Videos of Suicides by Hanging Due to Coronavirus Lockdown in Nepal

Videos of Suicides by Hanging Due to Coronavirus Lockdown in Nepal

Videos of Suicides by Hanging Due to Coronavirus Lockdown in Nepal

Here are videos of two women who, according to the information I got, committed suicide by hanging in Nepal. The alleged reason – the lockdown imposed in response to the plandemic fucked up their lives so much, they saw no other way out.

Best Gore member @kastrojaxx explains:

Nepal witnessed its highest ever suicide rate in history with over 2,000 suicide cases during the 90 days of lockdown. Things got even worse when people started live streaming their suicide on facebook.

Two suicides were live streamed on fb in Nepal, both taking place just few days apart. Both cases are related to depression & love. Both incidents happened just few days back and facebook has taken down both livestreamed suicide videos.

Many thanks for saving the videos and sharing them with the world so that we can see and learn from the real toll of the lockdown on the people, @kastrojaxx. Another thing the videos demonstrate is that in Nepal, ceiling fans are tough as all hell.

The second video shows a woman who dressed up skanky for her death. It also seems she had children and they were at home when she made the move, but she locked herself in the room, stopping the children from coming to her, but not stopping them from seeing what she’s doing. We’ve seen similarly traumatizing experience for children before:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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198 thoughts on “Videos of Suicides by Hanging Due to Coronavirus Lockdown in Nepal”

    1. The coronacirco pandemic is a true farce around the world, only when you see the Brazilian president take off his Chinstrap front of cameras and journalists, after they diagnose his symptoms, you realize that it is quite a spectacle

        1. Scarecrows don’t kill people. Covid-19 killed one of my best friends. I’m so tired of people acting like it’s just a giant hoax. You really think the world’s leaders could ever unite enough to come up with something like this? It is what they say it is, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner we can beat it and get back to normal.
          People are fucking dying from willful ignorance and assholes who refuse to mask up, even though it takes no fucking effort at all, and is literally the least you can do.

          So many people think they’re so fucking intelligent. SMH
          All of these people quoting numbers they get online. As if it means anything.
          The reality is people are sick and dying, and the only way to beat it is to accept it and stop being a dickhead to the rest of society.

          Mask up, and quit yer crying.

          1. U think ur smart huh?
            A virus never involved such political and global repression such as confinement(1957 Chinese flue, 1969 Hong Kong flue…)it’s economic and political stance and global social engineering.

          2. doctors are forced to say its from covid to fit the democrat agenda. You dont research you just believe whatever your told like a simp who believes woman loves him. You guy are so zombified. YOu got to educate yourself. Covid= just a common cold thats it. So of course people have it. Cause people catch colds. Look it up any health book that is all covid is its a cold. Covid 19 is a mutated cold that can’t even kill children. a lot of people that have it have 0 symptoms of it cause its just a weak cold. Your friend died not from covid its from a weak immune system that is weaker then a childs. Children beat it without any medication. Thats due to his bad health not covid. Get edumicated before you start spewing off nonsense.

    2. I’m wondering if they took their last shits…You know, their death shits. Anyway, they didn’t have to make it so dramatic. All they had to do was get a large electrical zip tie and slip it on, zip it up, lay down and slowly drift…away… to that third world shithole in the sky !

      1. Pretty sure the one in red did, mot sure about the other. Sometimes the pressure on your neck and the fear is enough to make you shit yourself, i learned that the hard way when i took a large shit in my leggings while choking. On the bright side shitting myself actually didn’t feel bad at all so if they were aware that they messed themselves they probably wouldn’t have minded it.

    3. Hot? Damn your thirsty son. Ugly gooks. The music in that first one was pretty chill, I could listen to that while driving to work to put me in a calmer state of mind. If it didn’t include the gook voices.

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          1. Jesus Christ man did I scratch your ego? And what are they supposed to do then? If they make themselves look pretty they’re considered fake and if they don’t, they’re “ugly”? And women usually don’t stink, cuz they shower more than men. From what I heard, you have pretty high standards. Which would be cool and all if you look incredibly hot yourself. I doubt that tho. Maybe the pretty women don’t wanna fuck you cuz you’re negative. I’ve seen lots of women without makeup, without good clothing, etc. and I still consider them pretty. But hey, if you’re that type of guy who likes girls that somehow naturally look like dolls, then that’s fine. But don’t call women who don’t fit your beauty standard “ugly”. Or just date men. But voicing out opinions that hateful will only get you hated on, by both women and men.

