with the folding stock” but you beat me to it. I keep #4 in mine, with a few slugs and two Dragon’s Breath on the side-saddle. Dragon’s Breath? Damn right. If you kill ’em with the slugs, and #4 you can always burn the house down around them with Dragon’s Breath. If all else fails, KILL IT WITH FIRE! Plot twist, he still lives in his parents’ house, so it’s all cool…

  4. instead of watching cartoons, watch action movies, instead of watching action movies, watch horror movies, instead of watching horror movies, fucking watch best gore videos.

    Peace acquired.

    1. I think I can concur with you on this subject I don’t mind anime, cartoons one I have finished was Rick and Morty, the way I rank it is live action (real people as actors) then live action with CGI and then everything else video games and news and politics or education or intellectual type of content as a side but watching BestGore not all of its content I care for but as a useful escapism from reality but also as a reminder of reality real or fake.

          1. Oh man! I miss those Lemmon Ludes, those were the best pills I took as a teen. 1 pill like a 6 pack of beer, then drink beer & smoke some hash! Shit, I’ve been on this planet so long…..

  5. That done it.

    Permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    The leopard mask was totally unnecessary.

    The Gay-Rainbow-Transqueer scarf/ tongue effect kinda put me off a bit. I’m not unsympathetic and people can be as gay as they like, it doesn’t make me feel threatened in who I am… but I’m not so sure I’d be sporting it as a last statement on Earth before I blow my brains into the ceiling plaster on Youtube. I’d be hoping I was worth more than that.
    Poetry, Epic Landscapes, Prehistoric Burial Chambers, Standing Stones, Megaliths, Solar and Lunar alignments and declinations. I mean with a vernal equinox in five days (March 20), I would have maybe waited for a suitable solar sunrise alignment at a judicious spot in a rugged and slightly manly landscape. Pyramidal peak, high hills, some scree, granite outcroppings with Rowan and heather, the odd hanging valley, truncated spurs, the odd Raven and Golden Eagle drifting on the thermal uplifts. A lonely Curlew calling my name. Something like that.

      1. I don’t have a big problem with his Gay-Rainbow-Transqueer scarf. But it kinda puts me off watching the video a bit. As I wrote… “The Gay-Rainbow-Transqueer scarf/ tongue effect kinda put me off a bit. I’m not unsympathetic and people can be as gay as they like, it doesn’t make me feel threatened in who I am… but I’m not so sure I’d be sporting it as a last statement on Earth before I blow my brains into the ceiling plaster on Youtube. I’d be hoping I was worth more than that.”

        I have no issues with Gay-Rainbow-Transqueer-types at all. I am just quite sure that if I was a chutney ferret and I was going to top myself, I am certain that my last act before pulling the trigger would not be to wrap a Gay-Rainbow-Transqueer scarf around my neck and pull one end of it out the mouth of a Leopard mask whilst whining. Surely that cannot be a fitting end?

        I’d suggested something along the lines of “Poetry, Epic Landscapes, Prehistoric Burial Chambers, Standing Stones, Megaliths, Solar and Lunar alignments and declinations. I mean with a vernal equinox in five days (March 20), I would have maybe waited for a suitable solar sunrise alignment at a judicious spot in a rugged and slightly manly landscape. Pyramidal peak, high hills, some scree, granite outcroppings with Rowan and heather, the odd hanging valley, truncated spurs, the odd Raven and Golden Eagle drifting on the thermal uplifts. A lonely Curlew calling my name. Something like that.”

        Strive for better @xordthemekon that’s all I’m suggesting. Maybe you were unable to read/ understand what I wrote. I am calling “a distinct lack of epic imagination” on this video of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It is certainly not a video I can masturbate successfully to or have any inclination to ever watch again. I’d want such a document of my own demise to be a bit more memorable. Maybe he was a bit limited in the props he had to hand, maybe he hadn’t really thought it through properly (I mean streaming on YT ffs) or maybe I am simply surrounded with so much beautiful epic Scottish landscapes and ancient historical sites to think a five-and-dime Leopard mask and a gay rainbow scarf would be any kind of fitting mis-en-scene to such a closer of a movie of my final minutes.

