Video of Suicide by Shotgun Livestreamed by 4chan User of R9K on YouTube

Video of Suicide by Shotgun Livestreamed by 4chan User of R9K on YouTube

This video was livestreamed on YouTube but rather quickly pulled off the site for “violating YouTube’s policy on harmful or dangerous content“. It appears to show a young man committing suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun, along with a note reading “bye /r9k/ 3/14/18“. The vid seems real.

It would appear that the star of the video was a user of a board on 4chan called R9K, dedicated to sharing personal stories. His head pops like a balloon while he is listening to his friends watch him. His mother arrives home minutes later to find him fatally wounded and all in hysterics, calls the police.

The YouTube account where the stream originated from is named “Shuaiby” and the video itself was titled “Hey.”

Original link on YouTube:
Shuaiby’s YouTube channel:


Best Gore member @terrysattan did some background digging:

The kid was named Shuaib Aslam, he was 18 year old and lived in Stockton, California.

His mother’s cousin’s facebook has a story regarding him.

His mother’s name is Shama Naz Aslam, living at Dresden Way, Stockton, California.

Best Gore member @angusprime notes that the weapon used for the suicide was a Keltec KSG shotgun.

Props to everybody who sent in the video. Too many to list:

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  2. I Am Only at the 8 Minute and, 38 second mark,,, and i had to pause it. This cry from Mom, is something of nightmares,,, Poor Mom, Poor Trouble Kid Man. These Suicides Are always such a Devastating, & **Permanent Solution, To What is Most Often, Just a Temporary Problem** and they “still happen today way to much” with Young Teens, Especially The Young Men. I Think That Mark or @vincitomniaveritas would have a pretty accurate Statistical Count For Teen Suicides, but i think that it’s almost Twice the rate as Women. Either way, whether Male Or Female should not matter as they are still young kids man, and It’s Just All Kinds Of Wrong, and probably The Worst Thing That Any Parents Could Ever have to Witness, and Go Through in 2 Lifetimes. I Do Not Know If I Can Even Watch The Rest, with my 2 Youngest Boys being 21, and 22, so I Think You’s know where i’m coming from, cause when i heard Mom Scream, and i put myself in her shoes,,, my blood pressure rises like crazy, and man,,, it affects me worse than “ANY” of The Grossest Video’s Out there that was ever made, and posted on here, as i watch those while eating a huge Plate of Spaghetti, with relative ease. But The Sheer Sound Of Extreme Pain that Scream, tears my fucking heart out man. I Wish that i would have known the Kid, And That I could of had An Hour Alone with him, just To Talk With This
    troubled Kid, and help change his mind. This Is A Hard, And Very Sad One. R.I.P. Little Dude 🙁

      1. Sounds like a real man to me. You on the other hand, sound like a naive, little child. You can tell when you see someone constantly post their own laugh track at the end of nearly every comment, that not too many people actually find them funny.

        There ya go @thedre, took care of your light work for ya. 😉

  3. What an inconsiderate fuck. Right there in his parents’ home? It was heart-breaking to see his mum and little sister discovering him like that. Also, he could have used a pistol. Instead he used a fucking 12-gauge that decimated his face completely. Muslims don’t normally have a closed-casket funeral. This will be one.

  4. Yet YouTube promotes a certain YouTube golden boy who’s subscribers are the younger generation, a graphic video that showed a recently deceased man in the suicide forest in Japan..
    What is logic..?

    Btw what a selfish cunt…

  5. Something always strikes me with suicide videos, as if i’m expecting to see the surrounding structures(in this case his room) to show some emotion or feeling. But you dont, instead there is no change, you were alive and now your dead, the world does not care, only your family does.

    You have all your limbs(well, one less now) you arent bound to a wheelchair or bedridden, all your problems are in your head(which you dont have now, which doesnt necessiarly mean those problems go away, thats just the belief)

    You are only hurting those who loved you, do your family a favor and wait till they die to off yourself, if you dont… well i guess thats a good way to wrap up your life of selfishness.

    this has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with one fucked up state of mind, what, you want to ban them to make it more difficult for these people to do the deed? it’ll be done regardless and using suicide as a political motive to take peoples right to bare arms away is disgusting

  6. He had several anime posters and a nyan cat bicycle mask, I bet he was a “nice guy” that couldn’t endure being rejected anymore. Also the sobbing bitch was annoying as hell, ruined the whole experience.

  7. Of all the hundreds and thousands of murders, suicides, images of gore, brutality and bestiality featured so far on this site I must say this one by far was the saddest. It really did shake me to my core. May his soul Rest In Peace 🙁

  8. You can hate me if you like but it is fake as fuck, his voice is the same before and after he supposedly “shot” himself the same whining voice complaining how life sucks! If everyone who’s had a shity life 90% of us would be dead!

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