      1. @deathtomohels – that is an interesting way of looking at it. I would say that world wide suicide rates would be even higher than they currently are but for the pain and heartache that such acts cause to other people. If people didn’t care about their friends snd family, world population would be much much lower than 6 billion…………

    1. You think it’s easy? Every cell in your body wants to live, at all cost. It’s been doing this for millions years of evolution and then you have to fight against all that when you want to go. Easy to say it’s easy. But when it comes to actually doing it… you need a lot of guts. Respect for all the suiciders.

          1. Yes. But now I ease the pain of my existence by watching others die. There’s something cathartic about it. No doubt my psychiatrist would have a field day if I ever revealed that. I suppose the next logical step would be to watch others die first hand but I’m not going to make that step. Too much of a coward.

      1. I’m not going to put words in @deathtomohels mouth, but I think he’s referring to the physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological pain one experiences, before the actual suicide.

        Yes, there are times when the actual suicide itself may be slow and painful. However, a bullet traveling at 1700 feet a second through the head, doesn’t give a rat’s ass, how long a cell is fighting to stay alive.

      2. Bullshit.
        Suicide is something you can easily do if you have a powerful gun and a lot of pain and sadness.
        But it’s something you can regret if you failed and say yourself something like :”holy shit i’am happy to be alive instead of having succeed in my suicide attempt”.
        Conclusion: it’s all due to passion. And passion sometimes makes you make mistakes.
        That’s my opinion.

      3. @Y4K You are 100% correct in your assumption. We are irrevocably designed to “survive” and fight for life. To override that very “human component” is no easy task! Trust me…. I Know! You can even come to resent yourself for having that ingrained will. I do! And I feel like you (y4k) have personal experience, as I do. Peace Fuckers

      4. YOu got to be fucking kidding me. Of course its easy to commit suicide. You think they dont drink and get on drugs before they do it? haha. people who commit suicide are raised like snow flakes who think life is peaches and cream until reality sinks in that you actually have ot put in effort then they give up on life cause their boyfriend don’t like them no more or they didn’t get the LV hand bag they wanted . Only the strong survive the weak will wipe themselves out doing stuff like this.

      1. If you get it wrong you are left a vegetable and possibly aware you are worse off than not attempting suicide in the first place.
        More horrifying is hanging yourself wrongly and struggling and Panicking to save yourself to no avail.

        These girls were quiet lucky in that the oxygen was cut off appropriately- almost immediately -so I hope they felt nothing ; Only agonal breathing at the end.


        Given they are relatively beautiful , seemingly middle -class and young , I reckon you may be right. I would never have thought Nepal has Such strict locking -down but who knows. If they have middle-c lass parents they are probs more strict and kept them in more ,so depression and suicide. Sad

        1. That’s got to be God spitting in your face if you’re trying to take yourself out and end up horribly maimed or a vegetative state. I read a little about these full suspension hangings, they usually end up pretty ugly, basically slowly choking to death. It seems like they go easy in most of the vids I’ve seen though. Many seem to shut the blood off and are out pretty quickly.

  1. The coronacirco pandemic is a true farce around the world, only when you see the Brazilian president take off his face in front of cameras and journalists, after they diagnose his symptoms, you realize that it is quite a spectacle

    1. That’s a good point. How many suicides could be prevented by making ceiling fans that can’t support a person’s weight? Not that I want to spoil anyone’s fun but it seems to me that it’s the go to anchor point for a lot of suicides.

  2. I have a radical idea guys. Everyone in the world wants a partner. We all want love, companionship, sex. People literally kill themselves out of loneliness. Lots of people spend years alone, suffering without companionship. We are neglecting this need for love and companionship.

    I have a solution. We should create a government department in all countries all over the world called the ministry of love. Everybody has their name in the computer banks at the ministry of love. Anybody who is single gets flagged. Ministry workers visit single people and help set them up on dates until they find a partner. The ministry of love could have dances, functions, dinner parties, where all of the single people meet up. Ministry of love workers could play matchmaker for everyone and smooth things along.

    Love and companionship is the biggest desire for humans on this planet. Yet it is being neglected and all these people kill themselves out of loneliness. The Ministry Of Love Is The Solution. It could become a new cultural phenomenon. Why the fuck not? No one is forced to be together. The ministry of love simply acts as a guide, a matchmaker, setting up all single people with potential matches. No one gets overlooked. It would make an immensely happier society, and planet.

    1. That’s a brilliant idea, but the governments would have to care about the people instead of putting their circumcised overmasters before their countrymen. In Slovakia, an EU country faring worse in the aftermath of the plandemic than any other EU country because newly (s)elected prime minister really wanted to prove to the circumcised ones that he’s worthy of the position they installed him in, he set up the Ministry of Propaganda instead.