        But then again… I’m not going anywhere till The Reaper comes and finds me. I am very good at hide and seek.

  6. Its ridiculous when a plate full of beef roast is not served on the platter for a rogue of 18 years of age , then ultimatum is served & well well what have ya got …… the word SUICIDE is screamed out
    For a start though the faggot did cry like a babe with a ruptured hymen ..never missing a moment peering in to the lens eye . It was fascinating to see the set up as though he was in a studio shooting his latest flick .
    That hung up tarp to the wall also belies his intent and looks pretty much faked up . Wouldn’t even know who synchronized that splat gun shot reddening the tarp but the shot gun was more of a fun cause he was brandishing a replica which is for takes in the market .
    On a hind sight something tells me he enacted well detaching himself from reality because the bastard knows life doesn’t come cheap and its lived just once now if someone walks by that neighborhood where this fakester of a degenerate stays one can still get to hear his cries with bursting lungs over a plate full of roasted beef .
    Pardon me though but me & me only thinks this video is devoid of realism but thanks a bag load to the contributors anyway .

      1. @svarg26 ….Oh never mind they made their own conclusions & we made ours. Each of us have it in us to express our point of views . Don’t ya feel offended as someone I think was too quick to jump the gun & conclude . Just be what ya are .

      1. Hey
        @trailerparkboy Ha ha buddy that’s a good question but now if you try pondering over a little ya will know the answer . What basically is a plate full of roasted beef infact is a pink pussy this sicko has been jilted by and there are many more things likes his other mates he cannot have access to so what he does is to threaten everyone but that again is a miserable failed attempt. Maybe this may provide an impetus for him now actually commit suicide before that it was well tailored up but the un sewn stitches telling a different tale altogether.

    1. Correct as always, poor me poor me. Get the hell out of mommies house and do something with your life. Then again I might off myself if I was living in Stockton. He should have spent $800 on a shrink instead of a Kel-Tec shotgun.

          1. It’s like that snicker’s commercial where they switch bodies with a famous star. He must’ve been portrayed by the ghost of Kurt Cobain. Too bad nobody threw him a candy bar in time, he’s really not himself when he’s hungry.

  7. Some idiot hacked the video, But then again that white kid and the whiny kid and rest of them white kids are inbreeds, I have no idea why people marry their sisters and have kids like that, At least suicide is comman place among whites.

        1. I made a thread about it, You just have to go look for it. Most to all Aryan children do commit suicide when they noticed that their parents are brother and sister like grand parents before them, Of course they also must take up the family tradition of marring your sister and that leads to suicide among Aryan children

  8. Aye, there seemed to be plenty of reasons to off myself when I was his age. Thinking back, those reasons were pathetic at best.
    Oh well, hindsight and all that.
    Unfortunately for this young pup, he’ll never get the opportunity to look back with a smirk at all the trivia that was taking place in his youth. Trivia, which at that point felt like a ten tonne weight on his narrow shoulders.

  9. Is he one of those “furries”? That 1 paramedic said, Oh Dude! And “do you smell that?” , at 38 minutes I think he shit himself as rigor is setting in. That paramedic was laughing! Let’s just order a pizza while we’re at it, standing around for 40 minutes doing nothing. Maybe you can play Xbox while you wait on the coroner, who is taking his time. Poor Mom though! What a shithead!

  10. What an inconsiderate fuckwad. A friend of mine blew her brains out at her cousins house, on the basement stairs. He had to move out, couldn’t stand living there with the memory of what he saw. His 9 year old daughter saw her first. What a mess she made. .30-30 did a good job.

      1. No….she should have ordered several tubs of ice cream and Kleenex and just watched Netflix, whilst sprawled out on her sofa. A better thing to do then blow your brains out. I’m definitely with illegalsmile55 on this. What a selfish bitch. Think how her parents must feel.

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