      He fears the people will find out, so after utterly destroying the lives of millions, his only concern is to make sure as many sheeple remain hoodwinked as possible, so despite destroyed economy, he uses the borrowed money the country will never be able to repay to brainwash the absolute crap out of the masses. But obviously, he doesn’t call it the Ministry of Propaganda. Much as the Ministry of Truth in 1984, whose goal was to make sure everybody believes the lies, he named his new ministry the Ministry of Fight Against Disinformation. Believe the plandemic or else. Nobody gives a shit about love.

    2. It is indeed a Great and Noble idea, and I fully support what you suggest.
      As Mark has already pointed out what the majority reactions would be.

      Until we stand up together against all which divides and oppresses the masses, and take back our own Lives.
      We have no chance of survival.

      Not with such an altruistic ideal or notion could we begin to create a movement of and for people.
      Humanity has been hijacked by the malignancy of human kind…
      Especially liked your recent topics, very busy you have been.

    3. My ministry of love is $20 a pop down on the boulevard, $30 if she catches, $40 if she swallows. The I go home and hit 120 mph on my busa or coyote that’s paid in full because I haven’t let a bitch play me and take my shit in years.

    4. Another Big Brother type home invading government body is not a good idea, in fact the idea itself is born out of the demoralisation and depression society itself inflicts upon the citizen. In other words, the ministry of love is the paramedic that comes to the aid of the person he himself damaged.

      In truth it is life opportunities which create the openings and potential for love and relationships. To have money in ones pocket. To have future prospects. To have the time to socialise etc. Things which are often taken away and denied to the citizen by the government via economic policies such as the exporting of jobs to the third world and the lowering of wages via mass uncontrolled immigration.

      When a man has to work two jobs on shit pay just to pay the bills they are unlikely to have the time or money to attract and maintain a relationship and feminism itself has also thrown a stone into that particular pond as well thus increasing the competition for the normal, feminine women.

      The above is from a first world perspective of course and so differs slightly from the way it works elsewhere. Although I expect life opportunities (prospects/money) still plays a large part in it.

        1. @theprotocolsofzion

          On an interesting note, what with all the SJW shit going around these days and being enforced by the police and the governments I do have to wonder what it would be like interacting with the ministry of love when it comes to the subject of choice of partner.

          Would specifying “white only” be allowed?. Would you be penalised and cancelled for refusing to date a black person if the government matched you up with one?. Knowing our governments I expect they would also match up white women with black men as a matter of course.

          Where would transsexuals fit into the picture?. Many SJW types nowadays consider chicks with dicks to be real women and call others transphobes for not wanting to suck a “female” cock. Would we be penalised and cancelled for refusing to date a ladyboy then?.

          To conclude. The fact that our societies and governments have been subverted by the Jew makes me put little faith in such a government body carrying out the role of matchmaker legitimately without turning into the above described.

          1. The idea is good Dude, I’m saying that again, if it was in the people’s hands for the people I believe it is one which could work, no fucking government involvement whatsoever that’s how it would work.

            But of course no government is going to allow it without becoming involved to take over it an Fuck it up.

            Like the Manson family murders orchestrated to discredit the hippy movement..!!!

            We all have a fair idea of how to change the world for the betterment of all its residents but.
            Until the circumcised few are removed from controlling practically every fucking thing we are doomed by their failures as HUMAN BEINGS…!!
            Fuck the haters.

    5. Problem is the ministry of love doesn’t make jews’ money, the answer is virtual reality. Has anyone on here tried VR porn? Everyone I show is amazed by the realism. In the very near future, people will be virtually fucking each other without leaving their homes and risking covid19 or covid21, 24. They already have machines that pump your cock to the actions you see in the virtual porn world, we are talking years not decades before facebook is a virtual whorehouse. There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg bought out oculus.

    6. i mean not a bad idea but
      one should start by finding out what feelings are exactly. I mean what is happening in our body that make the effects “feelings” of love, fear, anger and “why” or is there a purpose for theses things called feelings?
      My extented research as lead me to believe that allbare nothing more than chemicals in our brain acting like drugs and causing an effect for humankind survival. Love is playing a role in reproduction and making sure both parents are here to do their part in the begining of the children life. Fear provide adrenaline and make sure we have better chances of survival during dangerous situations etc….
      I dont believe at all in this “need” of love and my researchs led me to the conclusion that there is a huge social engeeneiring backgroud in all that story. It explains why we struggles to have long lasting relationships. Even our grand-parents would’nt have do any better if the church and their condemning of divorce that led to couples stay toghetter because in fact a seperation was just not an option and fear of being judged by the society was just the reason why they were lasting a lifetime long toghetter.

      (shity english i know but its late and i aint give a fuck, so deal whit it)

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    You lot make fun of the dead when most of them are better than you scums who are living a Hellish existence lmfo .. My trance music and my fancy cars hoot on you.

    ~ I’m above you all, I will always have more money than you, and to top it off a moral conscience ~
    Don’t crocodile tear me with your lowly responses I couldn’t careless.

  5. ….and all they really had to do was get some Advil , Mucinex, and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup with some pepper and they’d have been healthy in a week. What pussies this world produces anymore. Thanks, liberal douchebags.

  6. i can’t lie, the sounds of the kids wailing in the second video are more soothing a way to go out than that ridiculous noise in the first video. BG family, i promise if i ever ride the pretty, i won’t play terrible music in the background. i’ll bless you guys with some eye of the tiger by survivor. <3

      1. IDK, but listening to Eye of the tiger would get me looking for a rope. I rather go out listening to Slim Whitman sing Indian Love Call.
        *using my best high pitched yodel
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    1. How is it bad? Pieces of shit are killing themselves, isn’t that a good thing?The only bad thing about this video is I didn’t get to see their pussy leaking juice from their brain being starved of oxygen.

  7. Good Those Bitches are gone forever. No one willimg to committe suicide should be respected.
    LoL being born in a 3rd world ShitHole just to commite suicide by hanging and die in a 3rd World Shit Hole.
    Amén Rosarito.

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    1. They should’ve worn some tight leggings at least so we could see the shit bulge if it happened. Shame, they probably would’ve liked how it felt to shit themselves. I once involuntarily shit my pants during a near death experience and it actually felt pretty good. A female friend of mine shit herself in a pair of tight leather pants a couple weeks ago and nearly came when it happened, it totally turned her on!

  9. This is a fuckin’ tragedy
    But I think we’ve seen these before, years ago, or ones like ’em
    Anyway .. They can hang me and cut off my pee-pee as long as I don’t have to listen to music
    like in the 1st video
    If that’s the kind of music you make
    Keep ’em coming …
    You coffee-coloured fucks

  10. Hey Mom smash that door already. You can carry 5 Gallon Jugs-O-Water on your fucking head & walk for miles, yet ya can’t use your head, and use it as a battering Ram? What-Up With that man? 🙁

          1. @thedre
            Yano I been following best gore from beginning, before that I watched orggish and uncover reality. You my brother are reason I became a member to speak to you but unfortunately it wouldn’t let me comment on anything you posted on. Thankfully I have seen this message so I can reply to you.

            Any subject brother I’m up for discussion. I have been down the rabbit hole. Crawled through the rabbit shit and made it to the other side.
            I have an understanding on most occult things. Would be a privilege to share thoughts

          2. @Dunny
            Thank-You for for nice words, and straightforward honesty Dun, cause i have to say that if you saw my face you’d see that i was blushing, but of course,,no gayness, lol.

            I Also have to admit that i was, “and still am” somewhat impressed, and quite honored to hear that you have joined Best-Gore because of Myself, & my many open-minded many write-ups, various topics of discussions.

            Man it’s cool to meet people like yourself who are unafraid to speak up, and speak-out about topics that would have some ridiculed, shunned, and considered an idiot by many other B G Members.

            when in reality it is They who are the ones who out of fear of losing their herd of sheeple if they were to admit that there is nothing but truth about F-E if they only looked into it, and studied it at length.

            I say this because there is nothing but enlightenment and a sense of complete freedom
            at the end of the road when you discover The Truth,, The Whole Truth for your very own self, and by your very own self which is something that i have always encouraged
            to do while searching for answers.

            But instead many have just decided to live their lives in their own little bubble, and get their information from the mass media, and their governments. But unlike them Dun you are quite the awesome, and honest individual,my Good Best-Gore friend & Brother.

            Your open-minded personality has changed your life, and for the better, living it to the fullest without ever feeling the need to sport pink colored shades on your face, and have this need to belong to, or be part of a herd.

            For many on here is so important, this feeling of belonging that they will sacrifice their go to any length are willing to sacrifice their morals, and let their ego’s interfere with them showing their true selves which oftentimes resorting to lies in order to defend their own actions even though they know the truth.

            You Brother Dunny are a good, intelligent, & sincere individual, please don’t ever change my good man & Best-Gore Brother. So Rock-On brother,,, ROCK-ON. 🙂

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